Volume 33, Number 8, August 1998



Pilkington LOF Adds To Eclipse™ Line

Pilkington LOF of Toledo, OH, has added EverGreen Eclipse™ reflective glass to its Eclipse line of reflective glass products. According to the company, EverGreen offers a low shading coefficient, a high daylight transmittance for a reflective glass and pyrolytic coating that makes it ideal for fast-track projects. The company says EverGreen can be handled, cut, bent, laminated, heat-strengthened and tempered using standard float glass techniques.

Viracon Introduces Coatings

Viracon of Owatonna, MN, has introduced its Solarscreen™ Crystal Chrome reflective coating. According to the company, Crystal Chrome can provide an excellent shading coefficient, energy efficiency, low solar heat gain and enhancement of the visual aesthetics of a building design. The coating is available with a choice of three standard light transmissions.

The company has also introduced Solarscreen 50™, a coated laminated glass product. According to the company, Solarscreen 50 features an excellent shading coefficient, safety and sound control.



Vesuvius Introduces Zyalite™ Moldable Paste

Vesuvius McDanel Company of Beaver Falls, PA, has introduced Zyalite™ Brand moldable paste, which it says is the newest development in ceramic composite moldable material. According tho the company, the paste has sticky, dense and pliable characteristics, which means it can be easily applied to another surface or formed into a freestanding shape.

3M Introduces Removable Foam Tape

3M Bonding Systems of St. Paul, MN, introduces the 3M double-coated removable tape 4658F for mounting applications that require removability. According to the company, the tape is ideal for use on substrates such as tiles, glass, plastic laminates, metals and smooth, high-cohesion plaster.



Technical Glass Products Introduces FireLite IGU

Technical Glass Products of Kirkland, WA, has introduced FireLite IGU, which it says is the first fire-rated glass ceramic to be offered as an insulating glass unit (IGU) for fire-rated applications where energy codes are also a concern. FireLite IGU, which is designed for exterior applications and interior applications with unique requirements, is composed of FireLite products and tempered or annealed float glass. According to the company, FireLite IGU is available with or without impact safety ratings and has listings with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. from 20 minutes to three hours.



Patio Enclosures Launches New Design

Patio Enclosures, Inc. of Macedonia, OH, has introduced an advanced new design for its insulated sunrooms that will replace the current design on all models sold throughout the United States. According to the company, the new design features enhanced energy efficiency, all tempered safety glass, improved security latching and European styling.



Roto Introduces Locks

Roto Hardware Systems of Essex, CT, has introduced two multi-point wood casement lock systems and a slim backset mortise lock for its sliding door hardware system. The company offers a visible master lock in combination with up to two concealed slave locks and a slim line lock that it says can fit nearly any profile. Also new from the company is a slim backset mortise lock for its sliding door hardware system, which has up to six locking points.



Glass Thickness Laser From CRL

C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles, CA, has introduced the MG 1500 glass thickness laser to measure glass accurately and efficiently. The laser, which works by reflecting the thickness from the glass to the laser, makes it unnecessary to remove glass for measurements. According to the company, the laser can show the glass thickness and air space dimensions for insulating glass units, the thickness of each individual unit and the overall thickness for laminated glass units with single or multiple layers and it can work with clear float glass and mirrors.


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