Volume 33, Number 7, July 1998


Glass Products Remain a Mainstay of Security

A sampling of some of the latest security glass products and applications in which they have been used follows.

Interpane Launches Securpane™ Glass

Interpane Glass Company of Clinton, NC, has introduced Securpane™ laminated glass, which it says completes its line of high-performance glass products. According to the company, Securpane is constructed with two or more lites of glass and a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer, which makes it difficult for airborne debris to enter a building even if the outer lites of glass are broken. The glass, which is available with standard PVB interlayers, such as clear and translucent or custom pigmented, is ideal for architectural safety glazing, acoustical control, UV protection and burglar resistance, according to the company.

Glasslam Offers Breakthrough® Resistant Glass

Glasslam of Pompano Beach, FL, offers Breakthrough break-resistant glass that is available in any combination of double- or single-glazed, clear or patterned lites in any color. According to the company, two lites adhered together by a chemically cured, clear, strong polymer hold Breakthrough glass together upon impact, making it difficult for an intruder to breach the glass. The company says the glass also blocks 99 percent of UV light and reduces road traffic noise.

SentryGlas® from DuPont

SentryGlas® Plus from DuPont of Wilmington, DE, is a security glass that uses a polymer film laminated between two pieces of glass. According to the company, the glass offers five times the tear and 100 times the rigidity of conventional laminated glass. The glass consists of a single sheet of glass factory-laminated to a bi-layer composite of DuPont Butacite® polyvinyl butyral interlayer and a strong polyester film with abrasion-resistant coating.

Viracon Introduces Hurricane-Resistant Glass

Viracon of Owatonna, MN, has introduced SentryGlas Plus (SGP) Hurricane-Resistant Glass, which features the DuPont SentryGlas™ interlayer. The glass, which is designed for hurricane-prone areas of the United States, may be used in both commercial and residential applications. According to the company, benefits of the glass include its ability to withstand higher wind pressure, clarity and ease in maintenance.

Hurricane-Protection Brochure From Solutia

Solutia, Inc. of St. Louis, MO, manufacturer of Saflex™, has introduced a brochure designed to provide those in the building industry with information about laminated glass in hurricane-prone areas. Laminated Glass for Effective Hurricane Protection details the effects a hurricane can have on a building and the importance of protection for glazed openings. The brochure also provides information on the ever-changing resistance codes, information for manufacturers researching windows and doors for impact-resistance codes, developing and testing and cost and performance comparisons.

Study Finds Laminated Glass Cost-Effective Hurricane Protection

In a study commissioned by the North American Laminated Glass Information Center, the Associated Cost Engineers in Orlando, FL, found that windows with laminated glass are less than one-half the cost of windows with manual roll-up shutters and cost 20-percent less than windows with accordion-style shutter systems. The study compared the cost of installing code-approved laminated glass windows to the cost of installing conventional windows plus manual roll-up or accordion shutters. According to the study’s results, windows with laminated glass are the most cost-effective option for hurricane protection.



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