Volume 46 - Issue 9 
November/December 2007


Intense Issues
At the recent AMD Convention in Denver, attendees not only became educated on the latest millwork products, but they also became educated on some challenging issues they are facing and will face this next year. From the economy, to overseas competition to politics to the side-hinged exterior door standard, find out about what your company should become well-informed.

On Display
Featured products seen at the AMD show

2008 Buyer’s Guide
No one ever has all the answers in one’s head. Shelter is making it easier to find products that your customers are requesting by listing manufacturers’ products in its 2008 Annual Buyer’s Guide. This is one issue to keep on your shelf, so you have a product reference right at your fingertips.


The Most Valuable Players
While the composites industry may be out of its infancy stage, it is still young. Industry members recently gathered in Baltimore to discuss its state and opportunities for future growth. Dealers and distributors were identified as key players as manufacturers recognize the need for education throughout the supply chain.




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  • Secret Shopper: 
    A “Charm”ing Experience:
    Keim Lumber is located in Charm, Ohio, and is in the heart of Amish country. The building supply company did some things well during contributing editor Ellen Giard Roger’s visit, but there are areas of customer service where the company could improve.
  • Insurance Issues: 
    Injuries Down, Costs Up: Fewer injuries would cause a reasonable person to assume that the total cost of work-related injuries has also gone down, but therein lies a paradox. Certified workman’s compensation advisor with Sterling Risk Advisors Charles Schoen tackles this issue and informs you on what factors are driving up work-related injury costs and how to drive them back down.

Cherry Williams, senior software analyst for WoodWare Systems, and Mark Gardner, director of training for WoodWare Systems, discuss their latest software solution before meeting with their next customer at the Association of Millwork Distributors' 43rd Annual Convention.

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