Volume 34, Number 9,  September 1999



Innovative Projects and New Curtainwall Offerings

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EFCO Curtainwall Provides Solutions to Children’s Center Challenge

It was a project full of challenges and hurdles, but in the end, the EFCO Series 5800 curtainwall provided efficient solutions for the recently completed Children’s Center in San Francisco. The five buildings that comprise the center are organized around the circular forms of the enclosed antique carousel and the inverted conical space of the Children’s Place lobby. These features, along with an ice skating rink, provided challenges for both architects and builders.
Designers had to find a curtainwall system that could accommodate both the inverted slope and the asymmetrical glazing shapes created by that slope. The answer was found in EFCO’s curtainwall system with prefabricated silicone gaskets. These have integral corners capable of plus or minus five degrees from nominal angularity, allowing for the structure’s irregular glazing shapes.
For stable internal temperatures that would maintain the rink’s ice year-round, while providing natural light during the day, designers wanted to use 2.75-inch translucent glazing panels in addition to 1-inch insulated glass. The Series 5800 system could accommodate both thickness in a single system, while assuring zero water and air infiltration.

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Wausau Aids in Massive Expansion of Anaheim Convention Center

When it was time for the Anaheim Convention Center to undergo major expansion, including the addition of 100,000 square-feet of curtainwall, project organizers turned to Wausau Window and Wall Systems. The expanded Convention Center will include sections of curtainwall that are almost 100 feet tall and topped with another 60 feet of a different curtainwall system. This requires many of the units to be crane- or winch-lifted into place from outside the building. The Convention Center will combine six different curtainwall systems into what Wausau describes as an “intriguing serpentine-shape structure.”
Using computer modeling and calculations, the building team learned it would need to create an extensive subsystem to support the structural frame of the building and meet wind load requirements. Using a 100- by 60-foot mockup, Wausau’s products were tested to meet the industry’s most stringent requirements for air infiltration, water resistance and structural integrity.
“By working closely with Wausau, we’ve shaved nearly half a million dollars off materials and labor, and we’re almost six weeks ahead of schedule,” said Gary Case, project manager for Model Glass Company who has been stationed on site since November 1998.

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Pilkington Offers PLANAR T.S.

Pilkington of Toledo, OH, offers PLANAR T.S., an integrated glass wall and back-up structure. The new design has a custom-designed tension structure support system and it can be used vertically, horizontally and on any angle. The system can support structural glass using various types of components, including lightweight stainless steel rods or painted steel tubes to form a structural grid. The company offers its standard 12-year warranty on the system.

Pittco Introduces Innovations to its Storefront Systems

Pittco Architectural Metals, based in Elk Grove, IL, says it plans to introduce another innovative advantage to its EMS 114 and TMS 114 storefront systems. According to the company, the gravity set interlocking Sub-Sill design will provide increased performance, which translates into labor saving installation costs. Product features will include specially designed extruded snap-in fillers, incorporated with the standard high performance Sub-Sill flashing. This will eliminate the need for a secondary fastener and blind seal, according to the company.

U.S. Aluminum Offers Curtainwall for Low to Mid-Rise Applications

The latest curtainwall product introduced by U.S. Aluminum of Waxahachie, TX, was designed specifically for low to mid-rise applications where interior glazing is desirable. The Series 4250 two piece horizontals and die cast shear blocks allow concealed joinery without exposed fasteners, according to the company. Additionally, injection molded end dams and vertical mullion enclosure plates ensure optimum water infiltration performance.
The Series 4250 curtainwall is designed to meet demands for energy conservation and features Poly-Aluminizer™ and Struct-Link™ thermal break technology. Combined with insulating glass units, the company says this technology greatly improves the thermal performance of the glazing system.
The Series 4250 is available in clear and bronze anodized finish as well as a variety of factory applied standard or custom-painted coatings. The company offers a ten-year warranty on all its thermally broken framing systems.


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