Volume 33, Number 9, September 1998





Electronic Frosted Glass Suppliers Wanted

Dear USGlass:

Thank you for having web pages dealing with glass products. Without pages like this, we would be left on our own, uneducated and ill-informed about glass products that are available to us.

In line with this, I have several installations of electronically-controlled frost glass window panes and I am looking for a supplier and manufacturer of these windows. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Gary Ohlson
GST Telecom
Vancouver, WA

Editor’s note: Readers may email Ohlson at glo@gstis.net and visit the USGlass website located at www.usglassmag.com.


Address Correction

Dear USGlass:

In the June issue of USGlass magazine, there was a release titled "BTB Presents One Tool Kit For AGR" (see USGlass, July 1998, New Products Guide). This contained incorrect information about the present location of BTB Tools, USA. BTB Tools, USA relocated to Candia, NH, approximately a year and a half ago and remains at this address. We want to assure everyone that there has not been a change in our location.

We realize that in any publishing venture, at times things do slip by, despite all the efforts to present accurate information. We know your readers and our customers will understand, and we appreciate the opportunity to correct this information.

BTB Tools, USA, prides itself on offering an automotive glass removal tool that is the "one tool for all glass, every time." Our kits, available with either standard or serrated blades, regulate cutting depth, eliminating damage to the vertical wall of the pinchweld and spacing the blades away from encapsulation to prevent damage.

We thank you for allowing us the space to resolve any confusion that might occur due to the incorrect listing of our address. As always, BTB remains at P.O. Box 543, Candia, NH, 03034-0543 with a physical address of 475 Patten Hill Road, Candia, NH, 03034. Our phone number is 888/483-0708 and our e-mail address is located at btbusa@mediaone.net.

Mark Daniels
BTB Tools, USA
Candia, NH


True Story?

Dear USGlass:

We did a local party center job that had a skylite with an integral verticle wall that was approximately 26 feet wide. We were able to choose the skylite manufacturer for this project and we did so based upon a quality product.

When we ordered the skylite, we were told there would be a standard lead time of ten to 12 weeks for delivery. The shop drawings were received in a timely manner and returned for production.

This is where the problems began. When we called to check on delivery we were told that the material had not come in from the extruder yet, but as soon as it got there they would be on it.

A couple of weeks later we were told that the material had arrived and as soon as they completed fabrication, they would send it to the finisher. I asked if it was anodized and they told me they fabricate first and then send it to the anodizer.

Later, I was informed that the fabrication was completed on a Wednesday, but the finisher only picks up on Mondays.

The next week I asked if the material had came back from the anodizer. I was told that it had and it would be sent out on Wednesday so we could get it by Thursday. Later on Thursday morning we were told that the freight truck did not show up but that it would be picked up today.

That day I received the bill via fax. I filed that in the circular file because I don’t pay from faxed bills anymore. (New policy started that day.)

I told the front office to send the skylite manufacturer to me when they called for money. When they called I told them that I was going to send the check right out but our secretary was out of town and once I figured out how to run checks through we had run out of checks. I then told them that I called our check printer right away to order more but he told me that they were out of the blue ink that they use on our checks.

I had him call his ink supplier, but they were out of blue ink. They said that they were running blue ink next week and would send it out as soon as possible. The printer promised to get right on our checks as soon as he got the ink, I continued. Then the checks would be printed and sent out next day UPS.

Their bookkeeper finally interrupts and says, "I know what you are trying to say . . . that it is hard to do your job if you don’t have all of your materials."

I said, well, you finally understand.

They finally did get paid.

Dale Cohen
Empire Glass Co.
Bedford, OH


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