Building a Future for Distributors and Dealers of Building Products

March 2006                                Volume 45,  Issue 2

Product Focus


System Goes on in a Flash

MFM Building Products Corp., of Coshocton, OH, offers a Window-Wrap™ flashing system for all door and window installations. A tough, aluminized multi-layer polymer film coated with specially formulated rubberized asphalt, patented WindowWrap withstands degradation and UV exposure. 

Properly applied to wood sheathing beneath exterior surfaces of brick, stucco, vinyl or metal siding, it self-seals around nails, screws, and staples to create a secure barrier against rain, moisture, and wind - and a more energy-efficient structure. Easy application: Cut to length with a utility knife, remove the backing paper, press into place over window or door flanges, and the job is done.

Fancy Frames From Young

Young Manufacturing Co. combines the beauty of a traditional door frame and brickmold unit with complete weather integrity in their Clad Plus II, the patented, rot-resistant and low-maintenance door frame that never needs painting, according to the company. The polymer-treated hardwood frame is encased in high-impact vinyl and insulators on the ends of all vertical components prevent wicking. Zipper attachments eliminate exposed fasteners and create a completely waterproof shield. It is now available in sandstone and glacial white colors.

It’s a Wrap for Many Kinds

Contact Lumber of Clackamas, Ore., has expanded its veneer wrapping technology to wood components for original equipment manufacturers in the window, door and furniture industries. The custom-engineered products, including door stiles and rails, furniture posts and millwork components, are designed to streamline manufacturing processes.

The company says it is capable of wrapping any species of real wood veneer over profiles in almost any substrate, including metal, vinyl, fiberglass and a variety of wood composite materials, along with synthetics such as printed and embossed vinyls and impregnated cellulose over both wood and non-wood substrates.

Rustic Décor Doors

Livingston, N.J.-based Plastpro’s new Rustic Series of doors provides a classic appeal with contemporary decor to a home. Every door in the series contains a deep graining and European architectural style. The doors combine Southwestern living with the company’s Hydroshield Technology and feature PF Frames™. 

The company says it has formulated a poly-fiber doorframe system that combines all the strength and convenience of wood with enhanced properties that make it moisture-, rot- and insect-resistant. 

The frame system can be machined the same way as traditional wood frames with no added hassles.

Connecting Almost Anything

LCS Precision Molding of Waterville, Minn., offers more than 30 different pins or securements, including spoke, perimeter/rivet, pin-less and concealed styles. The company manufactures grille pins for grille securement and offers a variety of styles and sizes of end connector and cross connectors styles. The extreme muntin connectors, adjustable muntin or their Ezi-Burst hub system can handle almost any extreme angle, according to the company.

Channeling the Water Away

Pemko Manufacturing Inc. of Ventura, Calif., has unveiled its Water Protection System™ (WPS) sill that protects structures from expensive water damage. The sill’s patented baffle system channels water away from entryways to stop moisture infiltration before it starts. The company says it is warranted, leak proof, rot proof and maintenance-free.

Ashland is Swinging into Action

Ashland Hardware Systems based in Lowell, Ind., has unveiled an innovative new adjustable swing door hinge employed in wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel doors. Central to the hinge design is the patent-pending adjustment mechanism to achieve low adjustment torque in both the vertical and horizontal direction. The cycle test performance, according to the company, has also proven to surpass expectations for both industry standards and competitive offering.

The hinge uses a standard hex wrench for easy adjustment and positive engagement to avoid stripping.

The hinge can seamlessly retrofit a 4-by 4-inch, one-step pocket route with 5/8-inch corner radius.The screw holes are located away from panel edges to prevent accidental splitting during fabrication.

Loxcreen is Sealing the Gaps

Loxcreen of West Columbia, S.C., has introduced its newly-designed 9928 expanded reach foam weatherstrip, designed for doors with frames that have a 2-1/8-inch rabbet depth. This profile was designed primarily for fiberglass doors, but can also be used for units which have become warped.

The company says the product will seal gaps and prevent air and water infiltration. The product, along with the existing 9650 standard profile foam weatherstrip, features low friction highly ultraviolet stable polyethene cover and low-density foam core for better compression set resistance and sealing.  


Strong Accent Pieces Set a Style

Fypon of Archbold, Ohio, has added several new urethane accent pieces, including appliqués, brackets and keystones, to its line of products. The new one-piece rosette appliqués come in dogwood leaf and poinsettia patterns. 

The company’s “Mr. Sunshine” one-piece decorative detail and a new intricately-patterned arabesque is a finely-crafted ornament that reflects an Arabian style and features curves and four points. Additionally, new art deco keystones have been added to the line of recessed panel and solid keystones.

The company also announced that some of its products have been used to conquer the challenge of personalizing the exterior of more than 120 town homes in College Station, Texas. To distinguish the exterior of the home designs, the trim and millwork products from the company were added to each unit. Married up to the brick, stucco and stone exteriors, the pieces offer a united look to the exterior of the whole complex while also providing individual style to each home. 


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