Volume 34, Number 7, July 1999


Mirror Makers Mobilize for the Millennium


ASTM mirror standard development, international mirror production and membership recruitment, were all discussed when the North American Association of Mirror Manufacturers (NAAMM) gathered following the national glass show in Atlanta, GA.

World Mirror Markets

Dr. Dino Fenzi, president of Fenzi USA Inc. in Visalia, CA, offered an overview of world mirror markets and new technologies. Fenzi highlighted a few trends in mirror production: the mirror’s emergence in recent years as more of a decorative, rather than a reflective tool; increased mirror production from flat glass manufacturers; improved technology; and increased use of a UV coat.

According to Fenzi, one third of mirror production in Europe is copper-free and 90 percent is lead-free. He said the emergence of virtually lead-free mirror production is a trend that began in the past few months. While copper-free production does not yet exist in U.S. markets, new technologies are being invented which could eliminate the use of copper here. Although Europe is going "copper-free," Fenzi warns, "Don’t think getting rid of copper is as easy as it seems." Fenzi said future testing will prove what effect, if any, the absence of lead and copper will have on mirror production.

Developing Mirror Standards

Lee Harrison, NAAMM president, reported that the association would like to develop a mirrors standard that would be published under the auspices of ASTM. He said the only existing standard relates to safety glazing and one needs to be developed for annealed mirrors. NAAMM will form an ASTM task force who will work to develop the standard and is seeking volunteers. "Coatings, glass and mirror manufacturers need to be involved," said Harrison.

Membership Recruitment/Increasing Mirror Demand

The importance of boosting NAAMM membership, as well as increasing the demand for mirror products, was also discussed during the meeting. Harrison reported the resignation of Gardner and American Shower Door from the association. "We wanted to increase our membership, not decrease it," said Harrison. "NAAMM has to double in size to be a viable organization. It is time for a major recruiting campaign."

In conjunction with recruiting efforts, the association also discussed the possibility of embarking on a media campaign designed to increase demand for mirror products.


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