Volume 46 - Issue 5  - June 2007


Aging with Ease
The popularity of aging-in-place remodeling projects is increasing among baby boomers. Unfortunately, not all distributors are stepping up to meet this need.

Products are Important
Are manufacturers keeping the aging-in-place market in mind when designing products? The answer: Yes. Door, window and hardware manufacturers are designing for the baby boomer demographic.

Upper Echelon
Distributors and dealers are facing challenges with a downturn in the housing market. Lummus Supply Co. is surviving the downturn by focusing and servicing high-end customers.

A World of Wood
Face it. A big part of the building industry is about wood and wood-related products. So it only makes sense to attend this yearís AWFS in Las Vegas.

Ask Shelter
Secret Shopper

Stock it Up
Take note: Customers like to find outdoor products in stock when they walk through the door. Making sure plenty of product is in stock is challenging for both distributors and dealers.



Many baby boomers would rather modify their homes and stay in them instead of moving into assisted living communities. Thatís why the aging-in-place concept is on the rise, and why distributors and dealers should start focusing on this market segment.

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