Volume 34, Number 3, March 1999


Southern Exposure Glass Industry
to Descend on Atlanta

The National Glass Association’s annual conference and exhibition will be held April 7-9 in Atlanta, GA. Following are a few of the products and machines that will be on display. Additional products are highlighted in the New Products section

F. Barkow Inc. Introduces Workhorse™

The Workhorse by F. Barkow Inc. from Mequon, WI, is an enclosed workshop glass carrier/truck package. It is a self-storing worktable with storage bins, shelves and a translucent roof to let light in while working. The exterior is equipped with the company’s aluminum glass carriers and STAKE-LOC® self-locking stakes and Barkleats® for added security during glass transportation. Additional features include 7-inch ledgeboards, a ladder for roof access and a full-height walk-in door that locks.

Scratch Removal System from Novus

According to Novus from Bloomington, MN, the Autostock Scratch Removal System removes scratches, mineral deposits and water spots from all types of glass including plate, insulated, tempered and mirrored. The system is capable of maneuvering around curves and along edges. It has a self-contained slurry system which eliminates splattering and waste associated with other methods, according to the company. The system is portable requiring only a 110-volt power source.

Wood’s Powr-Grip Introduces Three Products

The Quadra-Tilt, Positioner and Vertical Handle Vacuum Cup (model LJ6VH) are three new products from Wood’s Powr-Grip of Laurel, MT. The Quadra-Tilt lifter is designed for windows and doors. It features multi-position arms that accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes. According to the company, the vacuum pads can attach to virtually any location on a load, avoiding any holes or defects in the load surface. The lifter has a four-bar tilt mechanism which lowers the operator force needed to tilt a load.

The Positioner, a vacuum vice for glass, provides 360- degree rotation and four locking positions between upright and flat. According to the company, the adjustable rotation tension permits quick and effortless glass positioning. The glass is released with no after-stick by a foot-operated vacuum control valve.

Model LJ6VH provides a rigid handle for fast, trouble-free windshield replacements. The all-metal handle provides leverage for easy windshield positioning. A red-line indicator on the pump warns the user in case of vacuum loss, according to the company. Lift tabs on the vacuum pad provide instant release, and each cup is supplied with a protective pad cover.

AFG Releases Comfort Ti

AFG Industries of Kingsport, TN, has released the Comfort Ti glass system which uses ultrahard titanium as a coating material. The system can withstand the high temperatures associated with tempering without significantly affecting its performance or appearance, according to the company. It has an emissivity range of .03 and has three solar heat gain coefficient options tailored to different geographic regions.

Artifex Offers Polishing Machines

Six polishing machines are available from Artifex. The machines are for processing flat edges, flat edges with arris, pencil and OG edges, decorative and bevelled edges, and also for removing surface coating. The wheels can fit any manufacturers machine, according to the company.

C.R. Laurence Leans Toward All-Glass Frameless Look

C.R. Laurence (CRL) of Howell, MI, will introduce products and hardware that reflect the trend toward the all-glass frameless look. New frameless shower door hinges in different styles and finishes will be introduced, as well as commercial patch hardware, including door closures and top and bottom pivots.

The company also is introducing new display and showcase hardware. The hardware comes in a variety of designs and include forged brass and chrome-plated hinges, shelf rests, brackets and other accessory products for 1/4-inch and 5/16-inch glass.

Schiatti Angelo srl Introduces Grinding and Polishing Machines

Five grinding and polishing machines will be introduced by Schiatti Angelo srl of Italy. The FPS-M4 is for grinding and polishing flat edges with arris for glass thickness 3 to 20 mm. The machine has a low number of spindles. However, according to the company, it produces good finished profiles.

The FPS20SRSB is for flat edge with arris for glass thickness 3 to 30 mm. The machine has been built to process small dimension glass, according to the company. The last three positions consist of two bakelite diamonds and one felt cerium wheel for extra-bright polishing.

The RI/6MC is for grinding and polishing pencil, flat, OG and waterfall edges for glass thickness 3 to 20 mm. Bright polish on the edges is achieved with cerium oxide and felt wheel, according to the company.

The FPD60 is for drilling of glass sheets up to 28 mm thick. A laser centering device is available as an option. The BS7/20 is for beveling on glass sheets from 3 to 25 mm. The machine has an adjustable bevel inclination from 3 to 45 degrees.

7-Spindle Vertical Beveler/Edger from Sommer & Maca

The 7-Spindle vertical beveler/edger from Sommer & Maca is engineered for shops with limited fabrication space, said the company. The machine combines both beveling and edgework into one machine, saving users hundreds of square feet of floor space. Five spindles are dedicated to precision beveling and two spindles for complete edge grinding and polishing. Selecting the glass size, bevel height, angle and the amount of glass to be removed can be handled with digital control. Settings can be saved and bevel size recalled as well. The bevel capacity is from three to 45 degrees and up to two inches wide. The machine also features a sleep mode which automatically turns off the machine if left unattended, according to the company.

Salem to Display Five Machines

Salem Distributing Company of Winston-Salem, NC, will display five machines at the show. The ZANETTI BISMATIC 2 shape beveling and edging machine is a semi-automatic machine for beveling and edging shaped or straight glass without a template. The Mistral 120 automatic-manual sand blasting unit, from Pezza, is designed for production sand etching of flat glass. The ELB-10/45 edger-mitre machine, from Bovone, is a ten spindle machine designed to produce flat edge profiles with seams and mitres and is capable of cerium oxide polishing the flat or the mitre, according to the company. Also from Bovone is the ELB 17/45 edger-mitre machine and the Mini Maxi-371/CNC straight line beveling machine. The ELB-17/45 is a 16,750 pound CNC machine designed to produce accurate flat edge profile with seams or mitres. The Mini Maxi is a computer-controlled version of the Mini-Maxi straight line beveler series. It is controlled by a programmable computer that will automatically set the machine to produce extremely accurate bevels, according to the company.

OEM Spray-On Coating from Edgeguard

The new OEM spray-on coating from Edgeguard, of Grand Junction, CO, looks like a fritted windshield, said a company representative. The coating protects the edge of the windshield for protection in shipment along with eliminating edge cracks for consumers and insurance companies. Another feature is the elimination of the cost of the frit and the moulding, allowing for a flush mount.

TGP to Display FireLite IGU

Technical Glass Products of Kirkland, WA, will display FireLite IGU. The product is the first fire-rated, insulating glass ceramic unit that also complies with energy codes, said the company.

The company says it is designed for use in exterior applications where energy codes require an insulated product, or for interior applications with special needs.

Glazers Choice® Glass and More Cleaner

The Capital Tape/Glazers Choice of Cleveland, OH, features the new Glazers Choice Glass and More Cleaner. The cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning glass products. It will provide streak-free cleaning without the use of abrasives and is available in 24-ounce spray bottles, one-gallon containers and five-gallon boxed bags with spigots.

Hiawatha Shows Solid Aluminum Towel Bars

Hiawatha Inc., of Bloomington, MN, will exhibit its new 3/4-inch solid aluminum plated brass and plated chrome towel bars and knobs. The company offers a true 1/4-20 tap hole into solid material, not an installed insert into tubular material. The solid stock has less deflection than hollow stock, said the company. The stock sizes are 18-, 20-, 24- and 27-inch.


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