Volume 33, Number 8, August 1998


6th Glass Processing Days Promises Record Attendance

by Regina R. Johnson

A record number of industry professionals from every part of the globe is expected to converge upon quaint Tampere, Finland, June 13-16, 1999, when the Sixth Glass Processing Days (GPD) takes place. The biennial conference, sponsored by the Tamglass Group, promotes cooperation among the world’s glass-industry organizations and educational institutions. Last year’s conference attracted more than 600 participants from approximately 52 countries.

Glass Processing Days gathers expert automotive, architectural and insulating glass processors to take part in a broad range of presentations, work sessions and a social program that exceeds even the most outrageous expectations. In fact, organizers say midnight social activities are being planned to take advantage of the region’s northern summer lights, which provide sunlight around the clock.

Renowned Speakers To Open Conference Segments

Distinguished industry experts will open each of the GPD program’s three main segments: general, automotive and architectural.

Keynote speaker and industry giant Russell J. Ebeid will bring his experience as president-glass group for Michigan-based Guardian Industries Corp. to his presentation on the global status of the glass industry. Ebeid will focus on the industry’s trends and future.

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Masanobu Kawase, general manager of body design, engineering and vehicle development center II, will provide the opening presentation for the automotive sector. He’ll draw upon his expertise in automotive glazing for a discussion of application technologies and market demands in different regions.

The opening speaker for the architectural segment, Andrea Compagno, dipl. Arch. ETH OTIA, will discuss "smart glazing." Compagno, of the company Fassadenplanung und-beratung, will focus on state-of-the-art glazing in future construction. The many applications of glass in construction and the special demands created by those applications will be highlighted.

Conference Segments

An outstanding panel of international industry experts has been organized to speak on topics of immediate importance in the three segment areas.

Presentations in the general category will focus on glass markets, global trends and regional approaches to automotive as well as architectural applications. Specifically, building and automotive standards, glass manufacturing and processing and benchmarking practices will be discussed.

The automotive segment will explore the role of glazing in design and styling in today’s vehicles. Topics will range from consumer demands to legislative issues and technological developments that are affecting automobile design. The agenda also includes presentations on glass processing; cost-efficiency and production control; bending, tempering and laminating auto glass; and quality assurance.

The use of glass as a building material, noise control and artistic element will be discussed during the architectural segment presentations. The sessions will focus on manufacturing technologies and applying the latest R&D findings to practical use in production. Also to be featured are windows and insulating glass units, tempered glass, laminated glass and new technical developments.

In addition to the main program of presentations, a comprehensive short-course program will precede GPD on June 12-13. According to conference organizers, the purpose of the short courses is to provide participants with the opportunity to acquire more in-depth knowledge of specific subjects. Topics are expected to include glass coating, insulating glass, laminated and tempered glass, production control, decorated glass, glass product design, standardization and production machinery. A detailed program of the short courses will be available from GPD organizers in January 1999.

A bound compilation of the conference’s proceedings will be distributed, providing an excellent resource for attendees to use during and long after the event. This effort will duplicate the documentation provided with much success at the Fifth Glass Processing Days in 1997.

Unique Networking Opportunities

A full social schedule will provide participants with plenty of opportunities to network with colleagues from around the world in an atmosphere of fun and excitement. As mentioned above, the fact that this year’s conference will take place when daylight prevails almost 24 hours a day in Finland enables organizers to arrange midnight golf, tennis and badminton tournaments.

Those who have attended previous Glass Processing Days conferences can attest to the fact that the social events arranged by Organizing Committee chair Jorma Vitkala continually push the envelope, blending the exotic and the unexpected. Last year’s attendees will not soon forget the Saturday night conference dinner that began a five-course dinner of exquisitely prepared Nordic delicacies with a toast among the 500 guests—a shot of vodka slammed from a hollowed eggshell. And tales of the pirate’s cruise held during the 1995 conference were related with zeal.

Register to Attend

For more information about attending the Sixth Glass Processing Days, contact Jorma Vitkala at +358-2-372-3111; fax: +358-2-372-3190; or email: jorma.vitkala@tgl.inet.fi.


Regina R. Johnson is the editor of USGlass magazine.




GPD Info Just a Click Away

Visit the USGlass website at http://www.usglassmag.com for more information about the Sixth Glass Processing Days. The site, which include details of the conference, the sessions and short courses to be offered, the venue and host city, who should attend and the many recreational events planned, also includes a link to the home page of the Tamglass Group. Tamglass is the conference’s sponsor.


6th Glass Processing Days Schedule At A Glance

Sunday afternoon, June 13, 1999
Chairmen: Prof. Dr. Helmut Schaeffer, Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellscaft (DGG)
Mr. Jorma Vitkala, Chairman of the GPD ‘99 Conference, Tamglass Ltd. Oy

Introduction to the Glass Industry

Mr. Russell J. Ebeid
, President-Glass Group, Guardian Industries Corp.

Introduction to Architectural Glass

Mr. Andrea Compagno
, dipl. Arch. ETH OTIA, Fassadenplanung und-beratung

Introduction to Automotive Glass
Mr. Masanobu Kawase; General Manager in Body Design Planning Dept. No. 2,
Toyota Motor Corporation

June 13-16, 1999
• Current Trends for Glass in Exterior Glazing and Interior Use
• Safety Glass in High-rise Curtain Wall Structures
• Insulating Glass Units/Architectural Windows
• Tempered Glass
• Laminated Architectural Glass
• New Technical Developments and Applications

June 13-16, 1999
• Role of Glazing in the Automotive Industry
• Pre-processing of Automotive Glass
• Bending and Tempering of Automotive Glass
• Laminated Automotive Glass
• Numerical Modeling in Automotive Glass
• Quality and Production Control

June 13-16, 1999
• The Glass Market and Trends
• Glass in Buildings-Standards And Regulations
• Optimizing the Performance of Production Lines
• Company, Product, Internet and Multimedia Presentation


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