Volume 34, Number 4, April 1999



Latest Products in the Machinery Industry

A number of machinery manufacturers have released information about products that address the needs of glass and metal fabricators. Machinery news and a sampling of some of the newest products available follow.

DEM 8-10-12 from Soenen Hendrik

The CNC Controlled Machining Center, Type DEM 8-10-12 from Soenen Hendrik of Belgium has a load capacity of ten profiles standard and one profile in operation. The maximum profile length is 6 mm. The machine is equipped with an automatic gripper, drilling handle holes and tilt and turn hardware.

Prestik Announces YK2 IG Oven Press

Prestik Manufacturing Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario, has released its new YK2 IG oven press. The new ‘E’vn Heat’ design provides infrared heat at a constant distance from the sealant at all times, according to the company. The design maintains a low interior air temperature allowing all four corners to be sealed prior to entering the oven press.

U-R-B-A-N Offers AKS 4020

U-R-B-A-N of Germany has announced the arrival of the AKS 4020 welding machine. The machine has a 2.5-mm weld bead limitation, on the table surface and in the clamps, and an effective length of 2.5 meters. It has two angle welding heads and a standard clamping height of 200 mm. Another feature is the safety clamping system which automatically adjusts to the different profile heights.

Thermometers from Land Infrared

Two new glass thermometers have been added to the range of UNO stand-alone radiation thermometers from Land Infrared of France. The U5 thermometer is designed for glass plant and equipment manufacturers, as well as end-users, to provide accurate and reliable measurement of glass surfaces in the range of 400 to 2500 degrees Celsius, according to the company.

The JRG/A has an operating waveband defined at 4.8 to 5.2 microns, and can be used to measure very thin glass. The thermometer is intended for spot temperature surveys during commissioning of a new plant, setting-up of a new run and ongoing quality control duties.

Abrasive Waterjet Technology from Flow International Corp.

Milling with abrasive waterjets is the newest development in abrasive waterjet technology from Flow International Corporation. The manufacturer says the waterjet can remove material effectively on the most sensitive materials without reducing material fatigue life or inducing mechanical stress.

Complex shapes and brittle composites as well as both conventional and exotic materials can be milled with this new process. Most materials can be milled with an accuracy of +/-0.002 inches, and skin can be as thin as 0.010-inches thick with the waterjet milling.

Spotex 3000 Introduced by Latronix Systems

Latronix Systems of Sweden has introduced the Spotex 3000 for detecting faults common on glass in the pre-process lines. The parameter settings can be made by the operator, enabling him to understand the effects of any changes. The system can be operated by MS-Windows NT™, and the company says help from its technicians is only a modem away.



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