Volume 47 - Issue 2 
March 2008


Survival Tips
There’s no denying that the distribution channel is changing, and distributors must change with it in order to stay in business. Jeff Wedge, a veteran of the building products distribution climate, discusses his innovative ideas and what he believes he and others in the distribution industry need to adopt in order to survive the changing distribution business.

 A New Opening
Shelter has made it easier for you if you are hunting a new line of doors and windows or looking for new machinery to make them. Your distributor and dealer peers also spoke up and told us what they like about some of these products and why you should consider distributing them.

Truly Green
With so many companies touting that their products are “green.” It’s hard to decipher which ones are telling the truth and which ones are stretching it. Roger Rutan, vice president of Timber Products Co., gives four steps that distributors and dealers should follow to insure that their products are truly green.

The Land of Millwork Products
One of the goals of the Association of Millwork Distributors is to provide its distributor members with all the tools and services necessary to produce sales and profits. For the fourth consecutive year, Shelter and AMD have teamed up to show the latest products and services from AMD manufacturer members.



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  • Ask Shelter : Impact-Resistant Windows:
    Need help educating your employees and your dealers’ employees on the finer points of impact-resistant windows? Shelter turned to Randy Hile, the vice president of operations for windows for the Florida division of Atrium Companies Inc., to provide information on impact-resistant windows.
  • Installation Issues: It’s Fairly Simple:
    Even the best-designed product can fail to prevent excessive water penetration if installed improperly. If you or your customers are receiving callbacks due to water penetration of exterior cladding, then John Lewis, technical director for the American Architectural Manufacturers Association in Schaumburg, Ill., gives a solution that focuses on the integrity of the “drainage plane” of the exterior wall. The solution is a weather-resistant barrier (WRB) installed behind the exterior cladding and coupled with flashing at the base of each wall. 
  • Problems and Solutions: It’s Mandatory
    If you are looking for a way to put product information or codes onto your products, then Chuck Ravetto, product manager for Videojet Technologies Inc., may have a solution for you. Ravetto discusses the process his company came up with to apply codes during production, using a Videojet® 1120 small-character continuous inkjet printer to print codes on a laminated ribbon.

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In order to survive the changing distribution environment, employees of distributorships will need to employ non-traditional services to their customers. Some of these services might include jobsite installation, jobsite delivery and more.

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