Volume 34, Number 10,  October 1999




Jackson Upgrades Exit Devices

Jackson Corporation of Los Angeles, has upgraded its Jackson 20 Series Exit Device to increase security and reliability. The 2095 Rim Device features an improved security strike and a 3/4-inch throw deadlocking latchbolt. For increased security, cylinder dogging is also available.
The company says the 2095 rim device and the 2085/86 concealed vertical rod devices have both been tested and certified to ANSI 156.3 Grade 1.

LCN Introduces New Quest™
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LCN, a division of Ingersoll-Rand Co. of Princeton, IL, has introduced its new L 1371 Series Quest clos-er. The closer is designed for aluminum storefront doors and related applications and can be installed in less time than any other closer, according to the company. It can be used with hinge or pivot-mounted doors and can be mounted on a 1 ˝-inch transom without adapter plates. The new series is available in a variety of standard and custom finishes and carries a ten-year warranty. It also features a cast iron cylinder with a bore diameter of 11/4-inch. A single templated location allows 180 degrees of opening, according to the company.


Glass Supplies Introduces New Lubricant
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Glass Supplies Inc. of Charlotte, NC, has introduced a universally-applicable, fully-evaporating lubricant. The product is used to drill, cut, punch and bend all types of steel and aluminum profiles, including galvanized and tin-plated steel metal, according to the company. Its total evaporating time is 20-30 minutes when applied as instructed.

CRL Offers Patch Hardware
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C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles, has expanded its line of patch hardware products. Patch hardware gives storefronts a frameless appearance that allows a full view of merchandise. The company says its products provide the required strength and durability while allowing users to meet the aesthetic demands of frameless glass storefront and interior systems.
In the past, customers had to make high volume purchases to be eligible to distribute these products. Jim Audette, product manager, says CRL is “committed to carrying large inventories of the most popular items, with sufficient inventories of less popular items and shorter lead times for special orders” to make it easier for customers to enter this market.

Dlubak Offers Curved Glass and Extrusions
Dlubak Corporation of Blairsville, PA, offers curved architectural glass, curved aluminum extrusions, curved display case glass and curved residential glass. According to the company, it can bend all types of glass and also has in-house capabilities for lamination, insulating, tempering, integrated graphics and heated glass.


UCB Supplies Rainbow of Colors
Six new color pigments for resins have been added to the UCB Chemical Corp. of Smyrna, GA, Uvekol® product line. The resins are used to laminate glass and the pigments provide color for all commercial and industrial applications. The new colors include white, red, black, blue, violet and green. The company says pigments do not affect the way the products are cured. Available in a thick paste, the pigments are completely soluble and dispersible in Uvekol resins.


U.S. Horizon Offers New Line of Shower Door Hinges
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A new line of premier shower door hinges is now available from U.S. Horizon Manufacturing Inc. of Valencia, CA. The wall mount hinge features an “H” mounting plate, which allows close proximity mounting of the door glass to the wall. The line is available in four standard finishes; polished brass, polished chrome, brushed pewter and brushed nickel as well as custom finishes.


Naturalite Introduces Skylight System
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Naturalite Skylight Systems introduces the new BMS-3000-HR skylight system, which it says was specifically designed to be hurricane-resistant. According to the company, the custom, glass-glazed skylight was developed for Southern Florida and other high wind-load coastal applications. The system features a thermally-broken glazing clip and high performance air and water infiltration resistance designed to withstand severe weather conditions.
The company says the product has successfully completed thorough testing and received an approval rating from Florida’s Dade County.


Sprayway Offers Industrial Polishing Oil
Sprayway Inc. of Addison, IL, offers Spray No. 920 Industrial Polishing Oil to glass and mirror professionals for grinding and polishing all metals and glass. The company says the spray minimizes belt loading and changing, increases production and improves finishes, while extending the working life of abrasive belts and wheels.

Doumar Products Introduces un-du®

Dallas-based Doumar Products introduced its new un-du adhesive remover at the National Hardware Show held in August. The non-abrasive liquid removes pressure sensitive labels, tape, stickers, chewing gum and other sticky items from a variety of surfaces without causing damage, according to the company.


Strybuc Offers Balance for Custom Wood Windows
Strybuc Industries of Sharon Hill, PA, offers an invisible balance for custom wood windows. The balance is ideal for historic window renovations because it eliminates exposed hardware and maintains the original window appearance, according to the company. The company designed the balance to counterbalance certain weights, regardless of the sash thickness.

Researchers Develop Hand-held Detector
Researchers Dariush Arasteh, Brent Griffith, Chad Goudey, Christian Kohler and Daniel Turner have developed a new hand-held detector that can determine the coating on a double-glazed window. They were supported in their efforts by the Department of Energy and the California Institute for Energy Efficiency, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The detector uses an infrared light-emitting diode and phototransistor to measure reflectance in the near-infrared portion of the solar spectrum.
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