Volume 34, Number 10,  October 1999



EXTECH Provides Canopy

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When the Kent County Airport in Grand Rapids, MI, was expanded, EXTECH/Exterior Technologies Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA, provided a 580-foot long canopy skylight at the terminal building sidewalk. The canopy glazing is made from a 5/8-inch thick opal colored cellular polycarbonate treated for weatherability and colorfastness. The canopy glazing extends almost a foot beyond the metal framing. According to the company, the 27-foot long canopy panels are the largest used in any canopy or skylight in the United States. To support these panels, EXTECH designed a cantilevered system incorporating fiberglass pultruded channels. The company says the system withstood a 40 psf design load when tested.

World’s Tallest Towers Completed

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The Petronas Towers, lo-cated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, stands at 1,483 feet—29 feet taller than Chi-cago’s Sears Tower and 115 feet taller than the World Trade Center in New York. Silicone sealants from Midland, MI-based Dow Corning were used in the design of the world’s highest towers. All of the inside seals on the curtainwall are Dow Corning® 795 silicone building sealant. For areas that required more movement capabilities, Dow Corning® 790 silicone building sealant was used.
Harmon Ltd. of Bloomington, MN, completed the curtainwall installation, with help from contractors from Japan, Korea and Malaysia. The 32,000 curtainwall units are 4- by 10-feet and include a stainless steel spandrel panel with 3.3 feet of spandrel glass and 6.5 feet of vision glass.

EverGreen™ Selected for Trans World Dome

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Pilkington LOF of Toledo, OH, was selected to provide the glass dome of the Trans World Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis. A total of 92,000 square feet of the Pilkington Ever-Green™ High-Performance Tinted Float Glass was used in the project. The goal of the project’s engineers was to expand the brick center while maintaining continuity with the surrounding brick warehouse environment.
The glass used in the project is ¼-inch thick, has a visible light transmittance of 66 percent, a solar heat gain
co-efficient of 0.51, a UV transmittance of 14 percent and a visible light reflectance of 6 percent.

Skywall Supplies Canopy at Redmond Town Center

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Skywall Translucent Systems of Terrell, TX, was called on to achieve the aesthetic and design needs for the Redmond Town Center in Redmond, WA. The company supplied the trapezoidal shaped translucent panels and the aligning grid used to build the circular-shaped canopy. The panels were created with crystal fiberglass on the exterior, white on the interior and Kynar® finish on the framing.

Wausau Supplies HDR Curtainwall

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When HDR Architecture Inc. of Omaha, NE, decided to expand its office building, Wausau Window and Wall Systems of Wausau, WI, was selected to supply 44,000 square feet of curtainwall. The company’s Series 7250 SuperWall, a reflective, titanium on green glass, was selected to complement the original building’s reflective gold glass. Wausau says its product was also chosen for its energy efficiency and natural lighting capabilities.


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