Volume 34, Number 1, January 1999



This month we introduce a department focusing on innovative and challenging projects that showcases the use of glass and metals.

Vistawall Teams with Mercedes for New Training Center

Mercedes Benz was searching for a unique architectural style when it decided to build a Visitor and Training Center in Vance, AL. The firm of Albert Kahn Associates, Inc. satisfied the automaker’s requirements by designing a building said to reflect the hilly terrain traveled by Mercedes’s new all-terrain vehicle, the ML 320, which would be assembled at the facility.

To meet the design’s requirements, the CW-250 engineered curtainwall system by Terrell, TX-based Vistawall with a clear anodized finish was chosen for use in the facility’s interior and exterior. The curtainwall was stretch-formed to create inside, outside and opposing radius curves, creating an S-shaped configuration that has an undulating effect.

Imperial Crane Services Completes Dome Move

Imperial Crane Services of Bridgeview, IL, recently completed the placement of a new eight-ton dome atop the Dearborn Observatory at Northwestern University at Evanston, IL. A KMK 5175 crane lifted the 17,000-pound dome onto the century-old observatory as part of the building’s $350,000 renovation.

Stevenson Crane Helps Create Planetarium Space

Stevenson Crane Service of Woodridge, IL, under the direction of WI-based Super Sky Products, is helping to erect a new gallery and exhibition space at the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum in Chicago.

The crane company is lifting more than 1,000 glass panels into a 60-foot-high dome that circles the planetarium 180 degrees from north to south. The dome has 13 rows of glass panels ranging in size from four by four to six by six feet. Each panel weighs 200-350 pounds and is 1-1/4-inch thick. Under ideal conditions, operating engineer Dean Davies says he can install 80 to 90 panels a day.

The new addition will create 60,000 square feet of public viewing and participation space.

Dor-O-Matic Provides Door For Airports

The Dor-O-Matic Astro-Glass Sliding Door can now be found in World Club of Northwest Airlines. The Harwood Heights, IL-based company’s doors allows a large volume of travelers to pass through without needing to use their hands.

Vistawall Contributes To Foxwood Casino Expansion

Curtainwalls, storefronts and doors from Vistawall of Terrell, TX, were used in the $350-million expansion of Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, CT, according to the company. The Vistawall products in the expansion included the CW-250 curtainwall, ICW-250 window system with operable units, variable storefronts systems and over 160 series 375 medium stile entrances with custom hardware. The company also provided custom grille work in the parking garages, a custom elevator enclosure, along with many circular and triangular window units that were preassembled.



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