Volume 34, Number 9,  September 1999

Showing Off in Milan

Exhibitors Bring out the Best for 
Machinery-Focused Vitrum Show

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Forvet Features Numerical Working Center

Vitrum visitors interested in flat glass processing will want to visit the booth of Italian company Forvet S.r.l. The company will feature its Francesca FC numerical control working center, which the company says is capable of processing flat glass without manual adjustments or operator assistance. These features include drilling, countersinking, milling and grinding operations, which can be performed on any glass shape. The FC controls the glass transport and drilling speed and automatically adjusts the drill height to compensate for drill-bit wear. But, in spite of the sophisticated technology, programming operations are simple. With the guidance of a specially developed and dedicated Cad-Cam program, a beginner may perform this function.

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Glassrobots Displays Automotive and Architectural Products

Shopping for machines used for the production of architectural or automotive safety glass? Then you may want to visit the booth of Glassrobots Oy of Tampere, Finland. The company’s Rainbowmaker TSF™ series offers bending and tempering furnaces for annealed, heat-strengthened and tempered glass designed for short series production. The system utilizes a patented module type-bending mold and doesn’t require an expensive ceramic mold.
On the automotive side, Glassrobots will feature its fully-automatic windscreen bending furnaces, large bending furnaces for bus and special vehicle windscreens and vacuum de-airing and assembling conveyors for mixed production.

Belfortglass Features New IG Line

Italy’s Belfortglass srl will feature its new vertical IG line 2000 mm, as well as the new models of Thiokol and butyl extruders and the Turning Table 3V IG machines. A sample of the company’s diamond wheels, edging machines and double edgers, will also be on display.

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Profilglass Unveils Products New to North America

A variety of new products launched in the North American market by Italy’s Profilglass will be on display at Vitrum and will include eight different sizes of powder-coated muntin bars available in a two-tone version. The company produces aluminum spacer bars and decorative profiles for insulating glass and exports its products to 60 countries.

Fratelli Pezza Unveils Glass Sandblasting Line

Fratelli Pezza of Italy will exhibit its new Mistral line, which the company says broadens and improves the machinery series used for glass sandblasting. According to the company, the Mistral line is the world’s first sandblasting machine to be numerically controlled. The extreme flexibility of the work program permits varying levels of sand-blasting quality to be obtained, while always maintaining optimum uniformity throughout the finished product.

Tamglass Uses Innovation to Solve Problems

While the manufacturing of curved safety glass has been subject to some limitations, both technical and quality-based, Tamglass of Tampere, Finland, says it has solved these problems. The safety glass products made on the company’s new Bending and Tempering System with Press (BTS™), are highly specialized. According to the company, the application of proper moulds, in combination with well-controlled cooling in the press section of the machine, are the keys to high quality and high-yield applications.
Additionally, the company’s Horizontal Tempering Furnace (HTF ProE™) has a heat control function which prevents the edge of the glass from overheating while offering increased flexibility. A new convection system is designed to improve tempering of coated and thin glass.

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Glasstech Improves Existing Machinery

U.S.-based Glasstech updated two of its machinery products in time for Vitrum ’99. The Forced Convection 2 System (FCH2) offers one new improvement—lower cost. The FCH2 utilizes all the benefits of the original system including increased productivity, improved optical and surface quality of the glass and the ability to process sputter-coated super low-E glasses at clear float rates.
The company will also feature its CRB 2 System at Vitrum. According to Glasstech, the new advanced cylindrical bender retains the outstanding changeover time of the original system while nearly doubling its production. With the new system, a 7.5 second cycle is needed to produce a part that is 4-mm thick and 1 m in length.

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EFCO Ltd. Displays Oscillating Tempering Furnace

Visitors to the EFCO Ltd. booth may view the company’s 650- by 650-mm oscillating glass tempering furnace used to toughen small instrument glasses and glass sections. Additional offerings of the Surrey, UK-based company include custom-built furnaces for research and small production, oscillating furnaces for batch production of variable glass sizes and continuous furnaces for higher outputs.


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