Volume 35, Number 1, January 2000



Double Duty: Dual Seal IG Line

Just in time for the new millennium, Lisec America has introduced the Lisec 2000, an automated dual-seal IG fabrication line. According to the company, the product is capable of producing up to 2,400 bent frame spacer IG units per shift. Additionally, the Lisec 2000 includes vertical to vertical glass handling, automatic butyl application at the rate of one unit per 12 seconds, as well as a fast and efficient sealant-applying robot.

According to Greg DeWeese, vice president of Lisec America, users of the product will see significant results. “In some cases, manufacturers can expect to see close to 50 percent reductions in manpower and raw materials,” he said.

Just a Trim Around the Edges:
low-E Edges, That Is

The FOR.EL Co. of Italy, presents the CR2200-CR2250 automatic trimming machines for fast, precision trimming along the perimeter of low-E glass panes. The company says the machine makes no noise. In addition, it says the operating tool’s wear rate is very low because it does not come into contact with the edge of the glass. The company also says it is one of only a few manufacturers to offer its customers a full range of automatic and integratable insulating glass processing equipment.

Know the Drill: New Diamonds in Fabrication

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C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles, has introduced a variety of plated, metal bond and electro-formed diamond drills for use in glass fabrication.

Designed for occasional use, the Short Run Plated Diamond Drill Series is available in diameters from ¼- to 2-inches.

The 1/8- to 6-inch diameter Standard Plated Drills permit fast hole drilling and clean break-outs.

The Amazing Glazing diamond drill series ranges in size from 1/8- to 4½-inches. The company says its sawtooth profile makes it fast and long-lasting.

CRL has also started a diamond drill re-coating exchange program so glaziers can save money by recycling their old drills. The company says when it receives a worn drill, a re-coated drill will be shipped to the customer the same day. Smooth and saw-tooth edged drills 2-inches or larger can be exchanged.


Delchem’s IG Sealant
Approved by PPG

Delchem, of Wilmington, DE, announced that its D-2000 reactive Hot Melt Butyl IG sealant has met PPG’s criteria and is qualified as a DSE IG sealant for Intercept IG technology. According to Delchem, D-2000 will provide the Intercept DSE unit with performance equal to or better than conventional dual-sealed units.

According to Delchem, D-2000 differs from similar sealants in that it demonstrates the lowest MVTR of any IG sealant and the lowest gas permeance rate. Additionally, D-2000 significantly enhances argon retention within the insulating cavity, while simultaneously minimizing moisture penetration into the unit.

D-2000 is a warm-applied hot melt butyl sealant that reacts with atmospheric moisture, crosslinking and forming covalent chemical bonds with the glass and spacer. The product contains no urethane or silicone.


Sky’s No Limit: Naturalite Introduces Skylight System

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Naturalite Skylight Systems, part of the Vistawall Group and a division of Butler Manufacturing Company, has developed and tested the new BMS-3000-HR skylight system. The product is a custom-glazed skylight system designed to be hurricane-resistant. It has been introduced for Southern Florida and other high-wind-load coastal applications. The system features a thermally broken glazing clip, high-performance air and water filtration resistance, and a patented labor-saving purlin-rafter connection. The company says it is designed to withstand the challenges associated with unusually severe weather conditions and has obtained an approval rating with Dade County in South Florida.

recent launches

Accentrim™ from Ed Hoys International is a new tape product utilizing a 3M patented technology to create the prismatic effect of bevels. The self-adhesive backing bonds permanently with any smooth glass surface and is resistant to shrinkage, discoloring and delamination  … ACCU-PRINT HIGH-TECH RP™ printer from A.W.T. World Trade Inc. includes a telephone modem interface and is engineered for high-speed production of any printable rigid panel, including heavy panels, glass, metal, plexiglass and more  … Integral Blind Option from Moduline Window Systems provides virtually maintenance-free daylight control  … High-Performance Servers from First Systech International are designed to run with the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning software. The custom-built servers are now included with all software installations.


Choice is Clear: Glazers Choice Offers New Cleanerwpe5.jpg (11991 bytes)

Glazers Choice® Glass & More Cleaner, from the company of the same name in Cleveland, OH, utilizes a streak-free formula which, the company says, is strong enough to remove dirt and even grease pencil. The cleaner contains no vinegar or ammonia, making it safe for use on mirrors. Additionally, the product is clear and will not leave a film on glass surfaces. It is available in 24-ounce spray bottles, one-gallon jugs or five-gallon boxes with spigots.


storefronts and entrances

Doralco Produces ‘Smooth As Glass’

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Doralco of Alsip, IL, has produced “Smooth As Glass,” a top-hung sliding stacking glass door system. Each sliding panel consists of two hanging rollers with a weight capacity of 500 pounds per roller. The company says with properly engineered support, these doors can handle up to 1,000 pounds per door. The product does not require a bottom track, creating a system that works with marble or carpeted flooring.


glazing supplies

Two New Products
from Capital Tape

Capital Tape Company of Cleveland, OH, has expanded its architectural glazing line with the addition of two new products from Gaska Tape. The AAMA-approved VK 2526 and VK 1826 spacer materials offer the adhesive strength and compression resistance necessary for field glazing applications.

fire-rated glazing

Safe and Secure:
Fire-Rated Safety Glass

Inter-Edge Technologies LLC of Sausalito, CA, has announced the completion of all testing for its ¼-inch and 3/8-inch PyroEdge line of 20-minute, clear fire- and safety-rated glazing products. M. Scott Foote, company president, says the product can be used “as an alternative to wired glass where aesthetics, human impact and potential vandalism are of concern.” He says all InterEdge products have tested to the new “positive pressure” standards mandated by the 1997 Uniform Building Code and the 1999 BOCA codes. Production plants have been initially established in Indianapolis, IN, and Orlando, FL, under the auspices of Intertek Testing Services Warnock-Hersey certification program. An additional plant is scheduled on the West Coast. Foote says the company “has tested extremely large sizes, including full glass lites for 4- by 9-foot steel doors.”

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