Volume 34, Number 3, March 1999


The following are some products that will be displayed at the NGA show in Atlanta, April 7-9. Other products to be on display are highlighted in the Southern Exposure article.

370 Series Quest Door from JLM

JLM Whole-sale of Oxford, MI, features the new 1370 Series Quest door closer from LCN. The closer is designed for aluminum doors and frames and is non-handed and non-sized to give maximum mounting flexibility and power, according to JLM. It features cast iron construction, forged steel components and a ten-year warranty.

Cline Aluminum to Display Five Doors

Cline Aluminum Doors Inc., will be displaying five types of doors. The doors include the full-louvered, the bullet-resistant (BRD-357) and the full-flush aluminum doors, the commercial aluminum screen door and the aluminum FRP door.

The patent is pending on the bullet resistant aluminum door. The BRD-357 stopped .357 magnum bullets when tested in accordance with UL Standard 752, Level 2. The door weighs approximately 115 pounds and has custom availability up to 4- by 8-feet, according to the company.

Alumet Begins Production

Alumet Manufacturing of Marysville, WA, has begun production of three new profiles of screen frames. A complete line of 3/8-inch in lip, reverse-lip and offset-lip frames, in all standard colors, are now available. According to the company, the frames come with external plastic and internal metal corners.

Gardner Introduces BARRACUDA

Gardner Distribution & Manufact-uring introduces BARACUDA, Gen-eration II, cordless miter saw. The saw cuts both aluminum and bevel mirror strips. It comes with two custom designed 8.25 blades, a metal blade and a diamond blade that uses straight water as coolant, according to the company. The saw kit includes pressure tank, water tray, support blocks, sharpening stone, wax stick, dust bag, charger and an 18-volt battery. The saw will be displayed by DeGorter Inc.

Reproduce Biltmore Estate Mirrors

Carolina Mirror Company of North Wilkesboro, NC, has introduced a new line of licensed reproductions based on mirrors displayed at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The licensing agreement entitles the company to reproduce, adapt and interpret decorative mirrors from George Vanderbilt’s original collection.

The company has developed a line of 18 intricately framed mirrors, each based on an actual mirror or painting frame currently displayed in the Biltmore house. The frames display lavish artistic flourishes such as delicately carved floral and leaf motifs, detailed reliefs, wrought iron, intricate moldings and gilt framing, according to the company.

IBS Software, Inc. Introduces EDI

IBS Software Inc. will introduce the electronic data interchange (EDI) windshield repair only solution for the windshield repair industry. The program allows shops to handle EDI billing directly from the shop without the need for other companies.

EFCO Furnaces Ltd. Close Roller Hearth Tempering System

The Close Pitch Roller Hearth Tempering System from EFCO, of Ann Arbor, MI, is a scaled down version of the company’s standard roller hearth equipment. It has been designed for the production of small parts such as circles and shapes for high intensity lighting, instrument viewing glasses, security plates, protector glasses and gauge glasses. The machine produces toughened glass up to 16 inches square, in any thickness from 1/8- to 5/8-inch, according to the company.

Copper Sales Shows Three New Wall Panels

Copper Sales Inc. of Anoka, MN, is offering three profiles in commercial/industrial panels for wall panel applications. The UR-6-36 is a high-strength, low profile, wide panel, according to the company. It can be manufactured in any of the company substrates and colors including steel, aluminum and copper. The panel provides 36-inch coverage with overlapping sidelap features.

The HR-4-36 is a deep profile that combines function and form, according to the company. Trapezoidal ribs are 12-inch on center and 1 1/4- inch deep and have a flat dimension of 1-inch at crests. It is available in standard UNA-CLAD colors and finishes, plain G-90 galvanized, aluminum and copper.

The VR-5-36 is a 1 -inch deep 7.2-inch pitch roofing and siding panel. It has an overall width of 38 inches with 36 inches of coverage. The panel is available in galvanized steel, painted galvanized, aluminum painted aluminum, stainless steel and copper.

Access Distributes Stanley MA900

Access Hardware Supply of San Leandro, CA, now distributes the Stanley MA900 series low energy operator. The series is suitable for retrofit or new installation and requires only one person to install, according to the company. The operator works with metal, wood or glass doors; hinged or offset pivot, both in-swing and out-swing applications. Features include swing-safe technology, lock delay, magic touch, power close and an adjustable time delay.

Glastar Announces Diamond Resin Pre-Polish Wheels

Diamond Resin pre-polish wheels from Glastar of Chatsworth, CA are faster than cork or synthetic, according to the company. The wheel gives a finer finish, requiring less time spent on final polish. The material is composed of fine diamonds suspended in a resin base, mounted on flexible strips. The strip is applied to a blank wheel and when worn, is removed and replaced with a new strip, reducing replacement costs. The wheels and strips are available in 4-, 6- , 8- and 12-inch diameters.

NEO Solution from Duschqueen

The frameless Neo Solution III™ from Duschqueen Inc., looks and performs like a custom enclosure, according to the company. It utilizes curved and flat glass technology, and features a curved glass door with a 36-inch opening. Also included are flat glass sides and a fitted Americh 42-inch curved neo base.

Vistawall Offers CW-250 Screw Spline

Vistawall Architectural Products offers the CW-250 system with screw spline, split mullion assembly. This assembly method enhances CW-250 as a competitive low rise curtainwall system designed for flexibility, performance and easy installation, according to the company.

Azores Available from SAF Renovations Inc.

SAF Renovations is an approved applicator of Azores, a air-dry fluorocarbon coating for application to exterior architectural aluminum manufactured by Vaslpar Inc. Azores is ideal for field repair, composite panels, insulated doors, cement or almost any material or product that requires low baking temperatures and a durable, weather resistant coating, according to SAF. The product is a high performance, water-based, fluropolymer, which can be manufactured in all colors. According to the company it resists chalking, fading, ultraviolet degradation and salt spray corrosion.

Glass Transfer System from Glassline

A new concept from Glassline Corporation of Perrysburg, OH, allows glass to be transferred between edgers

automatically. The technology allows a cycle of under three seconds. A servo driven gearbox and the company’s PC-based control systems control dual moving arms, according to the company. A short belt conveyor moves glass between edgers. The design is made on a single frame allowing installation as one unit between edgers.

Model B 13 from Z. Bavelloni spa

Z. Bavelloni spa of Italy will have on display Model B 13. It is a straight line grinding machine with 13 wheels for the processing of flat edge with arrises. According to the company, the flat edge arrises are finished with resin wheels and brightened with felts and cerium oxide. The machine can work on glass from 40 mm up to 50 mm.

Masking Films from Tape Specialties

Protective masking films from Tape Specialties Limited of Concord, ON, are for masking glass and other surfaces from painting, stucco, abrasion or damage from handling, fabrication and shipping. The films feature an UV ray and water resistant acrylic adhesive system. They can be left outdoors for limited periods. Also available from Tape Specialties is a 48-inch top and bottom laminating machine. It has edge slitters and rewinders for the application of masking film, safety mirror backing and other tapes to a variety of substrates.

Glass Washing Brush Presented by Power Brushes Inc.

Power Brushes Inc. of Toledo, OH, will display its glass washing brush for soft coat low-E glass. Also available from the company are strip brushes, often used in water boxes or door sweeps.


Extrusion Bending Services

Rimac of Concord, Ontario, offers extrusion bending services. According to the company, it is capable of curving curtainwall mullions, pressure plates, snap-on caps, square and round tubing, angles, thermally broken sections and bars. The company also curves custom-designed extrusions and brake-formed sections in alloys such as aluminum, brass, bronze, muntz and stainless steel. Rimac says its electronically- controlled 2400 cubic foot oven accommodates material up to 30 feet in length for annealing or tempering.


Security Film

Shatterguard Worldwide Security and Safety Window Film of Atlanta, GA, offers security window film for a variety of applications. According to the company, the films are effective because they can keep broken glass from separating, which prevents an opening from being created. The company says the films are also maintenance-free and reduce the need for multiple retail applications.


Laser Alignment Tool

Pacific Laser Systems (PLS) of Sausalito, CA, offers the PLS5, an auto-leveling laser alignment tool. According to the company, the PLS5 gives simultaneous plumb, level and square reference points instantly. The tool is self-leveling and is guaranteed accurate within 1/8 inch at 100 feet. The company says the PLS5 comes with a magnetic bracket, pendulum target, floor stand and carrying case.



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