Volume 34, Number 8, August 1999

The Business

It has been said many times that all work and no play makes a person a dull individual. And while the glass business is anything but dull, I thought a little game-playing might not be such a bad thing. It'll help take your mind off of all the business you've been losing lately to those no-good, shoddy workmanship, price-slashing competitors of yours. And while we're on the subject of competition, the first ten people who fax in a correct solution to the puzzle will receive an absolutely fabulous gift for their efforts. Send your completed puzzle to 540/659-2311. (By the way, if the fax is off, it means we already have ten winners.) All of the answers relate to the industry.    

wpeD.jpg (15940 bytes)

    1.    A piece of glass
    3.    You stick it to the glass
    9.    When you can’t repair it, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ it.
    10.     They never lie.
    12.    A human leech.
    14.    Name of a high quality metal supplier.

    2.    Still called Thermopanes.
    3.     Modern era glass manufacturing process.
    4.     Milwaukee truck body company.
    5.    Name of Key Communications Inc., new publication _ _ _ _ magazine.
    6.    A hot and cold relationship.
    7.    Too small for the effort given.
    8.    Too high for the return earned.
    11.    Johnny _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Rago.
    13.    President of the Independent Glass Association.
    15.    What a spouse does best.


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