Volume 34, Number 1, January 1999


Tripling Success Glass South America

Highlights Glass and Marble

By Roberto Vázquez

For the first time in its history, Glass South America, held November 18-21 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, expanded its scope to include marble exhibits in conjunction with the glass exposition. According to Ana Paula Cabral, promoter of the event for Miller Freeman de Brasil Ltda., the number of visitors at the most recent event was approximately 200 percent higher than the previous year’s level.

"We nearly tripled the level of visitation achieved at Glass South America ’97, which had just over 6,000 visitors in all," said Cabral. Glass South America ’98 had a total of 120 exhibitors from the glass sector, representing some 35 percent of all companies registered. By contrast, there were more than 220 companies from the marble sector.

"The marble section brought a larger number of people from other countries including Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, and Italy, and this year the participants included more architectural groups, decorators and representatives of other fields," said Cabral. "In addition, the congresses, seminars, and award presentations conducted in conjunction with the exposition kept visitors informed of the latest technological advances in these fields."

According to organizers, Glass South America focuses on window frames, tools, and equipment, as well as security systems. This year, the length of the show was changed from three to four days and it was held at the largest exposition hall in Expo Center Norte: the Blue Pavilion, adjacent to the exhibit area for granite, marble, and decorative stone.

Planning for Glass South America 2000

Although this year’s show was a great success, organizers decided to begin holding Glass South America every other year in Brazil. "We have determined that the leading companies in the glass sector do not have enough new developments to warrant exhibiting every year," said Cabral. "The market has not stimulated major technological advances recently, and this is due to the fact that there are only a few companies which dominate the field."

Although there will be no Glass South America next year, Miller Freeman will host the FEMATEC’99 exposition, the eighth international exposition of construction materials and technology. The event will be held at the Buenos Aires International Exposition Center located in San Justo, Argentina on May 3-8, 1999. Cabral said this exposition will be similar to Glass South America.

Roberto Vázquez is the editor of La Revista de Vidrio, Fachadas y Ventanas, a magazine produced for the Latin American glass and metal industry by Key Communications Inc.


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