Volume 34, Number 2, February 1999


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Tech Tips

Installing the Powr Slider

Story and photos by Marshall Spiegel

C.R. Laurence, long-time manufacturer of glass products and glazier accessories for automotive, commercial and residential applications, has introduced a newly-designed version of its rear Powr Slider™ for the ’99 Chevrolet pickup truck.

 The Installation Process

• Remove the rear seat for easier access to the window;

• The lower panel under the window is removed;

• The factory rear window is cut out and removed;

• A Wildcat oscillating saw is used to trim the original bead of urethane to 1/16-inch thickness;

• The pinchweld area is cleaned of residue from the original factory installation;

• To prevent rust, primer is carefully applied to any marks or scratches which will be hidden by the window;

• The Powr Slider is dry-fitted, checking the curvature of the window at both ends;

• The bonding surface of the window frame is cleaned with solvent;

• A coating of pinchweld primer compatible with the urethane is then applied to the surface of the slider frame;

• Urethane is applied over the original factory bead of urethane;

• The slider is positioned and aligned to the window opening;

• Because the urethane begins to "skin" over in about 20 minutes, the window is seated into the opening immediately;

• An anchoring clip, one of five strategically positioned to secure the window in place, is installed;

• The clips are tapped in place over the leg of the frame and the pinchweld leg while the urethane dries;

• Drill holes for the mounting clips to secure the micro-drive power system behind the rear seat;

• The power system wiring is run down the driver’s side door threshold and up to the dashboard;

• A hole for the control switch is cut in the dash and filed smooth;

• The four wires for the rocker switch are passed through from the rear of the dash;

• The color-coded wires are connected to the corresponding color-coded blades on the back of the switch;

• For safety, the momentary rocker switch is tested to be certain it only works when the ignition is on;

• Satisfied that the slider is operating smoothly, spray the back of the cab thoroughly with water to check for leaks and to hasten the curing of the urethane and the job is complete.

Marshall Spiegel specializes in step by step photography and editorial on the installation of accessories for cars and light trucks.


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