Volume 34, Number 8, August 1999



A number of machinery manufacturers have released information about products that address the needs of glass and metal fabricators. A sampling of some of the newest machinery products available follow.

CRL Offers Diamond Glass Edger and Miter Saw
The Trim Master Barracuda, a cordless compound miter saw, is available from C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles. The saw was designed with the mirror installer in mind, according to the company. It can cut any angle and is ideal for bevel strip cutting.
Two different systems are available, the TMB100 and the TMB200. The TMB100 is designed to cut mirror, glass, metal, plastic and wood. It has an 8-inch diamond resin blade and a 140-tooth, semi-high speed metal cutting blade for non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood. The TMB200 will cut all the same materials except glass. It comes with an 18-volt battery, a charger, a dust bag and a 140-tooth, semi-high speed metal cutting blade. The blade can make smooth trim cuts on J-molding, L-angle, shower door headers and storefront sash, according to the company.
Also available is the Panther automatic diamond glass edger. Ac-cording to CRL president Don Friese, what makes this edger unique is
its versatility. “Most glass edgers require a large, permanently dedicated space, floor drains for coolant disposal and special power runs,” he said. “In contrast, the Panther is small and lightweight enough to be moved easily, re-circulates its own coolant and plugs into any 110-volt power source.” According to the company, the Panther is designed and built to provide a simple, reliable method for edging and polishing a variety of thicknesses of glass and mirror.

Pacific Laser System Introduces PLS3
The PLS3 is the only laser alignment tool that provides a contractor with level reference and point-to-point plumb, according to Pacific Laser Systems of Sausalito, CA. The tool has three laser points and its self-leveling system dampens quickly for instant set-up. Additionally, a new optics system creates a small crisp reference point at 100 feet, according to the company.

New Silencer Design Available from Prestik
Prestik Manufacturing of Misssi-ssauga, Ontario, has released its new silencer design. The sound abatement enclosure is guaranteed to keep the noise level under 82dBA, according to the company. This option can be added to any of the company’s CLONE flat glass washers, or can be retrofit to most other washers.

Benteler Offers Flat Glass Washing Machine
Benteler of Bielefeld, Germany, has announced the availability of its flat glass washing machine. The machine was designed for tempering, laminating and high quality washing needs. It provides cleaning with a cascading water flow and is ideal for in-line production processes, according to the company. Its features include electrical thickness adjustment, a powerful blower and angled air knives for effective surface and edge drying. The machine offers German engineering in combination with United States electrical components and controls.

Von Ardenne Company Introduces GC 321 H
The German company Von Ardenne introduces its GC 321 H in-line sputtering plant for flat glass. It is a complete in-line system for the coating, under vacuum conditions, of large-area, flat glass substrates. The plant enables the production of coated architectural glass for solar control and heat-reflecting applications with advanced layer systems on the basis of standard low-E and double low-E silver layers, according to the company. Glass lites with a thickness of 3 to 15 mm and maximum dimensions of 3,210- by 6,000-mm can
be coated.

American Drill Specialists Releases Drill Helper
The Drill Helper can help glazing contractors and other workers drill in very tight spots, according to American Drill Specialists of Richmond, VA. The Basic Drill Helper includes a Porter Cable Drill permanently attached and an extension rod that reaches from 3 feet, 2-inches to 7 feet, 8-inches. A 12-foot extension is also available. A special drill brace offers the ability to drill straight and easy into tight spots, according to the company. The brace is 34 -inches long with a depth of 14-inches and a width of 9 3/8-inches.


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