Volume 34, Number 6, June 1999

USGOpening News

NFRC Implements New Programs
The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has initiated a new certification procedure which unites lineal suppliers and their fabricators under new license agreements. With this new agreement, fabricators will no longer need to go through initial simulation and test validation procedures to receive NFRC certification. The NFRC label may be used by fabricators for all products that meet the requirements of the NFRC Product Certification Program. However, fabricators will need to be listed on the lineal suppliers Schedule III.

In other news, the NFRC is developing a survey which will be used to interview representatives from approximately 30 non-participating manufacturers across the country, according to Jim Krahn, chairman. The aims of the survey, according to Krahn, are to identify barriers to participation in the NFRC system as well as ways to remove them and to make contact with non-participating manufacturers as a first step toward recruiting them to the system. "We want to know what they know or don’t know about NFRC, why they don’t participate and what we can do to get them involved either as members, participants or both," said Krahn.

Vinyl-Tech/PGT Undergoing Name Change
As of March 1, 1999, Vinyl-Tech/PGT became known as PGT Industries, and all company products will be marketed under the PGT name."We feel that PGT Industries will better reflect our company’s status as a leading manufacturer of windows, doors and patio rooms," said Julie Heinsman, director of marketing.

VEKA Receives Certification
Vinyl window and door extrusions from VEKA have been approved by Dade County, FL. The window and door extrusions were endorsed by the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) lineal certification program in the Dade County area, according to VEKA.

The process for certification in Dade County is more than three years of work by members of the AAMA Vinyl Materials Council, South East Region and AAMA testing laboratories. The approval process targets specific areas of vinyl window performance including impact resistance, dimensional stability, water and air infiltration resistance and structural integrity, according to VEKA.


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