Volume 46, Issue 7 - September 2007

The Next Big Thing

Easy Find
Sometimes the hardest part of a renovation job is finding the source of a problem. By adding the SeeSnake micro™ inspection camera to your tool aisle, you can offer contractors a way to see into problem areas they previously couldn’t reach.

A high-resolution camera head is attached to a three-foot reinforced vinyl cable that users can control manually. The camera transmits its view to a 2 ½-inch color LCD screen for easy viewing. The camera head and vinyl cable are waterproof, so contractors don’t have to worry about inspecting water-prone areas. www.ridgid.com 

Be Prepared
If you sell products to contractors working in hurricane-prone areas, Atrium Companies Inc. in Dallas, has new product offerings. The company says, with forecasters predicting a 74 percent chance of at least one major hurricane hitting the U.S. coastline this year, its new SafeHarbor® vinyl impact windows and doors offer a comprehensive solution for both new construction and replacement applications.

The new line includes single- and double-hung models, as well as casement and horizontal sliding windows and sliding patio doors. Features and benefits include: a laminated glass system with .090 inch interlayer for impact resistance and outdoor sound suppression; double, reinforced interlocks for resisting weather infiltration; and many more. Safety ratings include: certified design pressure (DP) ratings up to 55 for windows and 60 for sliding glass doors; DP ratings that meet coastal wind and hurricane debris code requirements; approval for hurricane impact zones all along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts; and these products meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) hurricane debris protocols.

No More Ups and Downs 
It’s impossible to carry every tool in your belt, so working on a step, extension or multi-use ladder often means climbing up and down. And climbing up and down with handfuls of tools can be dangerous. Creative Sales Co. in Columbia Falls, Mont., has something you can offer your contractors—the Professional Ladder Utility System.

The Master Kit contains a ladder-mounted tool bucket with a carrying handle and universal tool holder. The tool bucket can be mounted on either side of a ladder and the ladder mount secures it at working level. It features a safety latch, safety strap and leveling-adjustment block, and the tool holder is designed to hold various tools that do not fit in the tool bucket. www.creativesalescompany.com

Install From Inside or Out
In the past, easy window replacement has often times meant sacrificing great aesthetics. Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc. in Wausau, Wis., now offers the Ultra Pocket double-hung, all-in-one replacement window—a unit that can be installed without having to remove the existing trim and framework.  

Kolbe says its Ultra Pocket double hung windows can be installed from either the interior or exterior. Once the old sash is removed, the replacement unit is inserted into the opening and secured. The window’s three and 1/4-inch pocket jamb depth fits most standard applications and double-hung jamb liners are hidden from view by a wood-wrapped closure on the interior and an extruded aluminum closure on the exterior. www.kolbe-kolbe.com

Foam Insulation for Termite Requirements

In some areas of the country, code requirements have limited the use of rigid foam in foundation applications due to the risk of termites tunneling into and hiding within the foam. If you supply products to one of those regions, Dow Building Solutions (DBS) has introduced a solution.

STYROFOAM™ BLUEGUARD™ extruded foam insulation meets and exceeds field performance criteria in ICC-ES EG-239 Evaluation Guideline for Termite-Resistant Foam Plastic, allowing it to be used in areas with very heavy termite infestation in below-grade applications such as exterior basement walls, interior crawl space walls and slab on-grade applications. DBS says this extruded polystyrene insulation provides superior, long-term R-value and moisture resistance. It can be stored on a lumberyard or jobsite with appropriate separation from ignition sources, but does require gloves, long-sleeved shirts and pants when handling. It’s backed by a 15-year limited warranty. www.dow.com

Arch-It and Finish It to Last with Grabber

Grabber Construction Products, a tools, accessories, equipment and building materials distributor in Alpine, Utah, offers several products suitable for renovations and upgrades. The company says it has added Arch-It preformed building arches to its family of products for adding non-load-bearing, textured polymer arches in doorways and windows, in metal and wood framing. The company says its products can be used on barrel vaults, alcoves and radius ceilings at lower costs than traditional wood construction.

Grabber also offers Acrylitex, a paint and texture system that the company says creates a highly durable interior finished wall that’s mildew- and flame-resistant. Grabber offers a variety of introductory discounts, rebates and allowances to distributors. Arch-It has no shelf life and Acrylitex has a one-year shelf life. Arch-It retails around $39 per standard doorway opening and Acrylitex Smooth Wall retails for around $75 per five-gallon bucket. www.grabberman.com  www.ultrajamb.com

Timely Rosettes
Timely, a manufacturer of pre-finished steel door frames in Pacoima, Calif., has added two new rosette corner designs for its TA-8 casings. These artful, molded plastic creations are available in pre-finished Western White, custom colors or with a primer to accept any color.

Timely says its new rosettes are made of durable, lightweight, heat- and humidity-resistant ABS plastic. They are available in packets of four with attachment screws, fit over the frame’s mitered casings and are secured in the center of the rosettes by a single concealed screw. www.timelyframes.com 


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