Volume 46 - Issue 3  - April 2007


Under Investigation
The U.S. flooring industry faces problems with importers of record misclassifying flooring products. Some importers of record are knowingly misclassifying under categories that donít require tariffs on shipments and some are doing it unknowingly. Find out what the penalties are for misclassification and how you can safeguard yourself.

Storm of Innovations
Hurricane Katrina emphasized the need for innovative products in hurricane- and storm-prone areas. Find out what kinds of products are on the market, why some of these companies decided to manufacturer them and why you should be distributing them.

New on the Market
Distributors and dealers are always looking for new products to distribute. Find out whatís new for the picking.

Enter The Tech Age
A Powerful Tool: A CEO Gives a Personal View of a Warehouse Management System

Get on the Tech Products Bandwagon

Are you Ready to Implement a Warehouse Management System? Sponsored by WoodWare Systems

Layer it On: Educate yourself and your customers on what types of coatings to use on different decking products.



According to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, every imported product has a code applied to it. The flooring industry has been dealing with a number of flooring imports being misclassified and no tariff being applied. In Under Investigation, read more about this subject and what can happen to you if you misclassify imports.

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