October  2004

Moulding the Future


Books, Meetings and More
Wood Moulding Association Generates New Tools
by Kellie A. Schroeder

The Wood Moulding & Millwork Producers Assoc-iation (WMMPA) recently completed work on three items of interest to those in the wood moulding and millwork industry: a new WMDF Series Wood Moulding Patterns Book, a CD-ROM depicting WM and WMDF profiles and a new Finger Jointed Pine Door Frame Standard for compliance with the Florida Wind Load Resistance code requirement. All three of these items were introduced at the WMMPA Summer Business Meeting in Long Beach, Calif., in August. 
First up, the new WMDF Series Wood Moulding Patterns Book is a compilation of standardized medium-density fiberboard (MDF) patterns put together by the associations MDF manufacturing members. The new WMDF pattern book depicts a range of architectural- and commodity-type mouldings. The WMDF pattern book also outlines installation guidelines and recommendations, along with background information on MDF itself. The new pattern book is a good complement to the WM Series Softwood Pattern Book and the HWM Hardwood Series Pattern Book. 

The next item WMMPA is offering is an enhanced CD-ROM containing the WM and WMDF profiles. The new CD-ROM offers over 400 current WM and WMDF patterns with dimensions wrapped around in .DXF file format. The .DXF file format is compatible with most CAD-like programs. 

Another great tool for wood moulding and millwork manufacturers is the new Finger Jointed Pine Door Frame Standard that meets the requirements of the Florida Wind Load Resistance code. The WMMPA tested and passed a finger jointed pine door frame earlier this year at the ETL Semko Intertek Testing lab in Wisconsin, and its membership is automatically entitled to manufacture these frames as a benefit of belonging to the WMMPA. So, for the buyers out there, take note that your WM member supplier can produce a code compliant wood door frame for Florida.

WMMPA Business Meeting
These three items werent the only topics of interest at the recently held WMMPA business meeting in Long Beach. The WM manufacturers and associate supplier members exceeded their time allotments during each session on each day of the WMMPA summer meeting as members stepped forward to introduce timely topics for discussion and resolution. 

The current climate in our industry, coupled with all of the extraneous forces circling the manufacturers on a day-to-day basis, proved to set the stage for critical thinking by all attendees. Manufacturers showed up with their problems/concerns in one hand and their thinking caps in the other, which led to the liveliest roundtable session Ive seen at a WMMPA meeting in 10 years. 

The discussion included fuel surcharges; shipping challenges (ocean freight and domestic overland); emerging markets, domestic and forecasted consumption; product availability and its forecast for 2005; MDF market share; import/export issues; and, how many trucks of mouldings and millwork move each month in the domestic market. 

Market Forecast
Since the WMMPA summer meeting, Ive been fending off calls at the office regarding the current and future business climate for the wood moulding and millwork industry as seen through the manufacturers eyes. For the record, I can tell you that at the close of our summer meeting, the WMMPA membership forecasted a positive market in the fall that would overflow into the winter months of 2005. Although, all of this was said from behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

The WMMPA manufacturers, though positive on the market into 2005, admit there are a few potholes in the roadwork still for 2004. One large pothole is raw material supply, which includes MDF sheet board. Another is shipping and freight rates. But, the WMMPA membership left Long Beach knowing that prices were firm and their order files were deep, which led to the positive outlook. 

If you would like to further discuss the wood moulding and millwork market, the WMMPA has a booth display at the AMD convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our membership will be hanging out in Booth 1311-1313, and look forward to meeting other manufacturers and suppliers. We hope you drop by for a few minutes. 

If you are not attending the AMD convention, your next opportunity to mingle with the WMMPA membership en masse will be February 9-11, 2005, in Sacramento, Calif., at our WMMPA Winter Business Meeting. For an invitation and registration materials, please send an e-mail to Registration materials should be mailing out at the end of November. 

For more information on how to obtain the new WMDF pattern book or the WM and WMDF profiles on CD-ROM, visit the Bookstore at or call the WMMPA office at 530/661-9591 for a faxed information and order form. 

Get yourself to a WMMPA meeting. Were waiting for you! 


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