Volume 33, Number 10, October 1998




W&W Glass Systems Offers Pilkington Systems

W&W Glass Systems, Inc. of Nanuet, NY, is offering the Pilkington Planar Tension Structure Support System. According to the company, the system has all the advantages of the original Pilkington PlanarÔ facade while enhancing its possibilities through the addition of a custom-designed tension structure support system. The company says the Pilkington systems can support structural glass using various types of components, including lightweight stainless steel rods or painted steel tubes to form a structural grid, therefore maximizing architectural creative possibilities while remaining within a minimal structure.


Schott Offers Amiran® Anti-Reflective Glass

Schott Corporation of Yonkers, NY, has developed Amiran® anti-reflective glass that it says virtually eliminates window glare. According to the company, Amiran reduces reflection from eight percent to as little as one percent in single glazing/laminated windows. The company says features of Amiran include a high light transmission, ability to be installed in any frame or glazing system and reduced lighting fixture and energy costs.


New Desiccants from PQ Corporation

PQ Corporation of Valley Forge, PA, has announced the availability of PQ SievesÔ molecular sieve desiccants, which it says can prevent fogging and condensation in insulating glass. The company’s 3A and 3A-X bead products are used in spacers of insulating glass units to remove residual moisture and solvent, while the 3A and 13X powder products were developed for incorporation into polymeric sealant matrices. According to the company, the sealants have high capacity for moisture and solvents, low deflection, low-dust beads with low attrition rates and free-flowing powders.


Glasslam Receives Patent for Hurricane-Resistant Material

Glasslam N.G.I., Inc. of Pompano Beach, FL, has received a patent for Safety-Plus®, its hurricane-resistant glazing material. According to the company, Safety-Plus consists of a three-ply interlayer with a heavy-duty P.E.T. film as the middle layer, which is used to mechanically hold the glazing to the frame. The company says this type of glazing is effective with many frame types, can be produced in sizes up to 72 inches by 144 inches and has passed the Dade County large missile test and wind cycling to 130 P.S.F.


Amazing Glazing Presents Line of Flexible Adhesives

Amazing Glazing, Inc. of Howell, MI, distributes a full line of 3M’s Flexible Diamond Abrasives, including diamond hand pads, disc, disc pads, diamond belts, files and bands. According to the company, the hand pads are lightweight and diamonds are bonded in a precise pattern. The belts are available in three different sizes and five grits, and the files have diamond material bonded to color-coded plastic handles.


Packaging from Sus-Rap

The Sus-Rap Division of Menasha Corporation in Danville, VA, presents Sus-Rap to protect glass during transportation. The company says Sus-Rap is suitable for packaging a number of scratchable and fragile packages, such as glass. Sus-Rap features fingers that suspend the product to cushion it from shocks and prevent damage.


Sliding Window System from YKK

YKK AP America of Atlanta, GA, has introduced its YSW 400T heavy commercial-rated sliding window system. The company says the YSW 400T is designed for easy operation and incorporates its MegaTherm® technology to provide a continuous thermal barrier that conserves energy, reduces condensation and permits inside and outside finish options. The company supplies the window system, which has an overall depth of 3-7/8 inches, with heavy-duty hardware.

Wausau Offers New Windows

Wausau Metals of Wausau, WI, has introduced the 3100, 3150 tilt and 4100 series double-hung and rolling windows. The company says the windows feature a 4-1/2-inch thermal frame depth, uniform sightlines, poured and debridged urethane thermal barriers and bead glazing. The 3100 series is available as a double- or single-hung side load window, the 3150 tilt series features tilting sashes and the 4100 series is a horizontal rolling window.


Torrance Offers Windows and Curtainwalls

Torrance Aluminum of Perris, CA, debuts window, curtainwall and design systems for commercial and residential applications. According to the company, its engineering department uses CAD systems for versatility in designs. The company says its steel windows offer versatility in window sizing and design and are resistant to pitting and staining.


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