Volume 33, Number 7, July 1998


Dear USG

Letters to the Editor


Showing Our Biases?

Dear USGlass,

Tara Taffera’s May article (see USGlass, May 1998, High-Tech Training) on her training experience made a subtle point that I’m sure you didn’t mean to. In an article of over 50 column inches, including pictures, learning repairs took only 4.5 inches, including 2.5 inches for the picture. This is about how much attention most full-service glass companies pay to windshield repairs. These companies have highly paid, trained specialists whose mission in life is glass replacement. They have the associated inventory, billing, administrative and operational overhead, and repair, for most, is a necessary evil forced on them by the nasty insurance companies. I happily recommend about four or five of my local full-service companies when I run into a windshield too far gone to repair. However, your article points out the problem with networks relying on full-service folks to save glass and money. They simply are not geared to think that way, and their bias toward replacement in virtually every case is making a mockery of the savings pitches of some networks.

John "J.R." Rogers
Birmingham, AL

Editor’s note: Key Communications, Inc., which publishes USGlass, offers Windshield & Glass Repair Magazine® for the repair industry. Taffera’s repair experiences were recounted in greater detail there.

People Watching

Dear USGlass,

I thoroughly enjoyed your People To Watch section in the May USGlass (see USGlass, May 1998, page 30). Having spent over 35 years in this industry, it was enjoyable to see some old friends and meet some of the new ones who are shaping the future.

Keep up the good work; see you at Glass Expo Pacific Northwest in Vancouver in August.

C. Craig Washing
Norment Industries, Montgomery, AL

A Misprint?

Dear USGlass,

Please tell me this is a misprint (see USGlass, April 1998, A Review of the NWRA Convention). I don’t think the glass industry could handle another Dick Inman (who incidentally is doing great). He and Sandi are in Minnesota for the summer. Both are well and happy and enjoying their grandchildren.

Shirley J. Boylan
Dixie Glass, Lake Worth, FL

Editor’s Note: Peter Bain was misidentified in a photo on page 106 of the article. He is second from the left. USGlass regrets the error.


Dear USGlass,

While your March issue article Mirror, Mirror (see USGlass, March 1998, page 42) tapped some knowledgeable people for their comments, an unfortunate error was made in transferring quotes from the actual article to the inset on page 45. The incorrect quote there regarding lead content of mastics attributed to Mr. Robert Cline was correctly attributed to Mr. John Matthews of North Carolina Mirror regarding lead content in mirror backing paints.

Unfortunately, some readers (see USGlass, May 1998, Letters to the Editor) read only the inset and not the entire article. Gunther Mirror Mastics’s products (and most likely everyone else’s) have always been lead-free and will remain that way.

Steven M. Foster
Gunther Mirror Mastics, So. Bend, IN

Editor’s Note: We regret the error in the quote box and any misunderstandings it may have caused.


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