Volume 33, Number 10, October 1998



Letters to the Editor


If You Can’t Make Money. . . Get Out

Dear USGlass:

If you are the owner, operator, salesman, estimator or project manager for a contract glazing firm, I have a message for you. If you can’t make money in contract glazing now, get out of the business because the demand for glazing is strong, the economy is consistent and the products and services available are varied. In addition to this, skill and expertise in the field and office are available and there is no apparent disaster or inflation in sight. Even with more contract glazing companies in existence now, there is plenty of business for everyone.

If you are not making money right now, you are either afraid to put enough money on your material and labor or you are not smart enough to pick your market, find the right people, bid the jobs correctly, screen your customers and collect your money. You obviously are afraid to come in as the high bid on a few jobs. You are afraid to profit.

If you do not have the guts to put markup on material and labor in order to prosper, you never will or you do not understand how to do it. If you are thinking that your competitor will always beat you and you have to get your price down to your cost, go to work for someone else who is making money. Don’t let your competitor dictate how you are bidding.

Now is the time to make money and hoard cash. Anyone who has been through a few decades of business cycles knows that you build up cash in good times to survive in tough times like the early ’80s and early ’90s. If you are not building up cash now, you are screwing up. So get out now.

If you are not making money now, your suppliers are laughing at you. If you are not paying bills on time now, your vendors are wondering why and you are not getting supply prices as low as your competitors. If you are not making money now, imagine how bad things will be when our economy goes south for awhile. You and all the other contract glazing companies who are afraid to make money will go out of business. The shakeout will happen, and you will lead the parade.

What will happen if you decide to make the decision to make real money on everything you do? You will be more determined to win. You will make positive changes in your business and act on decisions you have been putting off, such as firing that trusted associate who does not carry their weight anymore or closing down your current location and opening up in that growing part of the state.

Make the choice to make money this year and every year thereafter. Mark up that job and decide that this year will be the one your profit margin jumps like never before. Do not be afraid to give up a few jobs to your competitors. Chances are they are probably so used to cutting their own prices that they will not make money anyway. Choose the smart course. When you get a job, make money on it. If you cannot make money, get out of the business. Eventually you will anyway.

Name Withheld Upon Request

Hot Metal Versus Warm Melt

Dear USGlass:

I am writing to let you know that we completed an extensive round of field tests last week for Delchem’s D-2000 reactive hot melt butyl IG sealant, and more tests are planned for the future. Likewise, ongoing work in our product development laboratory and production facilities continues to yield significant information. The salient points include:

I would appreciate your assistance in publishing a correction in an upcoming issue regarding the Delchem entry in the June issue of USGlass (see USGlass, June 1998, New Products Guide). The product was described as "reactive hot metal butyl." It would be greatly appreciated if this could be corrected to "reactive hot melt butyl" and "hot applied butyl" changed to "warm applied butyl."

John Matukaitis
Wilmington, DE


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