Volume 34, Number 5, May 1999



Seattle Glass Block Introduces Vinyl Wrap Ultra™

Seattle Glass Block of Seattle has introduced its Vinyl Wrap Ultra. The window is available either fully assembled or as an easy-to-install job-site kit, according to the company. It is comprised of a Vinyl Wrap® frame and Vinyl Stack™ spacing system. The Vinyl Stack spaces evenly and consistently separate rows of glass block. A continuous channel allows silicone to flow the entire distance between each row of glass block.

Weck Introduces Thin Glass Block

Glashaus Inc., the U.S. marketing company for WECK Glass Block and BlokUp Mortarless Systems, is now selling a glass block only 2 inches thick. According to the company, this product opens up new opportunities for window retailers, shower door dealers, builders, remodelers and glazing contractors. Just 2 inches thick by 8 inches square, each glass block weighs just 3.6 pounds—or 1.8 pounds less than a standard block.

This means an average-size 48- x 48-inch fixed window, made from 36 8- x 8-inch blocks, will weigh about 150 pounds instead of 220 pounds. With all components considered, the total weight savings will be approximately two pounds per block. The 2-inch blocks are available in nubio, arctic and clarity patterns and will soon be available in a privacy pattern as well.

The 2-inch-thick glass block can be ordered in pre-framed aluminum panels in a choice of gold, silver or white metal tones. Shower installers can insert the pre-framed slim-profile block panels, provided by the distributor, into standard "C" channel.


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