Volume 34, Number 11,  November 1999




CRL Laser Gauge Measures IG Thickness
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles, has introduced the CRL Glass Thickness Laser (MG1500) as a simple solution to complex measuring problems. The gauge may be used to measure overall thickness of an IG unit, thickness of each lite, and the size of the airspace—all simultaneously. According to the company, advantages of the device are that measurements are taken from a single side and no removal tools are required. It is also easy to use and eliminates expensive measuring errors.
“In the past, access, disassembly and risk created obstacles and added expense to even the simplest window replacement estimates,” said Bill Gyore, CRL product manager. “This product is revolutionizing the IG replacement industry by providing accurate measurements and decreasing the fabrication of incorrectly-sized IG units.”

Western Glass Supply Strip-T™ Cuts Glass Strip
Denver-based Western Glass Supply offers the Strip-T glass strip cutter. The product features include a brace for added arm support, a replaceable cutter head with a carbide wheel, thick glass cutting ability, an oil fed cutter assembly and high visibility on top rule. It is available in 2-, 4- and 6-foot sizes.


PASEK Handles Security Needs
Companies looking for a full range of door hardware products may want to look to PASEK Corporation of South Boston, MA. The company sells, installs and maintains mechanical and electrical security systems including decorative hardware, door closers, electric locking hardware, exit devices, high security cylinders, hinges, locks and locksmith supplies. Pasek says it has more than 100 years of experience servicing security needs.

Access Stocks New Series of Electric Strikes
Access Hardware Supply of San Leandro, CA, is now stocking the 5700 series electric strike. The Hanchett Entry System electric strikes are designed with a 1/8-inch horizontally adjustable keeper. This permits an installer to adjust the electric strike opening to accommodate the latchbolt after the strike is installed. The 5000 series and the newest 5700 series share seven interchangeable face plates.


Abundant Energy Offers Easy-Assembly Glazing Systems
Abundant Energy Inc. of Pine Island, NY, offers the Pro-Seal™ and Pro-Flex™ glazing systems for any size solarium, skylight, conservatory and pool enclosure. According to the company, both systems are inexpensive, energy efficient and easy to assemble. The systems can also be mounted onto standard wood framing, laminated beams and comparable steel and aluminum structures.

SEVASA Produces Etched and Engraved Glass
SEVASA of Dallas, produces etched and engraved glass for a variety of decorating options. It is available in more than 35 patterns and a variety of sizes. It can also be drilled, bent, tempered, laminated, beveled or edged. The company also says its glass is fingerprint- and stain-resistant.
SEVASA produces Satenglas, an etched glass with a frosted appearance available in four degrees of opacity; Satendecor, a variety of patterned, etched glass selections; and Cri Samar, an etched glass with its design deeply engraved into the glass surface.

Interpane Creates First Clear Thermal Glass
Interpane Glass Company of Clinton, NC, has introduced the Thermopane INE IPLUS Neutral low-E glass, which it says is the first clear thermal glass. The double-layer coating technology it uses reduces interior lighting needs, while lowering exterior reflectance, U-values, shading coefficients and solar heat gain coefficients.
Interpane says that when using an average daylight transmittance of 63 percent on a clear substrate the exterior reflectance is 11 percent, the summer/winter U-values are .30, the shading coefficient is .43 and the solar heat gain coefficient is .37.

Acrilex Features Impressions Textures
Jersey City, NJ-based Acrilex Inc. is featuring the Impressions series of textures. The company says it has the look of architectural patterned glass and is as easy to use as acrylic. Nine standard textures are available in a variety of colors in 4- by 6-foot sheets from 1/8- to ¾-inch thick.


Custom Graphics Possible with Canon’s Image Transfer Technology
A technology available from Canon will provide film applicators with the ability to imprint custom-designed digital artwork and photographs on architectural glass.
The process of producing these graphics takes just a few minutes and requires basic graphic skills, according to the company. The user begins by replicating the image he or she wants to cut on a copier or by printing it from a computer onto transfer paper. The paper is then laminated onto film and the actual image is cut out. The image is then applied to the back of the glass at 390 degrees for one minute with a heat press or laminator. After that process is complete, heat is again applied to the image to activate the adhesive.


Sprayway Introduces Cleaners
Sprayway Inc. of Addison, IL, has introduced two new cleaners. Spray number 43 is an ammoniated glass cleaner for use on windows, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, tile, formica, showcases and porcelain. The company says the product cleans and polishes in one wipe.
Spray number 20 is an industrial foaming hand cleaner which needs no water to create a lather. The product removes dirt, grease, grime, oil, ink and paint.

Dynaloy Inc. Offers Safe Solvents
Dynaloy Inc. of Indianapolis, has developed solvents specifically formulated for removing epoxies, urethanes, silicones or other plastic compounds. The solvents feature safer ingredients and can be used in place of more toxic or flammable solvents. According to the company, its Dynasolve 218 is non-flammable and removes silicone rubbers, RTV silicones and other silicone materials. For increased effectiveness, the product can be heated.
Dynaloy says its non-flammable solvent, UR-Away NF, removes polyurethane build-up and crystallized isocyanates and is an excellent replacement for methyleme chloride. The solvent can also be used to remove cystallized isocyanates and cured urethane adhesives and coatings.


Adhesives Research Offers Arclad®
Adhesives Research Inc. of Glen Rock, PA, offers a line of Arclad pressure-sensitive foam muntin mounting tapes for use in simulated divided lite windows. The company says the tapes are free of solvents and adheres muntins to wood, painted aluminum and unplasticized vinyl windows and doors. Arclad is available in white, black and gray foam with paper or polyethylene release liners.

Vapor Barrier Control Tapes Available in Black
The 1537CW and 1531CW vapor barrier control tapes are available in black—an option not available from any other manufacturer, according to Venture Tape of Rockland, MA. The tapes meet fire resistance standards and are UL-listed. 1537 CW is used primarily as a closure system and vapor seal on Lamtec WMP™-VR faced thermal insulation. It is best used in humid or hot conditions. The 1531 CW is used primarily as a closure system and vapor seal on Lamtec WMP™-10 faced thermal insulation. The company recommends its use in cold weather or elevator temperature.

ProFlex™ Profiles Available in New Shapes, Sizes
ProFlex Profiles from Tenneco Packaging of Lake Forest, IL, are available in 11 additional stock sizes. Two new stock versions are also available—tubes and rounds. The hollow, pre-slit tubes are available in ½-inch wall thickness and orifice sizes of ½-, ¾-, 1-, 1 ½- , 1 ¾-, 2- and 2 ½-inches, according to the company. The solid rounds are available in diameters of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-inches. All sizes are available in 6-foot lengths. Stock colors are blue for tubes and white for rounds.


Polygal Introduces Polycarbonate Structured Sheet
Polygal U.S.A. Inc. of Janesville, WI, has introduced its polycarbonate structured sheet products for exterior and interior glazing and covering applications. The sheet is available in 12 different double- and triple-wall configurations from 5/32- to 1-inch, according to the company. It is also available in a variety of standard sizes and colors. The company backs the sheets with a ten-year non-prorated warranty against loss of light transmission, yellowing and breakage when properly installed and


C-Clamp Available from Fall Protection Systems
The Bodyguard Rail C-Clamp system helps prevent falls from flat surfaces. Fall Protection Systems of Londonderry, VT, says the new safety guardrail C-clamp system attaches to parapet walls, concrete decks and I-beams and may be spaced on 8-foot centers. The system, which the company says conforms to OSHA regulations, is built of 12 gauge, 1 ½-inch square tubing and is reusable. According to the company, the C-clamp system is ideal for commercial and light commercial construction, roofing projects and for use in the maintenance of industrial facilities. The C-clamp may be purchased as a system with a guardrail post and toe-board foot, or separately as an accessory to add to other Bodyguard Rail systems.


Acorn Window Systems Designs Stratus™
Acorn Window Systems of Quincy, MI, has designed a rolling vinyl patio door, Stratus. The adjustable tandem ball bearing rollers on the system were designed for durability and corrosion resistance, according to the company. The multi-chambered frame and sash creates dead air space that enhances thermal performance and reduces sound transmission. The system also has a fully-welded frame and active panel that enhances structural integrity and helps diminish weather penetration. Three standard widths and heights are available and the system can be warm white or almond-colored.


U.S. Horizon Introduces New Line
A new line of brushed pewter shower door hardware has been introduced by U.S. Horizon Manufacturing Inc. of Valencia, CA. Included in the line are hinges, clips, knobs, handles, towel bars and U channels. The brushed pewter line is in stock and available for immediate delivery, according to the company.


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