Volume 34, Number 1, January 1999



Machinery Manufacturers Offer Wide Variety of Products

A number of machinery manufacturers have released information about products that address the needs of glass and metal fabricators. Machinery news and a sampling of some of the newest products available follow.

Anver Offers Sheet Lifters

Anver Corporation of Hudson, MA, has introduced a series of vacuum-operated sheet lifters that are suspended by crane for the horizontal handling of non- to semi-porous panels, sheet and plate. The VP1 series vacuum generators feature adjustable X-Y-Z frames with hand attachment knobs for easy positioning. They also have an ergonomic handlebar, front-mounted controls, gauges, a light to indicate vacuum levels and a vacuum leakage alarm.

New Laminating Lines from Casso-Solar

Casso-Solar Corporation of Pomona, NY, has introduced architectural laminating lines for standard and low-E glass that include a loader and washer, layup conveyors, assembly systems, PVB unwinder, laydown and trim systems, gas or electric preheat tracking ovens, preheat and tracking presses, unload and stacking systems and autoclaves with carriages. The company says the systems handle from 60-inch to jumbo glass with production rates to 30 FPM on simple layups. The processing lines are controlled with an integrated computer system that can detect the parameters of the part to set up the oven and presses.

New Addition to HHH Line

HHH Architectural Tempering Systems, Inc. of Vancouver, WA, has introduced a new line of small furnaces. The two stage 42- by 96-inch batch-type line is convection assisted, remote accessible and capable of doing 2.7 to 6 mm with short time cycles, according to the company. The company says the system fully tempers high quality coated glass.

Vesuvius Develops End Caps

Vesuvius McDanel of Beaver Falls, PA, has developed end caps for glass tempering rollers. According to the company, the end caps have been proven to operate effectively when exposed to full-tempering furnaces with temperatures of up to 750 degrees Celsius. The company says the caps eliminate the use of temperature-limited RTV silicone resins and were designed to eliminate rigid keys from inducing stress on the ceramic rollers.

Machines from Bottero

Bottero S.p.A. of Cuneo, Italy, has introduced the 514 machine and electronic squaring and the shape scan features. The 514 machine, which is suitable for production using regular stock sizes, allows loading and breakout while the bridge is cutting. The electronic squaring innovation replaces traditional mechanical squaring lugs with a cutting bridge detecting the position of the plate. In the shape scan feature, available on every Bottero shape cutting table, the cutting bridge can scan forms of shapes, process them and score them on glass.

Desert Laminator Offers Hand Crank Applicator

Desert Laminator of Palm Springs, CA, offers the Sidewinder, a hand crank applicator that comes in roll lengths of 36-, 52- and 62-inches. The Sidewinder, which is used for film application to flat glass or flat substrates, features rubber rolls, infeed and outfeed shelves, an unwind shaft for mounting three-inch-diameter cores and an optional air cylinder package for the nip pressure.

DGT Presents Gas Filling Equipment

DGT-Anlagen und Systeme Gmbh of Sauerlach, Germany, presents the ECO-line, RAPID-line and POWER-line classes of gas fillers. According to the company, the three lines of sensor-controlled gas fillers include machines for low loss filling of Krypton and Xenon, complex new gas misbures, push-button filling and gas filling of sealed units suitable for cycle times below 40 seconds. The company says it also offers detailed information and training for users worldwide.


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