Volume 33, Number 8, August 1998



by Regina R. Johnson

Just weeks before Glasstec ’98 is slated to begin in Düsseldorf, Germany, thousands of exhibitors and visitors from countries worldwide are gearing up to take part in the 15th biennial international trade fair for glass machinery, equipment, products and applications.

As of mid-July, nearly 900 exhibitors—71 of them from the United States—had reserved nearly 600,000 square feet of exhibition space at the Düsseldorf Fairgrounds. Further, all signs point to a high-quality exhibition when the event is held September 1-5, with every internationally renowned glass manufacturer registered to be present, according to show organizers.

Expectations are justifiably high for this, the world’s largest trade fair for the glass industry. When Glasstec was last held in 1996, it achieved the best results in the event’s 26-year history. A record 836 exhibitors from 34 countries and 48,000 visitors from 62 nations participated. And Düsseldorf Trade Shows, the U.S. subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, which organizes the event, expects further growth at Glasstec ’98. Without a doubt, this is the place to see and be seen by a broad, international group of the industry’s professionals and experts.

Glass Technology Live

A special feature of the event will be the "glass technology live" exhibition, demonstrating the wide range of practical and theoretical applications of glass in architecture, construction and design. Companies, associations, universities and education centers will present live demonstrations of glass applications on more than 32,000 square feet. The program, organized in cooperation with the Stuttgart University, will incorporate five events: the International Symposium, the Architecture Exhibition, the Materials Show/Glass Fair, the Visionary Glass Constructions and the Industry Forum.

The International Symposium will consist of ten half-day lecture sessions. Highlights of the symposium will be contributions by Prof. Jörg Schlaich on Glass and Energy, James Carpenter on Structural Glass Engineering and Bruno Saccho addressing Technology Transfer.

The Architecture Exhibition will review past achievements and present new building projects with a focus on basic concepts, details of facade design and actual construction at the building site.

Specific glass applications will be featured as working models, prototypes and specimens at the Materials Show and Glass Fair.

The Visionary Glass Constructions exhibit of "glass technology live" will feature bridge structures nearly 20 feet long and a glass arch of 65.5 feet in diameter to demonstrate the potential of glass as a supporting construction material.

During the Industry Forum portion of glass technology live, member companies of the Federation of European Window and Facade Manufacturers’ Association (FAECF) and the Ventilated Curtain Wall Association (FVHF) will present discussions on the topic of glass facades.

Find What You Seek

For exhibitors and attendees alike, Glasstec is about convenience—whether in learning about the latest technology in glass-working machinery or in reaching the greatest number of customers from around the world.

"I don’t think I’ve missed one since 1978," says Chuck Kaplanek, president of Floral Glass & Mirror, Hauppauge, NY, in reference to the event. "It’s the best global assembly of equipment for the industry," he insists. Kaplanek calls Glasstec "a big buying opportunity," and reveals, "we very often buy at the show." He says that with engineers and key people from all of the major manufacturers in one place, the show floor allows good comparisons on the spot.

Bob Lawrence, president of Glass Wholesalers, Houston, TX, plans to "look around and see what kind of equipment we can use in our expansion." He adds, "It saves a lot of time in researching equipment because you can see it there rather than sending off for brochures." Lawrence shrugs off questions about the expense and distance involved in attending. In fact, he says anyone involved in glass fabrication/manufacturing should attend every four to six years "to keep up with new technology."

"This is definitely the premier show," says Jay Molter, director of marketing administration for Glasstech, Inc., Perrysburg, OH, a regular exhibitor of the event. According to Molter, Glasstec offers an excellent way to meet new and existing clients. "For new business, it’s the one stop to accomplish the most contacts. And as a supplier, it’s the most efficient way to meet existing customers."

Dick Gabor, advertising director for Sommer & Maca, Chicago, IL, agrees, adding that his company’s participation in the event has led to many contacts that would have been difficult to reach otherwise. "Much of our success [at Glasstec] has come from the Middle and Far East, not just European customers. It’s kind of surprising." He adds, "It’s probably the least expensive way for us to make all these worldwide contacts."

This year, exhibitors from 34 countries will participate in Glasstec. More than half of them are from countries other than Germany, with the largest foreign exhibitor contingents from Italy, Great Britain, the United States and France, respectively. As in 1996, U.S.-based companies have the opportunity to exhibit individually or within the U.S. Pavilion organized by Düsseldorf Trade Shows.

Glasstec ’98 is expected to be remarkable for more than just its exhibitions, however. Billing itself as "the trade fair for experts," Glasstec is said to attract visitors who are specialists in glass trade and industry, architecture, the craft trades and associated service sectors. Organizers say 49 percent of attendees occupy management positions, while 35 percent influence purchasing decisions. 96 percent of visitors gave Glasstec ’96 a positive rating.

Exhibits cover the entire glass industry, particularly the glass machinery end. Exhibitions will include glass manufacturing and production technology; glass processing and finishing; glass products and applications; tools, replacement and spare parts; measurement, testing and control technology; contracting, consulting and engineering; and research, trade associations and trade literature.

For more information on visiting Glasstec ‘98, contact Düsseldorf Trade Shows at 312/781-5180; fax: 312/781-5188; or visit the website at www.dtsusa.com/dts. Travel and hotel arrangements may be made through Travel Trade International at 212/674-3476 or fax: 212/674-3477.



Nearly 900 companies are exhibiting machinery, equipment and products at Glasstec ’98 in Düsseldorf, Germany, September 1-5. An early look at some of the items to be displayed follows.

EFCO Furnaces Limited

EFCO Furnaces Limited of Surrey, England, will display a working close pitch roller hearth tempering system, a scaled-down version of the company’s standard roller hearth equipment. This system has been designed for the production of small parts such as circles and shapes for high-intensity lighting, instrument viewing glasses, security plates, protector glasses and gauge glasses, according to the company. The close pitch system is capable of tempering 1/8- to 5/8-inch glass in sizes as small as 3-1/2 by 3-1/2 inches. The company says it offers horizontal flat glass tempering systems customized to meet individual requirements.


Z. Bavelloni S.p.A.

Milan, Italy-based Z. Bavelloni S.p.A., which always has one of the largest displays at Glasstec, plans to show several of its glass-working machines. Among these is the Colibri’, which the company says is the fastest NC edging machine on the market. The machine, which can process thicknesses to 12 mm without replacing tools, can be equipped with a presetter for automatic measurement of the tool radius. In addition, the machinery maker will display a loading and unloading device for high-production use with Colibri’. The VT 110 CN is an automatic drilling machine with electronic control and reference points that can be positioned by means of a quotes programmer. The PRV 99 cn is an NC machine with resin wheels and cerium oxide for flat edges with brilliant finishing. The company will also present a new version of its double glazing line LV, as well as a wide range of tools for working glass and stones.


Glassrobots Oy

Glassrobots Oy of Tampere, Finland, will present its product range of bending, laminating and tempering technology for automotive and architectural safety glass applications.

For production of auto safety glass, the company will present its automatic windshield bending furnaces, type TFA; large bending furnaces for bending of bus and special vehicle windshields, type LTFBA; vacuum de-airing and assembling conveyors for mixed production with convectional air circulation; and autoclaves.

Both the type TFA and LTFBA furnaces are equipped with FuzzyBend™ control and vertically adjustable crease heating elements for efficient control. For production of architectural safety glass, the machinery manufacturer will display its bending furnaces for annealed and laminated glass, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions, type IBF, MBF and LTF; Rainbowmaker TSF Combi™ bending and tempering furnaces for annealed, heat-strengthened and tempered glass, designed for short series production; and flat laminated glass production lines for flexible production of mixed glass.


Bystronic Inc.

Bystronic of Hauppauge, NY, says it plans to host an expanded stand at this year’s Glasstec. Bystronic/Lenhardt will demonstrate its latest machinery developments for the flat glass industry on 22,000 square feet. Exhibits will include the company’s automatic CIP (computer integrated production) system for warm edge IG units; a CNC shape-cutting machine described as economical for small- and mid-sized fabricating operations; a compact IG production line with modular construction; a new laminated glass cutting machine; and a new CNC "hybrid" water-jet cutting machine. For auto glass processing, the company will exhibit a compact, high-speed CNC cutting, break-out and grinding machine for oversized windshields, as well as a similar machine with a space-saving configuration. Finally, Bystronic will host a demonstration and simulation system of float cold-end automation installations.


Chemetall Chemical Products, Inc.

Chemetall Chemical Products, Inc. of Berkeley Heights, NJ, developed special sealants for use with Lenhardt/Bystronic’s new thermoplastic spacer system (TPS). The sealant consists of Naftotherm M-82 polysulfide as a second sealant and Naftotherm BU-TPS polyisobutylene with a desiccant matrix as the primary seal. The sealants are applied through an automated production line, eliminating the need for metal spacers and components. The company says the system also accommodates all shapes and designs.


C.M.S. Brembana Macchine

CMS Brembana Macchine of Italy presents Maxima, which it calls its most advanced CNC machine. It is designed to offer the most flexibility in glass processing, according to the manufacturer. Maxima performs routing, profiling, milling, polishing, inlaying, engraving and bas relieves. Features include a 22- or 44-station tool-holder magazine, optional vertical revolving cutting disk, single-section mobile bridge structure, galvanized machine bed and certification to EC standards.

The company also offers the Micra CNC working center, which it says combines sturdiness and reliability with technological innovations for the milling, contouring and engraving of glass and stone. In spite of featuring reduced overall dimensions, Micra offers versatility, loading and unloading ease and a working area capable of accommodating field requirements. Because it has its own software division, the company also offers Windows®-based CAD-CAM software for its CNC machining centers.


Ianua of the Americas, Inc.

Ianua of the Americas, Inc. in Toledo, OH, offers an edge-to-edge screenprinting system that allows printing to the edge of glass. In addition, the company has introduced an edge-to-edge glass printing and drying system, which includes a fully automatic loading and printing machine. The company also features a bending and tempering system that includes a patented air support system and adjustable quench shape adjustment. Autoclaves in sizes from 80 inches to 160 inches in diameter are also available. Finally, the company provides a jumbo laminating line with automatic loading, PVB lay-up, assembly and unload.


Glasstech, Inc.

Glasstech, Inc. of Perrysburg, OH, will highlight several key system innovations. The new-generation tight-radius bending and tempering system (TRCB), which bends and tempers glass in an extended range of available shapes, is said to possess a more precise motion control system for improved repeatability, reduced part setup and changeover times and a PLC for heat control. The advanced cylindrical bending and tempering system (CRB), which has no part-dedicated tooling, enhances uptime with its fast changeover abilities, according to the company. Finally, the machinery maker says its improved gas-fired, forced convection heater (FCH) system allows the ability to change from uncoated glass to temperable Low-E glass without reducing production rates. According to the company, its system, which uses a gas-fired, forced convection heater, reduces the heating time required to bring glass to tempering temperature.


Lasry Vitrage France S.A.

For its first participation in Glasstec, Lasry Vitrage of France will show its reflective pyrolitic glass, Solary™, available in eight colors and in thicknesses from four to ten mm. Solary may be tempered or bent, allowing its use in architectural or decorative applications. The company will also present its range of acid-etched glass (decorative and anti-stain), as well as its entire line of technical and decorative products for industry and construction.


Lovati Fratelli S.n.c.

Lovati Fratelli S.n.c. of Milan, Italy, will present numerical-control machine type LOV-825-OT-20, which grinds and polishes the edge and bevel on shaped glasses with internal and external curves, straightline sides and external mitered corners. The machine has a cerium oxide spraying unit to polish the bevel with felt and a minimum consumption of nebulized cerium oxide. The company adds that the LOV-825-OT-20, which is programmable, is equipped with a 20-position tool crib with automatic selection for tool withdrawal and deposit.



A wide range of equipment as well as innovations in double-glazing production technology will be featured when Italian machinery manufacturer FOR.EL S.p.A. returns to Glasstec. The company will present automatic, compact storage for jumbo glass sheets; an automatic glass loader for the vertical cutting table; two-bridge cutting table for laminated glass; high-capacity, automatic double-glazing production line with pane plate press; automatic gas filler (laminar flow) for big lites and high output; computerized, automatic sealing machine, equipped with the third-generation pane transport conveyor; medium-capacity, semi-automatic, double-glazing production line with roller plane press; automatic profile bender with integrated loader and on-line data link to the cutting table optimization; and peripheral devices for the management of automatic/semi-automatic production lines.

The company says that the laminar flow of the automatic gas filling machine (GF 2200 and GF 2250) guarantees ratio and percentages specified by the new European standards.


Strainoptic Technologies, Inc.

Strainoptic Technologies of North Wales, PA, will exhibit and demonstrate its newest, most-advanced stress measurement instruments, including specialized instruments for measuring edge stress and surface stress. A new monitor display for GASP (grazing angle surface polarimeter) instruments will be demonstrated, and new PC-based, automated surface stress measurement equipment will also be introduced at the show.

The company’s stress measurement instruments are used in the glass industry for process control and quality assurance to ensure conformance to standards, check that tempering, annealing and heat-strengthening processes are performed correctly, and to assure product uniformity.



Samtech (Samhan Glass Technology Inc. of South Korea), has developed the Wave 2000, a wave-beveling machine. The Wave 2000 is similar to a traditional straight beveling machine with the addition of a patented wave system, which oscillates the motor bed to produce a wave bevel. The machine produces various wave bevels on straight-edged glass without any templates or custom fixtures, according to the company. Simply input the desired wave pitch, depth and angle, or, to produce a straight-line bevel, leave the settings at zero. The machine can produce mixed wave bevels with a wave bevel and straight bevel mixed; mixed wave bevels consisting of two differently angled or positioned wave bevels; or single wave bevels with various depths, wave lengths and angles.


Technometal s.r.l.

Technometal s.r.l. of Montelabbate, Italy, offers the "Best of the Best" (BOB) and Best glass working machines. According to the company, its machines can be used for jobs such as routing, drilling, pin and screw inserts. The BOB machine, for use with glass, marble and other sheet metals, features numerical control, automatic tool change, CAD-CAM and a frame with an open sky aspect.


Schiatti Angelo s.r.l.

Schiatti Angelo s.r.l. of Seregno, Italy, offers the FPS-M4, a straight grinding machine that, according to the company, can grind and polish glass lites from three to 20 mm thick obtaining a flat edge with arises. The company also says that the FPS-M4 can work glass in sizes from 60 by 60 mm to 70 kg per linear meter, and it contains electronic card controls.


Image Automation Ltd.

Image Automation Ltd. of London, England, has upgraded the FastScan 30 On-Line Defect Detection System. According to the company, the FastScan has the capability of measuring Zebra, detecting ream lines as narrow as one millimeter, and detecting other weakly-distorting optical defects.


Fast s.r.l.

Fast s.r.l. of Rivalta, Italy, offers the D444 and I14C machines for production. The I14C features powered infeed and outfeed, tracks with bronze brushes for transport and spindles and slides of cast iron, while the D444 features an electroweld steel frame, a tracking system, a movable side opening by double rack and automatic lubrication for each movement.


Tamglass Offers Machines

Tamglass Group of Tampere, Finland, offers a new horizontal tempering furnace (HTF™) and an automatic pre-processing system (APS TwinCut™) for automotive glass. The HTF includes a heat control function and convection system based on a programmable convection profile. According to the company, APS TwinCut is capable of processing two sidelites or one big lite at a time and includes C-edge grinding or diamond seaming as options.



Deltaprogetti of Bagnatica, Italy, offers a selection of glass production equipment including round- and flat-edge grinding machines that feature electronic machine opening and closing systems. The company also features automatic loaders, unloaders and automatic palletizers for glass lites that feature an automatic rotating platform for two pallets and automatic carriage on track for two pallets.



Uniglass of Tampere, Finland, is offering a new tempering line. The line features automatic operation based on glass type recipes and a quick reference library, an open maintenance system, an advanced heating system, a new quench design and an optional convection pre-heating module.


Regina R. Johnson is the editor of USGlass magazine.



GLASSTEC '98 - U.S. Exhibitors


• Academy Precision Materials

• AGR International, Inc.

• Allmetal, Inc.

• Armstrong Glass Company

• Asiaguard

• Besten, Inc.

• Billco Manufacturing, Inc.

• BOC Coating Technology

• E.W. Bowman, Inc.

• Bullseye Glass Company

• Chicago Art Glass & Jewels, Inc.

• Combustion Tec, Inc.

• Corhart Refractories

• Courtaulds Performance Films

• Crane Fulview Door Co.

• Custom Hardware Manufacturing

• DeGorter, Inc.

• Sam Dick

• Messe Düsseldorf North America

• Edgetech I.G., Inc.

• George Ford & Sons, Inc.

• Fortune Glass Company, Inc.

• Friedman Corporation

• GED, Inc.

• Glasslam N.G.I., Inc.

• Glassline Corporation

• Glasstech, Inc.

• Glastar Corporation

• Harbison-Walker Refractories Co.

• HHH Architectural Tempering Systems, Inc.

• InterGLASSmetal Corp.

• I.S. Parts International, Inc.

• Kelly Industries, Inc.

• Gerard Kluyskens Co., Inc.

• Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co., Inc.

• KTG Systems

• Lilly Industries

• Lynch Machinery

• Merkle Engineers, Inc.

• Monofrax, Inc.

• Morton International, Inc.

• New Hudson Corporation

• PPG Industries, Inc.

• PTG Precision Technology Center

• Pyrotek, Inc.

• Quantum Engineered Products

• Sommer & Maca Industries, Inc.

• Spartan Felt Company, Inc.

• Spectrum Glass Company, Inc.

• Stewart Engineers & Associates

• Stainoptic Technologies, Inc.

• Teco International—Toledo Engineering Co., Inc.

• Henry F. Teichmann, Inc.

• Thermedics, Inc.

• Transelco, Division of Ferro Inc.

• TruSeal Technologies, Inc.

• Uroboros Glass Studios, Inc.

• USGlass Magazine

• The Valspar Corporation

• Venture Tape Corporation

• Villa Precision International

• Visteon Float Glass Operations

• Wendt Diacraft, Inc.

• Wendt Dunnington Co.

• Paul Wissmach Glass Co., Inc.

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