Volume 33, Number 5, May 1998


Letters to the Editor

New Guy in Town

Dear USGlass,
Recently I have become the U.S. representative for EFCO glass tempering systems. Located near London, England, EFCO has been manufacturing quality glass tempering equipment since 1984 and has sold more than 130 units in Europe and Latin America. These systems originally were manufactured under a license from Hordis Brothers, which was located in the United States and consequently did not allow sales into this country until November 1997. . .
Glass tempering equipment sales have been the fastest growing segment of EFCO's business in recent years. With the entry into the United States market, this growth is expected to continue. Having recently taken early retirement after 25 years in corporate engineering for Guardian Industries Corp., I am now heading the EFCO sales office in the United States.
Charles J. Cocagne
EFCO Furnaces Limited
Ann Arbor, MI

Keeping the Lead Out

Dear USGlass,
Thank you for listing our new product so prominently in the March issue of USGlass. We are very excited about our new product and we are receiving positive input from field installers who have tried it.
I found the article Mirror, Mirror (see USGlass, March 1998, p. 42) very interesting, particularly the inset with quotes from several individuals in the mirror business. I must state here that Mr. Robert Cline's comment regarding lead in mastics does not apply to Glazers Choice™ mirror adhesive. There is no lead in our product and there never will be.
Kenneth F. Hegyes
Glazers Choice, Inc.
Cleveland, OH


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