Volume 34, Number 10,  October 1999



As we go to press, I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of breaking news requiring our attention.
First, there was the announcement of the record judgment and verdict in the lawsuit against State Farm. On one level, this was the battle between the insurance companies and the auto body repair shops. On another level, it was a fight to eliminate aftermarket parts. For now, at least, it looks as if the body shops and OE part manufacturers have won. But I wouldn’t count on the court decision as definitive yet. I expect State Farm is already polishing changes to its policy language. The real wild card will be whether or not consumers accept aftermarket parts in exchange for what they are told are reductions in premiums. This remains to be seen.
Also in the news was the tragic story of Ana, who was killed when a lite of broken glass fell more than 20 stories and decapitated her on a Chicago street right in front of her daughter. As our editor Tara Taffera has discovered, this story is more than tragic. It’s a case study in how inaction can have terrible consequences.

This month, too, I must announce the passing of a much beloved person in the glass industry—Len Stolk of Carlite passed away after a long battle with cancer on October 4. To everyone who knew him, Len was the proverbial “gentle giant”—the epitome of professionalism and patience who helped train auto glass installers throughout North America. He worked hard for the benefit of the industry and truly cared for the people in it. He will be missed.

P.S.: Many thanks to all who called with such kind comments about our new magazine, AGRR. It will return as a separate publication in January.


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