Volume 34, Number 9,  September 1999



Vantage Point Manufacturing Presents Skywalk

The Skywalk 50 Aerial Work Platform, available from Vantage Point Manufacturing of Duluth, MN, combines features of scissorlift scaffolding and telescopic aerial lifts, according to the company. The Skywalk has a 350-degree platform rotation and a continuous lower turret rotation. The platform can handle loads up to 900 pounds, has a vertical height of 50 feet to the bottom of the platform and has a working height of 55 feet. A hydraulic-powered auger at the boom tip, nightlight packages, including control lights and two 12-volt floodlights, and a 24-volt continuous duty hydraulic system are a few of the options available.

Glasstech Introduces CRB 2

Glasstech Inc. of Perrysburg, OH, has introduced its advanced cylindrical bender, CRB 2. The machine retains the quick changeover time of its predecessor, CRB, while shortening production cycles, according to the company. The CRB 2 has a 7.5-second cycle to produce a part that is 4-mm thick and 1-m long. The productivity is similar to a gas hearth when changeovers are frequent and it eliminates the cost of labor and materials, such as tooling, according to the company.

Glassrobots Joins Bent Tempered Glass Market

Glassrobots Oy of Finland has announced its arrival to the bent tempered glass market. The company has made several recent contracts with the United States, Europe and the Far East to supply its new product line. The market for bent tempered architectural glass is showing strong growth, according to the company. Glassrobots also said it reached agreements for a broad package of technology, customer training and maintenance.

Bystronic Introduces New Cutting Machine

Hauppauge, NY-based Bystronic has introduced a CNC shape cutting machine for small and medium flat glass businesses. The CNC machine will produce a maximum glass size of 108- by 105-inches, according to the company. The machine was designed for the space saving free-fall-loading method and for the typical work load and process speeds of the busy shop.

CRL Offers AMZ1 Drilling Machine

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. of Los Angeles, offers the AMZ1 Diamond Glass drilling machine. The machine has a variable electronic speed control and a DC motor that produces full torque at all speed ranges. The range of speed is from 0 to 2,900 RPM. A multi-layer Belgian thread diamond drills in sizes 1/8- through 4-inches and can be used with a variety of glass types and thickness', according to the company. Included with the machine are wrenches, a retaining ring for drill sizes up to 4 inches and an operational manual.

Grenzebach Offers Product Variety

Grenzebach/Inomess offers products for glass measurement and fault inspection. According to the company, its Floatscan Catcher and Optics online glass-inspection systems may be used separately or together to measure distortion and changes in transmittance caused by linear and localized defects in float and sheet glass. The system is equipped to inspect both low light transmission as well as thick and coated glass and can be easily set to monitor all glass colors and thickness, according to the company.

Schiatti Angelo Introduces FPS-M4

Schiatti Angelo of Italy has introduced its Molatrice Rettilinea, FPS-M4. The machine has been designed to grind flat arris edges on sheets of glass with a thickness ranging from 3 to 20 mm. It can work small pieces of glass with a minimum size of 60- by 60-mm, according to the company.
An electronic card controls the ascent and descent of the polishing wheels and adjusts the conveyor belt accordingly, while displaying the thickness of the glass. The card also posts the linear speed and the number of glass pieces.

Covesa Offers Grinding and Beveling Machines

Covesa s.r.l. of Marsala, Italy, offers several grinding and beveling machines. One of the grinding machines, the OG Five, has five wheels and is an automatic straight grinding machine. It works on glass thickness from 3- to 30-mm.
The Universal has four wheels and grinds and polishes on glass round and oval sheets. It works on thicknesses between 3- and 25-mm.


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