Volume 47 - Issue 4 
 May 2008


Running on Empty
Every building product company is facing higher energy costs, and truck fuel is a big part of the equation. Shelter staff talked with distributors, dealers and transportation companies to find out how they are reducing fuel consumption. 

A Personal Account: Behind the Great Wall:
Last summer, Rosalie Leone, chief executive officer of the Association of Millwork Distributors, was invited to speak at the China International Wood Products Summit in China. Leone gives a firsthand account of what motivates the Chinese people and how their continued economic growth might affect the rest of the world.

Moulding the Future

Mouldings Per Gallon
A faded housing market, increased demand for green products and certifications and rising fuel prices have some manufacturers and distributors feeling like they’re in a vice. Fortunately, all of these issues interrelate. A general manager for one Doswell, Va.-based manufacturer and wholesaler explains how every detail of his business relates to getting “maximum mouldings per gallon.”

Annual Guide to Moulding and Millwork

High Impact: WMMPA Products



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Reaching for Green:
The National Association of Home Builders has launched the National Green Building Program, an education, verification and certification program that will allow builders to build green homes. The program sets point requirements in each category for the bronze, silver and gold levels. An Emerald level will also be available once the standard is complete in the spring.

“Import”-ant News:

  • Court Gives Split-Ruling in Softwood Lumber Dispute
    A London Court for International Arbitration has ruled that Canada has violated U.S.-Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement commitments relating to export quota volumes. However, the court made separate rulings relating to export tax levels applicable to British Columbia and Alberta shipments. The tribunal will decide on an appropriate remedy in the next few months to cure Canada’s breach of the agreement.
  • Mislabeled Scaffolding Planks Imported from China
    Non-certified Chinese laminated veneer lumber used as scaffolding planks recently failed tests conducted by the APA-The Engineered Wood Association.

Stats: Government Jobs May Prove Strong in 2008
Aligning with contractors who service the government sector may prove to be a profitable tactic for 2008. While other areas of the building industry remain slow and continue to make cutbacks, purchasing officials at state and local government and educational entities are indicating they plan to maintain or increase spending.

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