Volume 46 - Issue 4  - May 2007


Cutting It Thin
There's more competition for wood fiber in the market. This is proving to be a hardship for medium-density fiberboard producers, since wood fiber is a key component in the production of the product.

A Change of Pace
An Attica, N.Y.-based lumber retailer turns to moulding and cabinet drawer manufacturing to stay competitive.

PCBC: Time to Examine Your Foundation
Find out why you should make plans to attend the West Coast’s largest homebuilder show.

WMMPA Showcase
Moulding the Future
Covering the Bases: WMMPA Products



Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) manufacturers receive much of the wood fiber used in making its product from sawmills and other woodworking companies. In Cutting It Thin, find out why there is less wood fiber in the market and how this is affecting the MDF manufacturers and their customers.

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