Volume 46 - Issue 6
July/August 2007


What’s In Your Wood?
As concerns about the environment and global warming grow, you might want to know from what forests your wood—or the wood used to manufacture your wood products—is coming. Some homebuyers are beginning to take notice of how the products in their homes will impact the environment. 

Date of Arrival
Having on-time deliveries to customers can make or break relationships. Distributors are putting more emphasis on making sure they have a well-built network.

Get a Piece of the Stair Market
A Special Section Featuring Stairway Manufacturers’ Association Members

The Next Step
A note from SMA code development representative Dave Cooper

On the Up and Up: 
SMA Products

Ask Shelter



While this picture does not contain trees that have been illegally harvested, illegal logging in foreign countries is a problem, and distributors and dealers need to be more aware of their wood’s origin.
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