Volume 34, Number 6, June 1999


16th Annual USGlass Guide to New Products & Services


Auto Glass and Related Products

Edgeguard Introduces New Liquid Application
A new liquid application which can be sprayed, rolled or screen-printed onto glass has been introduced by Edgeguard Inc. of Grand Junction, CO. The clear application can be used to block over 99.9 percent UV. The product can also replace the ceramic frit on the inner lite, according to the company.

FlexiTrim™ Applications List Available from Essex
Essex ARG of Dayton, OH, has issued a FlexiTrim universal mouldings applications list. Included on the list is the company’s newest universal molding, FTU0830. This 8mm U-lip molding is an exact U-lip fit with no secondary trimming. It is only available in a 75-foot multi-application roll.

Jackson Manufacturing Introduces Duo-Glide™
A patent pending electric sliding truck window, Duo-Glide, has been introduced by Jackson Manufacturing of Elkhart, IN. The motor and drive systems are self-contained within the window, which allows for easy installation, according to the company. The steel cable and main gear are incorporated into the drive for maximum durability.

Fax Back Services Available from DCM
DCM Company of Elkhart, IN, says it now provides faxed confirmation of glass shipments to its auto glass replacement customers. Included in the service are carrier tracing, PRO numbers, carrier web sites and toll-free numbers which allow shop managers to pinpoint the arrival date of the shipment. The "fax back" service is available at no charge to DCM customers.

Equalizer Releases Catalog
Equalizer Industries Inc. of Round Rock, TX, has re-leased its 1999 catalog, which details the company’s auto glass tools, all of which have been designed by auto glass technicians. Included in the brochure are pictures, descriptions, part numbers and prices. Shipping options as well as an order form are also included.

 NAGS Promotes Y2K Compliant Software
National Auto Glass Specifications® (NAGS) has announced its GlassMate Basics™ software is Y2K compliant. The software is a look-up and invoicing program for auto glass parts. Quote, work order, EDI billing, all NAGS Part Numbers®, both dealer and NAGS Prices®, NAGS Labor Times®, vehicle and parts diagrams are included. Features of the software include free EDI transactions to Lynx Services by PPG, free customer support, free updates and an upgrade to version 3.0.

The GlassMate Vin-ID™ software is also compliant and enables a user to input a vehicle identification number and instantly see the year, make, model, body style and restraint system of the car. A one-year license with updates to use the Glassmate database is included.

Windshield Repair System Available from Glass Technology
Glass Technology of Dur-ango, CO, says it has designed its VP5000 specifically for the glass shop professional. The system provides better vacuum and pressure than hand-operated products. Included with the system is a sunshade, vertical glass injector, vacuum/pressure gauge, crack repair and all of the standard tools used in windshield repair. The company offers a ten-year pump warranty.

Computers & Software

Mainstreet Computers Introduces New Software
Mainstreet Computers Inc. has introduced its GLAS-AVENUE CENTRAL software which offers a thorough solution for multiple location shops. The software allows multiple location shops to fully integrate under one software package to achieve centralized business operations, according to the company. The system includes centralized accounting, reporting and inventory control.

Generic Library Available from Soft Tech America
A Generic Library, consisting of 1¾- by 4½-inch and 2- by 4½-inch flush glaze systems, narrow, medium and wide stile doors and door frames are available from Rockwall, TX-based Soft Tech America Inc. The library can be customized by allowing the end user to modify the part numbers, descriptions, lengths and pricing. It is available on CD-ROM and is priced at $100, according to the company.

GTS Offers BreakAway Software
Portland, OR-based Glaspac Total Solutions (GTS) now offers BreakAway Retail 6.0 and BreakAway Wholesale 6.0 software for the glass industry. BreakAway Retail 6.0 is designed for full service retail glass shops, while BreakAway Wholesale 6.0 is designed for distributors of flat and auto glass as well as fabricators, insulating glass manufacturers and tempering facilities. Both versions are available for Microsoft NT and Unix.

Curtainwall & Storefronts

Vistawall Offers Sterling and Elite Window Systems
Vistawall Architectural Products now offers the Sterling and Elite window systems. According to the company, the Sterling window is available with the Eurotherm-reinforced or an extra large polyurethane thermal break and is ideal for large window applications. The Elite system has a durable wall thickness of .094 inches. The company says other features of the products include replaceable, high quality dual durometer compression seals, stainless steel bar hinges, white bronze cam handles, flush frame design, and integral blind capabilities.

EFCO Releases S-3400 and S-3450 Window Systems
A 3 1/4-inch single hung window system has been added to EFCO Corpora-tion’s window line. The window is available in commercial or heavy versions and either thermal or nonthermal. The S-3400 single hung nonthermal window and the S-3450 single hung thermal window are air and water resistant, according to the company. The dual weather-stripped sash and sash guides provide water resistance, and the continuous interlock meeting rails improve air infiltration resistance. Subframes, mullions and architectural sills are available accessories.

Skywall Offers SW-250 Curtainwall System
Terrell, TX-based Skywall Translucent Systems now offers its SW-250 Translucent Curtainwall. The system, whose face cap measures 2½-inches, may be designed with various interior mullion depths to meet loading as well as aesthetic requirements, according to the company. An optional Kynar®500/Hylar® 5000 finish is available.

Kawneer Introduces Framing System
Kawneer of Norcross, GA, presents its Trifab® Versa-Glaze (VG) framing system. According to the company, Trifab VG 451 and Trifab VG 451T (Thermal) offer design versatility and fabrication flexibility, allowing designers and installers to vary the glass lite from front, center, back or even multi-plane applications. The systems offer a choice of screw spline, shear block, stick (451 center-glaze only) or Type B fabrication. The 2 by 4 ½-inch frame members accept up to 1-inch glazing infills, and the system can be flush glazed from either the inside or the outside.

Performance standards of the Trifab VG system include the IsoLock Pour and Debridge Thermal Break option which creates a mechanical lock in the urethane before it hardens to eliminate potential for shrinkage and the single piece extrusion. This improves U-factor and condensation resistance. The company says the system is fully tested to AAMA and ASTM E specifications.

Zippy Grid Presents Storefront Grid System
Zippy Grid, based in Salt Lake City, presents an alternative storefront grid system. According to the company, Zippy Grid can be applied to standard storefronts to achieve an economical and attractive alternative to true-divided steel sash windows. The system fits all major standard storefront systems and can be field installed with common tools without complicated training.

Doors & Related Hardware

REBCO Introduces Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Door
Rebco Inc. has introduced its Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) door. The door is coated with a scratch and stain resistant face sheet and the FRP pebbled finish will not chip or fade and is impact resistant, according to the company. The internal layer of the door includes a high density, foamed-in- place, urethane core which resists dents by cushioning impacts. A mid-rail is provided for positive attachment of exit devices and security hardware, according to the company.

Jackson Releases New Exit Devices
Jackson Corp. of Los Angeles, has released its 1200 Series Exit Device, which combines the 10 Series crossbar device and a contemporary style push-pad exit device. The company designed the device to be aesthetically pleasing and durable. According to the company, the new series will provide years of reliable, maintenance-free operation.

Trilogy T3 Available from Access Hardware Supply
Alarm Lock’s Trilogy T3 and accessories are available from Access Hardware Supply of San Leandro, CA. Features of the T3 include 300 user codes, three to six digit codes, a real time clock, 150 scheduled events, 1600 event log and ADA-compliant leverset clutch design. It is fully programmable by keypad with program error checking which reduces the likelihood of programming error, according to the company.

Also available is the Schlage Vandlgard. The Vandlgard is designed for maximum accessibility, security, durability and function, according to the company. It prevents damage to internal lock components caused by excessive force from kicking, hitting or standing on the lever. The locked lever rotates up and down while remaining securely locked, according to the company. The Vandlgard is available in the cylindrical "D" series and can be obtained in mechanical or electrified versions.

Terrastile System Available from EFCO
Available from EFCO Corporation is the Terrastile™ door and framing system. The terrace doors and framing system are designed with different system depths to allow compatibility with the company’s window and storefront systems, according to the company. The system can accommodate glass thicknesses from 1/4- to 11/2-inch. The available frame depths are 3 ½-inch (T350-I), 4-inch (T400-I) and 4 ½-inch (T450-I). The doors are custom built to order and job specification.


S.K. Michigan Introduces Super-Hydrophilic Material
Two new film products have been introduced by S.K. Michigan Inc. of Bingham Farms, MI. Klinedge, a self-cleaning film, repels and reduces dust and particle build-up. Dust is easily removed from the areas covered with the film by basic wiping, according to the company. The film also has anti-static properties and can be easily removed.

The Anti-Fog film is the first permanent anti-fog transparent film on the market, according to the company. The film is scratch resistant and can be applied to glass on automobiles, residential, commercial and industrial windows, bathroom mirrors and much more. The film is transparent and will not distort images, according to the company.

Fire-Rated Glazing

Technical Glass Products Introduces Pyrostop®
Technical Glass Products of Kirkland, WA, has introduced its Pyrostop transparent wall panel. The panel is fire and impact safety-rated and helps block heat transfer. The product is composed of multiple sheets of laminated glass, and when exposed to fire, the sheet of glass closest to the fire will fracture. According to the company, the inner fire protection layers will foam up at the same time to form an opaque shield. The panel meets the impact requirements of ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 Category I or II.

Asahi Glass Granted Fire Rating Approval
Polished wire glass offered by AMA Glass Corporation of Kingsport, TN, a subsidiary of Asahi Glass America Inc., has met fire-safety standards established by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for use in approved doors and doorlite kits. The product, when used with Pemko’s FG 3000 sealant has a 90- minute UL fire rating, according to the company.

SAFTI Develops Fire-Rated Wireless Glass
Specialty Architectural & Fire Technology International (SAFTI) of San Francisco, a division of O’Keefe’s Inc., has developed an opaque 20/30 minute fire-rated, wireless glass for applications in doors, sidelites and transoms. The glass is sandblasted before manufacturing procedures begin to allow the unit to withstand elevated temperatures, according to the company. Customized masking can be applied prior to sandblasting.

The glass is approved for all 20 minute applications and is the only domestic fire-rated glazing independently certified by SGCC to meet U.S. Consumer Product Safety, Category II standards, according to the company.

INTUMET Gasketing Systems Offer Variety of Options
According to Zero International, unlimited hardware applications and door functions are now available with the use of its INTUMET Smoke and Draft Control intumescent gasketing systems. The FS820 KERF FRAME System and the FS850 DADO System for standard frames were previously listed as engineered systems under the positive-pressure UBC 7-2 1997 Fire Door Standard for 20-minute Smoke and Draft Control Doors. According to the company, architects can specify these systems on wood doors utilizing most door hardware applications with the assurance that the assemblies will be in compliance.

Additionally, Zero is offering door and hardware manufacturers a license to the proprietary test procedures for both systems. The procedures allow fire and air leakage supplemental "S" labels to be used with negative-pressure-labeled frames, doors and hardware.

Glass & Glazing

Optiwhite Now Available in United States
Previously only available though the company’s European operations, Pilkington Libbey-Owens-Ford (LOF) of Toledo, OH, has introduced its Optiwhite low iron float glass to North America. "Because of its low iron content, Optiwhite glass is noticeably clearer than standard clear float glass," explained Paul Gore, product manager for Optiwhite glass.

According to Gore, the product is suitable for applications requiring a true "clear" glass, such as projection room windows, storefronts, shelving, display cases, zoo and aquarium enclosures, tabletops and IG units. The company says the glass is also suitable to be ceramically decorated and is available in standard thickness’ of 1/8-, 3/16-, 1/4-, 3/8- and ½-inches.

Also from Pilkington is a new line of pattern glass products for both interior and exterior applications. Textured Glass and Acid-Etched Glass, which come in a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs, are included in the line, according to the company.

Textured Glass is a rolled, patterned glass that has a specific pattern or design impressed into one surface. It allows the passage of light, but with varying levels of transmittance. The Acid-Etched Glass products are similar to a photographic negative. The finishes can provide enhanced privacy without affecting light transmittance.

AFG Industries Develops Comfort Ti
AFG Indus-tries of Kin-gsport, TN, has developed the Comfort Ti glass system. The system incorporates ultrahard titanium as a coating material, according to the company. The Comfort Ti-R has achieved a low-E range of .03 and has three separate solar heat gain coefficient options available.

Insulating Glass

New Products Added to TruSeal Line
TruSeal Technologies Inc. of Beachwood, OH, has added several new products to its IG and glazing products line. The Boss line of silicones are ready-to-use, one-part sealants that offer long-life expectancy, good movement capability and are available in a variety of colors, according to the company. Setting blocks help eliminate the potential for prolonged contact with water. They are available in a variety of sizes in 85 durometer neoprene or EDPM rubber. Also added are muntin end clips. The clips are available in gray or black and in several airspace sizes.


EFCO Furnaces Ltd. Introduces Glass Heat Soak Oven
EFCO Furnaces Ltd. of Ann Arbor, MI, has introduced its glass heat soak ovens. The ovens are used in Europe to reduce nickel sulfide inclusion breakage in tempered glass. According to the company, the ovens have been designed to process glass up to 1-inch thick with an area of 100- by 220-inches and can process up to 5 tons at one time. Electric or natural gas heat ovens are available, and a company engineer can provide assistance in the design of an oven for individual customer needs.

Wood’s Powr-Grip Offers Vacuum Lifters
Wood’s Powr-Grip Co. Inc. of Laurel, MT, offers a full range of vacuum lifters. Its 1104 series lifters are expandable and feature on-board DC power and interchangeable lift-frames which provide manual 180-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt. The company’s positioners hold materials at any of four tilt angles from flat to upright and provide 360-degree edge-wise rotation with clutch locking in any position.

Bottero Introduces Laminated Glass Cutting Machines
Pomona, NY-based Bottero Flat Glass Inc. has introduced its Lamilinea laminated glass cutting machine. The system features air cushion floatation, electronically controlled positioning, automatic PLC operated cutting bridge and a special infrared vinyl separating lamp that minimizes glass heating. According to the company, the system can handle glass sizes up to 196- by 244-inches. The time required to cut and break out a .030-inch laminated glass is under 30 seconds. The company says the Lamilinea will position the glass accurately within 0.02 inches, clamp the glass, score both sides, break out the glass and separate the PVB. The result is a clean edge ready for further processing.

Bromer Introduces Automatic Edge Deleter
Bromer Inc. of Mascouche, Quebec, has introduced its automatic edge deleter. It has a high capacity 3HP blower, 575 volts and three phases, according to the company. The machine has a manual starter with an overload protection system. The air cushion working table has a surface of 72- by 108-inches. Options include a blower reverse and a four month guarantee.

Design & Integration Provides Specialized Production Equipment
Design & Inte-gration Inc. of Concord, Ontario, provides integrated machines that it says will meet or exceed individual production standards. When approached by a company with a production need, Design and Integration uses the latest technology in Computer Assisted Design (CAD) to begin the design process which leads to a fully integrated production system, according to the company. Designs are handled in the electric, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic disciplines.

For.el Introduces Vertical Automatic Washing Machine
A vertical automatic washing machine is now available from For.el. The machine has six rotating brushes, an optional pneumatic device for washing low-E glass, and the drive units are insulated from the washing liquid. The machine automatically adjusts to the glass thickness and is completely rustproof, according to the company.

The company also is marketing a butyl extruder, models B1075 and BA1075. The extruder is used to apply the first butyl sealing onto the aluminum frames of the double-sealing panes of insulating glass. Characteristics include a belt conveyor which shifts the frame with uniform motion, a synchronized opening-closing of the nozzles spraying the butyl and programmed or manual starting.

American Autoclave Company Supplies Composite Systems
American Autoclave Company, based in Sumner, WA, and Alpharetta, GA, supplies high technology autoclaves and composite systems. According to the company, its autoclaves are fully warranted and exceed ASME, CSA, UL and international requirements. The company’s bonding autoclaves are designed for all bonding and composite applications. Size options range up to 30 feet in diameter. The company says its systems provide monitoring for autoclave temperature, pressure, part temperature and vacuum levels. American Autoclave Company’s doors feature a breech lock mechanism that allows for fast lock and unlocking action while retaining a consistent airtight seal.

Security Glazing

Elf Atochem Introduces Bullet-Resisting Acrylic Sheet
Elf Atochem of Philadelphia, has introduced the Plexiglas SB acrylic sheet for applications requiring bullet-resistant glazing. According to the company, the sheet is 1 1/4 inches thick and meets UL752 - Level I requirements for security glazing. Tom DeMain, marketing manager for the auto glass division of Elf Atochem North America Inc., said the cell-cast Plexiglas SB acrylic sheet offers a lightweight, clear, non-laminated alternative to bullet-resistant glass or polycarbonate sheet of the same UL Class rating. "You can cut, drill, rout and cement it using conventional techniques," said DeMain. It comes as 8-foot-long sheets in widths of 4-, 5-, and 6-feet.

Sealants & Adhesives

C.R. Laurence Hi-Bond Tape Available in Mini-Rolls
A new line of Very Hi-Bond Acrylic Adhesive Tape is available from C.R. Laurence of Los Angeles. The double-sided adhesive tape, available in mini-rolls, is ideal for adhering to most clean, dry oil-free substrates, according to the company. The tape can be used for edge wipes and seals, auto trim attachment, signs, graphics and adhering polycarbonates. It is available in ¼- and ½-inch widths, two thicknesses and several roll lengths.

AlliedSignal Releases AT-1 Clear Acrylic Tape
AT-1 Clear Acrylic Tape has been released by AlliedSignal of Michigan Center, MI. The tape is a pressure-sensitive, water clear, solid acrylic tape system designed to provide a superior bond between a wide variety of substrates, according to the company. AT-1 can be used in adhesive applications involving glass or other clear materials due to its transparency. It is currently being utilized to replace liquid adhesives, mechanical fasteners and welds in a variety of manufacturing and construction applications, according to the company.

Pecora Offers Spacer Tapes
Pecora offers Permafoam urethane structural glazing spacer tapes. According to the company, the tapes are an appropriate spacer for two- and four-sided structural silicone glazing systems. The tapes, available in the 72200 or 42100 series, are compatible with all Pecora silicones and are available in one- and two-sided adhesion. The company says the tapes inhibit condensation, resist air and water infiltration and prevent heat loss.

Shower Doors & Related Hardware

Southeastern Aluminum Announces New Hinge Door System
The CrystalLine Hinge door system with the c-Pull option is new from Southeastern Aluminum Products Inc. of Jacksonville, FL. The optional c-Pull handle is mounted through the shower door and is available in gold, silver or white. The system also features the Sealpro hinge with positive stop and a unique magnetic latching system, according to the company.

Also available from the company is the Atelier. The European enclosure hinge system was designed to maintain the unity of a bathroom’s architectural space while providing flexibility in design and installation options. The hinges are designed with an adjustment capability and all hardware is available in chrome-plated, polished brass or white powdercoat finish. The hardware secures through holes in 3/8-inch glass and comes with a choice of a traditional header or a modern support bar.

Hiawatha Offers Pulls and Towel Bars
Hiawatha Inc. of Bloomington, MN, is offering new pull and towel bars for economy sliding bypass shower doors. The new 3/4-inch solid aluminum plated towel bars, knobs and pulls are available in back-to-back or thru-bolt mounting, according to the company. The solid bars provide a 1/4-20 tap hole for positive mounting and less deflection than tubular towel bars. The bars are available in stock sizes of 6-, 18-, 20-, 24- and 27-inch center-to-center dimensions.

Dushqueen Introduces Framed Shower Enclosures
Duschqueen Inc. of Wyckoff, NJ, has announced a new line of framed glass tub and shower enclosures. According to the company, the custom-framed enclosures are constructed of solid brass extrusion with a 1-inch face and ¼-inch tempered glass. Radiused units, steam flip transoms, open grills and other custom features can be included. Polished chrome, polished nickel, satin chrome and satin nickel are standard–and all other custom finishes are available at additional cost.

Solvents & Cleaners

Heavy-Duty Spray Available from Sprayway
An industrial white grease lubricant spray, No. 715, is available from Sprayway Inc. of Addison, IL. The spray is highly-concentrated, all-purpose and useful in the glass, mirror and industrial maintenance industries, according to the company. The spray leaves a long-lasting film with resistance for couplings, plain-bearings, small open gears, fork lift truck masts or anywhere that metal meets metal.

Mirrors & Related Products

Fenzi Introduces Mirror Backing Paint
Fenzi of Tribiano, Italy, introduces its Duralux Super AAA line of mirror backing paint. The line is available in both two-coat and single-coat systems. According to the company, the two-coat system comes in leaded and unleaded and provides a global chemical resistance to acids, salts and alkalis. The single-coat system can be supplied in three different versions: leaded, low lead and unleaded. The company says all Duralux Super AAA systems are easy to apply, even with low dry thickness, and can be used in a wide range of viscosity. The products can be stored up to 24 months between zero degrees and 35 degrees Celsius.

Tools & Supplies

Airgrit® Model 7650 Etching System from Matthews
The Airgrit Model 7650 etching machine offers upgraded electronics with enhanced safety through European Conformity standards, according to Matthews International Corporation of Pittsburgh. The machine offers stress-free marking on glass and metal without fracture or distortion.

Fine abrasive grit is blown through the relieved portion of a rubber mask. The result is a frosted impression that contrasts with the product’s surface. The machine is equipped with an electronic timer, foot pedal and a quick release stencil plate.

The company has also introduced four new laser systems for marking glass with permanent and consistent markings. Features of the new systems include creative design capability, easy creation of messages, high speed marking, low cost reliable operation and environmentally-friendly characteristics, according to the company.

Two types of lasers are available: a scanning laser and a dynamic laser. Scanning lasers steer a single beam with two galvanometric mirrors essentially drawing with a single beam of light. The company also offers CO2 and Yag scanning lasers.

Dell Presents Marking Systems
Ferndale, MI-based Dell Marking Systems Inc. offers ready-to-install marking systems for automatic color marking or alpha-numeric coding. The company’s systems include low-pressure spray markers which employ air pressure to spray a controlled size spot of ink, non-contact markers which produce a round spot from a distance and contact markers which provide either a spot or specific alpha-numeric coding. According to the company, the low pressure Micro-Mini marker is small and lightweight and is designed for positioning in locations where space is severely limited. The Mantis alpha-numeric I.D coder is self-contained, complete with ink reservoir, double-action air cylinder and precision mechanical components. Clean operation is guaranteed through a "wick" method that evenly distributes ink to the stamp.

Transportation, Packaging & Shipping

Groves Introduces Shipping and Storage Equipment
The 2001™ Double Glass-Pak Safety Sling is available from Groves Inc. The sling has 20-foot tag lines with a steel safety clasp and built-in tag line loops. It has a unique self-centering Posi-Lok Shoe system, according to the company. The main sling can handle up to a 11,750 pound working load and the reserve sling can handle up to a 6,200 pound working load. The 2001 is the only system that uses shoes that are 100 percent coated with PVC, according to the company.

The company has also introduced its glass storage system. The system, with the help of a Adjust-A-Post or Fixed Post system, enables double stacking of wooden and glass pack cases. The bottom case is used for open stock and the upper case is for storage, according to the company. The system is ideal for shower door glass and boxed shower door storage. The maximum allowable sizes are glass up to 48-inches high and 144-inches long.

Glass Rack Specialties Adds Stainless Steel Glass Racks
Glass Rack Specialties of DeSoto, TX, has expanded its product line to include stainless steel glass racks in all body styles from light duty pickup and van racks to heavy duty glass transports and trailers. According to the company, the addition of stainless steel to its line of carbon steel and aluminum glass racks, Glass Rack Specialties can now meet any requirements for a glazing body.

 Windows & Related Hardware

SDL S-Sentials™ Available from Edgetech
Edgetech I.G. Inc. of Cambridge, OH, has issued its SDL S-Sentials, a flexible-foam side attachment for metal muntin bars. The thermoset foam, tape product is applied to both sides of conventional muntin bars, which are then assembled as internal grids within double-glazed IG units, according to the company. The exterior muntin profiles are then aligned and adhered to the outer surface of each glass lite.

Strybuc Offers Balance for Custom Wood Windows
Strybuc Industries of Sharon Hill, PA, offers an invisible balance for custom wood windows. The balance is ideal for historic window renovations because it eliminates exposed hardware and maintains the original window appearance, according to the company. The company designed the balance to counterbalance certain weights, regardless of the sash thickness.

 Thermax Window Can Lower Heating Costs
Wausau Window and Wall System’s Thermax window and wall series can lower heating and cooling requirements, thus reducing maintenance costs and the transmission of exterior noise, according to the company. The windows can be specified as fixed, project-in, project-out, casement or pivoted operators.

The company also has an Advantage Detailing CD-ROM. Users can select from the Advantage program’s pre-engineered product offerings and configurations, then insert the associated elevation and/or detailed blocks into a CAD drawing, according to the company.

TRACO™ Introduces Several New Products
TRACO of Pittsburgh, has introduced the series TR-400 casement/projected system. According to the company, the window system features a beveled-vent exterior that replicates a putty-glazed vent without applying muntins. The window system also has a 31/4-inch-deep master frame, 1/8-inch walls and dual hollow extrusions in both the master frame and vent.

The series TR-400 is manufactured in custom sizes and is available in a full range of vent swing options, such as casement outswing, casement inswing, and project in and out.

A see-through protection screen, which the company says provides added safety and security for homeowners, has also been released. According to the company, the screens can be installed easily and added to almost any existing window. The screen is made from heavy powder-coated, perforated steel mesh and comes standard with continuous extruded aluminum hinge.

Also updated is the TR-9100 commercial single hung, thermal aluminum, side load window. The window now has an optional flange frame that extends the exterior frame leg by 2-feet, an intermediate back-to-back jamb that allows two windows to be combined into one and an optional frame sill insert that was developed to permit full-height fixed glass to be placed into the master hung frame.

The company’s TR-9500, 4-inch fixed window, has also been updated. The product is used in companion with the company’s 4-inch double hung products. A 2-inch frame was developed to allow the window to be installed without separately applied exterior panning. Also, the frame sill was redesigned to incorporate an internal concealed weep system for improved water resistance.

Also introduced is the TR-4290 basement project-in window system. The system features a 7/8-inch insulating glass unit, frost guard warm edge technology and a vent that tilts for easy cleaning. The window is available in white and standard sizes of 32- by 15- inches, 32- by 19-inches and 32- by 23- inches.

Rehau® and Marley Mouldings to Market Cellular Vinyl Sash
Rehau Inc. of Leesburg, VA, and Marley Mouldings of Marion, VA, are jointly marketing the Marley Cellular Vinyl™ sash and Rehau rigid PVC frame components. According to the companies, the new window component system will utilize the Celuka® process on the cellular vinyl sash components. Marley will produce the sash, frame and glazing bead for the new system, while Rehau will extrude the rigid components.

TACO Introduces Smart Lock
TACO Metals of Miami, FL, introduces Smart Lock which includes the ability to mount to the end of the shoe without drilling and a notchive glass. The Locking clip prevents removal and lock and end caps protect glass corners. The lock assembly can be installed for either right- or left-hand use. The system is available in clear satin, bright chrome, bright gold and medium bronze anodized finish. Extrusions are available in 12-foot lengths, although custom lengths and finishes are available upon request. It is designed for 3/16- or 1/4-inch glass thickness.

Thermal-Gard Introduces Deadbolt Locking Slider
Thermal-Gard of Punxsutawney, PA, now manufactures its slider window unit with a deadbolt locking mechanism. The window features a foam spacer for protection, triple glazing with low-E and a pattented I-beam reinforcement. The company introduced a deadbolt locking system for bottom sashes in 1991 and added a locking system for the top sash of double-hung windows in 1997.

Auto Glass Spotlight

CRL Introduces Line of Window Sliders
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles, has introduced three new glass slider lines. The first line, Powr-Slider and Manual Tri-Vent, was designed for the 1999 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra truck models. The models offer a flush OEM appearance and include a contoured, slimline frame, according to the company. Other features include a flexible flange system to achieve that original equipment look and black, frit edge tempered glass and concealed weep holes.

The company used thermoplastic rubber weather-stripping with automotive flocking between the fixed and sliding panels. This OEM-style weather-stripping allows the glass to slide easily without scratching and cuts down on friction, according to the company.

The All Glass Look Deluxe Curved Glass Slider was designed and built specifically for the 1997-99 Ford F-150 truck and F-250 Light Duty pickup trucks. The sliders are available in both electric Powr-Slider™ and manual Tri-Vent designs. Features include a flush OEM appearance with no visible frame around the window, OEM-style bolt-in installation, black silk screen frit edges and close-fitting tolerances for a gap-free fit.

The Deluxe Electric Powr-Sliders and Manual Tri-Vent Sliders were designed for Ford’s new ’99 Super Duty F-series pickup trucks. The truck features the largest back glass of any pickup truck on the market today, according to CRL. The sliders fit the original factory gaskets without modifications and feature curved solar privacy glass.

In other news, the company has introduced a Pinchweld Rust Repair Kit, a portable kit that will help auto glass technicians ensure proper bonding when replacing windshields. This method for eliminating rust is formulated for use with urethane pinchweld primers.

The company’s epoxy primer is a two-part system made of lead-free, black epoxy primer and a quick cure catalyst. The primer bonds correctly to the steel when rust is present. It is OEM-approved for bonding strength and yields upwards of 600 psi, according to the company. The kit includes 2 ounces of low VOC cleaner, a glass fiber sanding pen with refills and a package of wooden-handled cotton swabs.

Also from CRL is a new line of Powr Urethane products. The 600HV Powr Urethanes are solvent free and fast curing, said Rick Nelson, product manager. The primer is available in 1- and 4-ounce containers. Technicians should be able to install 20 windshields using the 4-ounce bottle and five to six with the 1-ounce bottle, according to the company.

Software Spotlight

IBS Software to Distribute Cut Planner
IBS Software Inc. has been awarded the worldwide distribution rights to Cut Planner and a stand-alone version of Cut Planner linked option to ClearCut or ClearCut Manufacturing is available from the Kansas City-based company.

Cut Planner is owned by Pattern Systems International Inc., a provider of software products for the wood working industry. "Once [Brad T. Kryger, vice president of IBS] and I got together and he explained IBS’ future plans, I immediately recognized the benefits to the glass industry. There was no question Pattern Systems International Inc. wanted to be a part of the future plan," said Bob Gowen, president of Pattern.

"Cut Planner consistently out-performed all of its competitors, providing the highest yields for both glass sheet types for the glass industry and linear optimization for the aluminum extrusion industry," said Kryger.

Curtainwall Spotlight

Columbia Offers Window Systems
Columbia Commercial Building Products offers three new window systems: the C3550 series single hung system with a 4-inch frame depth and an AAMA rating of DH-HC65, the C3500 series double hung system, also with a 4-inch frame depth and a DH-HC65 AAMA rating and the C3100 series fixed system with a 4-inch frame depth and an AAMA rating of DH-HC85. All three systems feature .070 wall thickness, true thermal break construction, concealed H.D. spiral balancers and single frame construction and are available in a variety of finishes.

 Glass Spotlight

Bringing New Vision to Architectural Glass by Laminated Vision Art
Two products new to the American market, Texglass® and Koolglass®, were recently introduced by Laminated Vision Art of Atlanta. These products, which originated in Europe, use Eversafe® films in the laminating layer instead of the conventional PVB layer.

The company says Texglass is its solution to the demand for unlimited freedom in the design of architectural glass. The company can place a variety of materials, including fabric, bamboo leaves, sand, sheet metal, perforated metal foil and custom sheets into the laminated glass.

Koolglass, which is designed to control solar radiation, consists of a micro-louvered copper wire positioned at a 30-degree angle sealed between Eversafe film and then integrated between two lites of glass.

Focus On Decorative Glass

Excalibur Glassworks Introduces The Shield
Excalibur Glassworks Inc. of Woburn, MA, was recently granted a patent for The Shield, the company’s new supplemental glazing system. According to the company, this single-glazed system, when used with existing primary glazing, will improve energy efficiency, as well as alleviate or substantially reduce any negative characteristics associated with the existing glazing. In most circumstances, this is accomplished without replacing the existing glazing and without modifying the window opening through calculated compression.

According to the company, The Shield’s multi-configurable design does not have any size or application limitations, can be formed to a radius as small as 20 inches and will accept any glazing from 1/16 to 1/4 of an inch with no changes required to the frame. Additionally, the system can be easily installed to the exterior or interior of any operable or fixed window opening.

The company says it has performed over 400 installations of The Shield for a multitude of window styles and applications including energy efficiency, sound suppression, alleviation of condensation, alleviation of air-borne allergens and dust, privacy, reduction of UV radiation and protection of antique stained glass windows.

Preliminary testing of the system was performed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Tennessee and additional testing is planned.

Focus On Screen Printing

Fleischle Offers Several Machines to Meet Variety of Needs
Fleischle Siebdruckmaschinen eKfm of Germany has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing screen printing machines. The company specializes in printing on glass, especially for large formats up to 2500 by 6000 mm. Fleischle’s machines are used by many well-known national and international companies in the glass processing industry. The company offers three models for screen printing:

Screen Printing Machine Type SH: The company’s best selling machine is available as semi-automatic or three-quarter automatic. The printing table is fixed and can be adjusted by motor in heights up to 40 mm. The upper part of the model is developed to move toward the rear in a horizontal position allowing access to the printing plate at three sides. After the information is input, the upper part moves forward horizontally into the printing position.

The biggest advantage of this model is the fixed printing table which prevents disturbance of linear guides as occurs on an extending printing table. The path of the in-moving upper machine can be infinitely shortened corresponding to the glass size. This machine is designed to be fitted into a printing line. Additionally, it is recommended for printing large series or quantities since the cycle time is shorter.

Type LP-Semi Automatic: The upper part of the machine moves diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees. The printing table is fixed and is adjustable in heights up to 100 mm. This model is less expensive than the SH-model and occupies less floor space. But, the machine can only be loaded from the front.

Type VP: On this fully-automatic machine, the upper machine part is vertical lifted and lowered by motor and four lifting cylinders. The glass sheet is transferred by gear belts from the pre-positioning station into the printing machine. The glass will be positioned automatically on the middle of the printing table by a light barrier and encoder. Two pneumatic operating slides equipped with exchangeable masks position the glass sheet.

According to Fleischle, there are a variety of attributes that differentiate its machines from the competition’s.

• Every screen printing machine or screen printing line is manufactured and designed individually to the required printing size and to customer’s needs.

• When used for printing large-sized areas, all machines offer a rigid printing table and the movable upper machine top with the printing stencil moving backwards or upwards at fast speed. Also offered is a stable welded construction that can be loaded up to 600 kg (extending printing table cannot carry this weight); and

• The special printing plate laminate is able to produce seamless printing plates in all sizes, while preventing scratching of the glass sheet.

Focus On Screen Printing

The Changing Face of Decorated Glass

by David Pearson

Stop reading this article for a minute. Look out the window at the buildings around you. What do you see? A lot of plain glass, apart from perhaps the occasional tint, and certainly no more than a mono-colored spandrel panel. Why? Because there is no alternative to the multi-billion dollar glass industry—until now.

The glass industry has tints, mono-colored spandrel and acid etched glass, but it has been impossible to have commercially-viable volume production of multi-colored decorated glass for architectural use. This was due to the physical limitations of the production processes necessary to achieve this effect. But, our product has changed the concept of architectural glass.

The DECALITE A.D.A.P.T. system (Automated Decal Application and Printing Technology) enables the user to apply pre-printed large format multi-colored graphics on glass automatically with a high degree of definition and accuracy. The process overcomes the disadvantages of conventional silkscreen printing methods by utilizing "encapsulated" inks on a specially treated paper substrate (a decal). Decals are prepared from the clients’ specific artwork requirements and are supplied by a special ceramic ink printing company, using techniques derived from the ceramic and holloware industries.

The multi-colored decals are transferred to the top surface of the glass plate, up to 2.2 meters wide, in one pass (the method used is the subject of an international patent application). Conventional tempering techniques are then employed to fuse the frit into the parent glass surface to ensure durability. The decorated glass can also be bent in furnaces adapted for this type of technology. The decal application equipment can therefore be set in-line with a tempering furnace or operated as an adjacent off-line operation. Architects, designers, building owners and glass suppliers can now experience the full color potential of numerous glass products.

Imagine multicolored spandrel panels, beautiful shower doors, internal screens and partitions and company logos using this technology. Instead of using leaded lights or expensive panels formed into a pattern of individual colored glass pieces, the process is simple. The required artwork is simply transformed into appropriate decals and in one application automatically transferred on the glass (with no registration limitation problems). Tempered and bent glass may also be used to produce attractive, large format decorative glass, but at realistic prices for everyday use.

David Pearson is the CEO of Decalite Limited, based in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Focus On Auto Glass

Glasstech Unveils New Windshield Technology
Glasstech Inc. of Perrysburg, Ohio, has launched a new laminated windshield technology designed to meet the needs of windshield designers who expect superior optics and a high degree of shape control for complex-shape designs.

According to Glasstech, its M2 Advanced In-Line System for annealed automotive glass has the ability to produce traditional or complex-shaped glass in high production modes. Using M2 technology has helped the company produce traditional and sophisticated windshield designs with superior optics and shape control, including cross bends in excess of 25mm sag.

According to the company, the new windshield technology forms the entire glass surface with a patented bending process, allowing full-surface control on the entire range of part complexities. Reflective optics are excellent, and corner inverses are eliminated, overcoming limitations of traditional and other press-assist windshield-forming processes.

The system uses a single tool set, resulting in tight shape control. Glasstech says the reduced maintenance and storage area requirements for a single-bend tool set reduce overhead costs when compared to a complement of traditional bending tools. In addition, the M2 System is simplified to minimize maintenance requirements.

Glasstech has also addressed productivity issues through detailed studies of failure mode and affect analysis, with added emphasis on reliability and maintainability of the equipment and process. According to the company, user-friendly operator controls give the M2 System a simple, straightforward method of fabricating glass. Additionally, the M2 System is capable of producing up to 120 windshield glass pairs per hour with a variety of windshield constructions. Patented stress-control technologies maintain ideal stress distributions throughout the glass. This produces higher-than-traditional edge compression, while maintaining equivalent inner band tension levels. As a result, the M2 System reduces windshield-handling breakage at the assembly plant.


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