Volume 34, Number 7, July 1999



26mm UniFit™ Available from Rehau
Rehau Inc. of Leesburg, VA, has announced the availability of its new 26-mm UniFit automotive windshield replacement moulding. The mouldings’ 26-mm wide finisher lip ensures complete coverage of surface marks on vehicles that have wide OEM windshield trim, according to the company.

"The 26-mm moulding was developed primarily for full-sized Ford and GM truck and van applications," said Kerry Smith, product manager. "A wider finisher lip is required for installers to achieve an OEM-quality finish on these vehicles."

C.R. Laurence Offers Euro-Knife
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence now offers the Euro-Knife, an ergonomically-designed cut-out tool for auto glass technicians, which reduces arm fatigue and wrist strain. Use of the knife places the technician’s hands in a natural position and resting on the vehicle glass during cut-out, according to the company. The knife uses all standard cold knife blades currently available from the company.

A web/cable strap that eliminates the strain from using a "T" handle has been designed to work with the handle. The web strap is looped around the back of the wrist and the technician uses all his upper body strength, instead of hand strength, for cutting, according to the company.

Adhesives Research Offers Adhesives for Use with Electrochromic Mirrors
Adhesives Research, based in Glen Rock, PA, says it is working with glass companies, assemblers and car companies to provide specialized pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for use in automotive mirrors. The company says its PSAs have distinct design advantages in electrochromic, standard heated and non-heated mirrors. Since PSAs bond the entire surface of the glass to the housing, they provide stability and vibration damping properties plus shatter resistance, according to the company.

Gentex Offers Electrochromic Mirrors
Gentex Corporation, based in Zeeland, MI, is a leading manufacturer of electrochromic, automatic dimming mirrors for the auto industry. Its products include Night Vision Safety™ Mirrors, wide-angle aspheric exterior mirrors and automatic dimming mirrors with map lamps utilizing light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The company says it sells to nearly every automotive manufacturer worldwide.

SFC Offers Sunroofs
SFC Sunroofs of Murrieta, CA, offer the Genesis, NewPort DCS, AutoPort and specialty sunroofs. The Genesis line of sunroofs feature bonded glass without any exposed hardware, a thin exterior aluminum frame, 92-percent UV protection, a cam-lock system and a weather-tight seal. The NewPort and AutoPort also feature 92-percent UV protection, a flush fitting frame, easily removable glass and a weather tight seal. The AutoPort offers two opening roof panel positions, while the NewPort has a radius corner design with a bow front.

Midwest Marketing Presents Panarama Sunroofs
Midwest Marketing of Peoria, IL, is promoting its Panarama, Panarama GLX and Panarama ELS sunroof lines. The ELS is a power sunroof with a seamless, one piece aluminum frame. The GLX and Panarama lines feature a multi-position handle, tempered glass, a silicone seal, a lifetime warranty and leakproof guarantee. They are available in a variety of sizes. According to the company, the Panarama model is a reasonably-priced sunroof that can help maintain the resale value of your vehicle, while the Panarama GLX has a bow front design and tight radius corners.


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