Volume 33, Number 9, September 1998



A number of machinery manufacturers have released information about products that address the needs of glass and metal fabricators. Machinery news and a sampling of some of the newest products available follow.

Application Bender from Tools For Bending

Tools for Bending of Denver, CO, presents the F5 spacer bender for the insulating glass industry. According to the company, the modular spacer bender system allows users to select the components most suited to their operations, and it can cut and bend spacer material into a variety of standard shapes.


Wegoma Offers Weldseam Cleaner and Processing Center

Wegoma® of Twinsburg, OH, offers the WP-CNC-2H Flow-Thru weldseam cleaner and processing center, which it says is the latest machinery solution for automated weldseam cleaning and specific post-clean fabrication requirements. The machine features four independent tool carriages that create two parallel processing areas within the machine, three servo-driven axes that control the carriages and the Flow-Thru design that places the four tool carriages in the closest proximity to the tool processing area.


New Welder from ATCO

ATCO, Inc. of Atlanta, GA, has introduced the MHW-3600 four-point welder for the vinyl window industry. According to the company, the welder, on which the patent is pending, eliminates the need for corner cleaning machines. The company says the equipment is specifically for those manufacturers who produce a high volume of windows.


Insulating Glass Lines from Glass Technologies

Glass Technologies, Inc. of Ellsworth, PA, has introduced two vertical insulating glass lines that have six standard production lines each. The vertical insulating glass line is for an aluminum spacer frame and consists of an inlet conveyor, glass washer and outlet conveyor with a list of optional components.

The company also offers a Swiggle® insulating glass line, which features a glass washer, frame-positioning and assembly table, vertical conveyor, roller press and outlet conveyor.


Z. Bavelloni’s Diamond Tools Division Earns ISO 9001 Certification

Z. Bavelloni S.p.A. of Bregnano, Italy, has announced that its Diamond Tools Division has been registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001. The Diamond Tools include wheels for stone and glass, consumption materials, fickerts for surface working, milling cutters, drilling tools and segments for surface working.


CTD Machines Introduces Model D45AX

CTD Machines, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA, has unveiled the Model D45AX pivoting double mitre saw. The saw features a 1-1/2 H.P. single- or three-phase motor, a disconnect switch and blade guard interlock switch, blade wear adjustment to minimize scrap and up and downstroke speed controls for cutting action.


Anver Offers Lifters With Handlebars

Anver Corporation of Hudson, MA, has introduced a line of vacuum lifters that feature ergonomically designed handlebars for moving loads. The Anver PF-O7 Series powered vacuum lifters, which are offered in electric or air-powered versions, feature large loop handlebars for maneuverability, slide valves for attach and release and a front-facing vacuum gauge.


A.W.T. Introduces Printer for Glass

A.W.T. World Trade, Inc., has introduced its Accu-Print RP™ Printer, which it says is engineered for high-speed production on virtually any printable rigid panel, including glass. The Accu-Print features a telephone modem interface, pneumatic squeegee pressure equalization system, automatic computer control stroke setting, super micro-registration system, universal drop down masterframe and sliding screen frame clamps in the front and rear.


Rivetec Offers Perfotec

Rivetec Inc. of Torrance, CA, offers Perfotec, a pneumatic tool designed to punch clean holes in double-wall metal IG spacers. The punch, which is designed to work in concert with the Duotec sealing system, is self-adjusting and punches holes automatically.


Lisec Offers Super-Speed Cutting and Break-Out Robot

Lisec of Amstetten, Austria, has developed a line for cutting special glass lites with a finished lite ready for further processing every 1.5 or two seconds. The line features a conveyor system that transports the glass sheets, system controlled positioning and increased cutting speed.


Tamglass Continues Modernization

The Tamglass Group of Tampere, Finland, says it is continuing its production modernization program by building new safety glass machinery production facilities at its site in Vehmainen, Tampere, where the main offices are located. According to the company, the result of the expansion will be improved efficiency and productivity.


Aut-O-Jig® Presents Power Punch®

Aut-O-Jig & Punch Systems,® Inc. of Columbia, SC, presents the New Power Punch®. According to the company, Power Punch has pre-positioned holes for a precise joint fit and an eight-foot bar and two stops for punching intermediates. Longer bars are also available upon request, according to the company.

The company says the Power Punch will save the user 60 percent of the time that they used to spend in fabrication and labor. In addition, the company says it can build a die system for any architectural metal manufacturer.


Tempering Furnaces From EFCO

EFCO Ltd. of Surrey, England, offers tempering furnaces available for immediate operation. According to the company, the automatic furnace entry and exit doors, close fitting roller seals and low thermal mass insulation lead to decreased heat loss and infiltration of cold air.

The company says that the furnaces contain a quench system that has engineered ducting and nozzles, which allow for the production of glass with consistently high optical quality.



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