Volume 34, Number 2, February 1999



New Product Line from Perfect Tinning

Perfect Tinning Corporation of Lancaster, TX, has introduced three redesigned Aculite computer-controlled processing machines.

The Aculite xtra, which is designed for the high-volume fabricator or window manufacturer, operates at a speed exceeding 3,800 inches-per-minute and is available with standard or automatic free-fall loading. The Aculite bullet is a high-speed cutting line designed for the small- to medium-volume window manufacturer, according to the company. The Aculite wizard, which is designed for the low-volume manufacturer, scores square and rectangle lites at a speed of 3,000 inches-per-minute.

FLIR Systems Introduces Infrared Camera

FLIR Systems, Inc. of Portland, OR, has introduced what it describes as the first infrared camera for continuous monitoring of automated manufacturing processes and products. According to the company, the ThermoVision uncooled infrared camera enhances the effectiveness of visible-light machine vision systems and allows unsupervised monitoring of the online process in a number of industries, including glass.

Anver Introduces Vacuum Lifter Handles

Anver Corporation has introduced a fully-integrated vacuum lifter and hoist that features a multiple head attachment for coil handling. According to the company, the attachment permits easy mounting over mandrels and eliminates grabs, hooks and expanding chucks. The company says the system includes an electric chain hoist, variable lifting speeds, constant vacuum attach and an interchangeable head.

Welders from Elumatec®

Elumatec USA, Inc. of South Bend, IN, offers single and two head welders. The single head welder is adjustable for all angles between 30 and 180 degrees, has heater plate temperature control between 120 and 300 degrees Celsius, automatic adjustment of melting time in case of different profile cross sections and is suited for welding acrylic and foil coated profiles. The double head welders feature a head that is adjustable for welding angles between 30 and 180 degrees, a fully-automatic working cycle, independently adjustable parameters and heated weld bead restriction knives between 0.2 and 2.00 mm.


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