Volume 35, Number 2, February 2000


A Show of Another Sort

        there won’t be any showgirls, but

        las vegas will serve as the locale for

        the national glass show, which

        will provide another type of excitement

by Helen B. Price

Gamblers, party seekers, and those in search of a little "March Madness," won’t be the only revelers descending on Las Vegas in March. Those attending the National Glass Association’s annual conference March 15-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center will be treated to a variety of educational, social and networking opportunities.

The show kicks off on Wednesday with a keynote speech by Jerry Lewis, who is most popular for his quest to fight muscular dystrophy.The day ends with a welcoming cocktail reception. But, there is much to keep people occupied in the time in-between. Seminars throughout the show will include topics such as curtainwall design, codes, energy-efficient glazings, a construction forecast, and much more. Additionally, auto glass demonstrations will occur throughout the three-day event on the trade show floor.

And that’s not all. Show exhibitors will bring with them a host of new product introductions.

Following is a sampling.


Meek Manufacturing Helps Companies "Clean Up"

Glass and mirror cleaners, by the makers of RAIN-X, will be offered by Meek Manufacturing Company of Fort Smith, AR. Among several products on display will be its glass cleaner, which cleans glass, plastics, mirrors and more. According to the company, the product works on stainless steel and stainless steel mirrors.

Also featured will be the company’s Mirror Clean-Anti Fog Formula, which is a one-step cleaner and renewable defogger for mirrors and interior glass. According to RAIN-X, Glass Strip 2000 removes mineral deposits, rust, limescale, soap scum and other hard to remove stains. The product is designed for glassfronts, mirrors, acrylic, polycarbonate, cultured marble and fiberglass. Additionally, the Invisible Glass Shield Protector 2000 provides an invisible non-stick water and soil repellent finish on windows, mirrors, glass storefronts and other glass surfaces. It repels the build-up of dirt, grime, dust, fingerprints, mold, mildew and mineral deposits.


In Demand: Inland Diamond Products Offers Coolant for Demanding Applications

Industrial Dry Coolant™ is a new concentrated powder coolant from Inland Diamond Products of Madison Heights, MI. According to the company, the coolant is designed for even the most demanding glass grinding applications. It mixes with water in factory coolant tanks, using one pound of the product for each 100 gallons of water. The product offers heat dissipation, rust inhibition, anti-foam and anti-bacterial features and is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. The manufacturer says its dry coolant reduces the costs of shipping by eliminating the water and steel drum container weight typical of liquid coolants and also takes up less inventory space as it is generally sold in 40-pound capacity plastic pails (five-gallon size); however, the coolant is available in any quantity.


Tamglass Displays Tempering and Bending Equipment

Tamglass of Tampere, Finland, will display its BHF™ Batch Horizontal Tempering Furnace and its Serial Bending Furnace ESU EcoMax™. The BHF furnace offers flexible flat tempering capabilities. Its optimized heating system provides precise heating control yielding high quality output for all glass types and thicknesses. Low-E tempering is assisted with the patented coated glass system (CGS) combining convection and radiation heat. Several optional features with the BHF allow all systems to be customized and tailored to customer specifications.

The company’s ESU EcoMax furnace uses heating elements divided into five sections and controlled by means of new graphic user interface. According to the company, windshield bending can be controlled in two alternative ways. Pyrometer control is applied to each windscreen individually in the bending section of the furnace in both cases. The product’s control system allows for the bending cycle to be determined at the final bending section by pyrometer control. Glass temperature at the final pre-heating section determines the cycle.


DeGorter Displays Array of Products

DeGorter Inc., headquartered in Monroe, NC, will exhibit an assortment of products from various manufacturers. Following are some of the products attendees will see when they stop by the booth.

Diamond grinding coolants from Associated Chemists.

Gestional Cut 440 CNC glass cutting table with optimization, and an Automatic Labeling System for cutting tables, both from Bolla.

The Barracuda battery-powered, adjustable angle saw, designed for cutting metal and glass, from Gardner Distribution.

An assortment of glass storage and handling racks, plus glass transportation slings from Groves Handling.

The M4, a four-spindle, cup wheel edger for flat edge; the FPS 50 M3 Resin, a 14-spindle, cup wheel edger for heavy glass edging and mitering, with resin diamond wheels; and the FPD 60, a single station, opposed head glass drill with pneumatic castor table, manufactured by Schiatti.


Remove Scratches with Glas-Weld System

wpe11.jpg (3818 bytes)Glas-Weld Systems Inc. of Bend, OR, will demonstrate its new scratch removal system that the company says will remove scratches from all types of glass, including windshields, tempered glass and plate glass. The system uses pressure-sensitive pads and scientifically formulated compounds, rather than typical abrasives. According to the company, the system has been tested and passed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the British Standards Institute (BSI) to be optically free of distortion and deviation.




Kawneer Features Glazing Systems

wpeB.jpg (5509 bytes)Kawneer Company Inc. of Norcross, GA, will exhibit examples of its product line including framing systems, wall systems, windows and door, frame and hardware products. Among products on display will be the company’s Trifab® VG (VersaGlaze™) 450, 451 and 451T Framing Systems. According to the company, VG allows glazing contractors to vary the glass plane from front, center, back and multi-plane applications.

Also featured will be Kawneer’s range of 1600 Wall Systems, 1600 Unit Wall™ and the dual purpose 2250 IG (Inside Glazed) Ribbon Window and Curtainwall system. Kawneer Sealair® Windows on display include the 8225 thermal, thermal flush and extra deep frame for special requirements. Door, frame and hardware on display will include the Entara® Entrance, which the company says can withstand high abuse traffic and offers protection from forced entry and vandalism.


Making the Cut: Elumatec Displays Double Mitre Saw

wpe12.jpg (4493 bytes)Elumatec USA of South Bend, IN, will exhibit and demonstrate the DG 244, a large double mitre saw. According to the company, the machine is designed for aluminum profile processing and special applications. With sawblade diameter of 550 mm and pivoting range from 22.5-degrees inwards to 140-degrees outwards, cutting of high and wide profiles is accomplished.

The Elumatec principal of "cutting from underneath" is incorporated into the machine and gives the user optimum use of sawblade capacity and safe and easy unloading of material, according to the company. Cutting pressure pushes the profile or material section safely towards the back fence of the sawhead.


Get a Grip with Products from Wood’s

Wood’s Powr-Grip Co. Inc. of Laurel, MT, will exhibit its powr-grip hand cups and multi-purpose lifters at the show. Hand cups in pad diameters from 3- to 10-inches for handling flat or curved glass, will be on display. According to the company, these cups feature heavy-duty construction.

For installation and light manufacturing operations, the company will display its P11104 and MRT units, featuring lightweight, compact design with manual rotation and tilt for easy load positioning and on-board, self-contained DC vacuum systems for tangle-free movement.


Curtainwall From EFCO Offers Design Flexibility

wpeD.jpg (13824 bytes)EFCO Corporation of Monett, MO, will display its Series 5800 Silicone Gasket Curtainwall System and Silicone Gasket Corners at the NGA show. According to the company, the curtainwall system allows flexibility of design and is the only system using a tough non-organic gasket that will not deteriorate over time. The gasket comes in 21 standard colors or custom shades on request. According to the company, the factory-fabricated continuous gasket provides easy site installation with 20 to 40 percent less field labor—no joint seals, plugs, pressure plates or snap covers are needed. The product can be utilized with insulating glass units, panels and framing ranging from ¼- to 2-inches.




Make a Grand Exit with Products from Jackson

Jackson Corporation of Los Angeles, presents its new series of Exit Devices. According to the company, the Jackson 1200 Series blends its 10 Series crossbar device with the sleek, contemporary style of today’s push-pad exit device. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing and durable, the new device offers reliable, maintenance-free operation, according to the company. A Retrofit Kit has been designed to allow for easy installation of the new device, using the existing rod and case assembly from the company’s 10 Series concealed vertical rod crossbar exit device.


Ensinger Displays Warm-Edge Spacer

wpeE.jpg (9053 bytes)Thermix®, a warm edge spacer from Ensinger Inc. of Washington, PA, will be displayed at the NGA show. According to the company, the spacers are manufactured from a modified polycarbonate resin containing a stainless steel foil diffusion barrier. Additionally, the spacer is perforated to allow any moisture contained in the IG "sandwich" to be absorbed by the desiccant installed in perimeter bond, eliminating condensation. The warm-edge spacer is a companion product to Insulbar®, a thermal break system alternative to poured and debridged polyurethane, used in aluminum-framed windows, storefronts and curtainwalls.




Have "The Specialists" Transport Your Glass

Big Freight America Inc. of Spring Hill, KS, and Trailer Specialist’s of Knoxville, TN, offer transportation of uncrated glass throughout North America. According to Big Freight America, the company has more than 15 years of glass haul experience offering damage free, on-time delivery. The company says it has highly trained professional drivers and uses specialized trailers equipped with the newest in racking systems. The group of companies operates in excess of 850 pieces of equipment. Trailer Specialist’s specializes in the sales, service, fabrication and installation of glass hauling equipment and Rol-Tite systems, offering both new and used equipment.


Consider Your Leasing Options

Eagle Leasing Corporation of Fairfield, NJ, will exhibit at the show, offering financing options as a way to acquire additional new and used equipment.


"Press On" with Pres-On Tape

Non-Adhesive Separator Pads from Pres-On® Tape and Gasket Corporation of Addison, IL, offer protection for glass and mirrors during shipment and storage. Non-adhesive pads are self-sticking and do not leave adhesive residue. Pads can be supplied in rolls or sheets and are available in various thicknesses and sizes and in combinations of either cork or foam. Pads are also offered with pressure-sensitive adhesive if required.


Moduline Presents Security Series Window

The Sentinel Security Series™ Window, manufactured by Moduline Window Systems of Wausau, WI, is available in fixed and outward-projected configurations. Fixed units range from minimum to maximum security with up to ¼-inch wall thickness and integral tool-resistant steel bars. Outward-projected units are designed to be maintenance-free by containing the least amount of moving parts. According to the company, these 5-1/4-inch-deep windows are outside-wet-glazed and incorporate tamper-resistant roto operators and interior security screens and can be used in conjunction with steel bars. High performance weather-stripping and thermal barriers are standard features.


Mapes Presents Laminated Panels for Use in Infill Applications

wpe14.jpg (8678 bytes)Mapes Industries of Lincoln, NE, presents its line of laminated panels, designed to be used in any infill application. The company says the panels can be used in any window or curtainwall system or with any major storefront framing. A variety of architectural finishes are available including porcelain, baked enamel, Kynar and anodized. Both standard and custom colors are available in all finishes and custom panels with formed edges for flush glazing are an additional option. Also, fire-rated and sound-resistant panels can be designed to meet the most demanding specifications.



Coral Exhibits Shower Enclosures with European Flare

Coral Industries Inc. of Tuscaloosa, AL, will exhibit its M Series of European-style shower enclosures, featuring a frameless, patch-hinge door. Series utilizes ¼-inch glass, a slip-proof hinge system and is designed to work in conjunction with Kwikstal frame packages. Handle options include a rounded, through-the-glass push/pull handle or a slip-on magnetic handle. Chrome, gold, white and platinum metal finishes are available.


Pick Up Free Copy of Fire-Rated Product Brochure

The Safti Division of O’Keeffe’s Inc. Architectural Building Products of San Francisco, CA, invites attendees to stop by its booth to receive a copy of its new brochure. The SuperLite™ brochure outlines the products and features of SuperLite™I, SuperLite™I-XL and SuperLite™II in an easy-to-read format. The brochure also incorporates a chart of product testing and approval and is designed for the use of glass house personnel, architects and specifiers.


Design & Integration Customizes Products for Consumer Needs

Design & Integration Inc. of Concord, Ontario will exhibit its Laminator Systems. The company says it can custom-tailor the exact machine for customers’ needs. These systems offer permanently-bonded film, sandwich applications, peelable protective film, horizontal or vertical application and flow-through or stacking options. Standard widths are 48-, 60-, 72- and 84-inches. A variety of accessories are available.


G.F. Technologies Offers Colonial and Diamond Grid Fabrication

G.F. Tek, a division of G. F. Technologies of Cuyahoga Heights, OH, will feature its Colonial and Diamond Grid Fabrications at the show. According to the company, it offers two- to three-day turn-around, from processing to shipping, and offers its patented diamond grid clip. All metal muntin bar measures 3/16- by 5/8 inches and standard colors include all metal brite white, white, tan, bronze, earthtone and gold. The company says it will also process other material as supplied by customers.


Pohl Inc. Features Rainscreen Technology in Metal Panel Systems

Metal Panel Systems that utilize "rainscreen" technology will be featured from Pohl Inc. of America, headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. According to the company, the systems are designed with an open joint, which does not require exposed caulk. The company’s Europanel is a back-ventilated metal rainscreen cladding system. Open joint design allows air pressure to equalize between the outside surface, rainscreen and inside cavity, reducing rainwater that enters the wall cavity. The company says no sealants or gaskets are incorporated into the system and adds that it offers customized solutions for clients.


F. Barkow "Scoots" Glass with New Carrier

wpe10.jpg (4710 bytes)The "Scooter" is an aluminum 8-foot cap with one 96- by 86-inch aluminum glass carrier curbside, manufactured by Barkow Inc. of Milwaukee, WI. The product is available with a 2000 GMC pick-up truck, or the cap will fit on any pick-up with an 8-foot box. The Scooter is designed as an alternative to a larger glazing body, used for short runs or special deliveries. According to the company, the Carrier is equipped with four Stake-Loc™ Stakes, offering security for tools and protections from the elements.

The 4-1/2-inch ledgeboard has a full length rubber covering and baseplate pads every 12 inches. The driver side has ladder hooks and optional shelving units are available for inside. The full height interior measures 79 inches, allowing for a workshop on wheels or extensive tool and supply storage. Additionally, the rear has a 54-inch-high, locking, roll-up door.


See the Light with Power Meters from EDTM

Electronic Design to Market Inc. of Toledo, OH, will present a number of new products at the show. The SR1075 Solar Transmission and Power Meter users a microprocessor control to supply measurements of solar transmission percentage or absolute solar power. The product can be used by window and film manufacturers to illustrate the energy saving benefits of their products.

The VR1175 is a Visible Light Transmission and Power Meter, offering two meters in one enclosure. It measures visible light transmission or absolute visible light power. Window and film manufacturers can use this meter to illustrate the performance of their products in the visible spectrum. The SP1050 is a BTU Solar Incidence Power Meter, a miniature meter that supplies measurements of solar incident power. It is used to illustrate the energy-saving benefits of window and film products. The company will also display its Visible Light Power Meter, a hand-held meter that shows measurements of visible light power.

According to the company, all of these products can also be used by replacement glass companies, glass shops and public utility providers who are asked to identify certain types of glass coatings.


American Shower Door Features Stainless Steel Shower Doors

Stainless steel is now available in shower doors from American Shower Door of Los Angeles. Made of number 304 stainless steel, the company says customers may choose a brushed or polished finish. The doors are designed as a framed piano hinge door, with or without panels, in a configuration of the clients choosing and are glazed with ¼-inch glass. Customers may also add transoms and through-the-glass handles as desired.


Uniglass Features Bent and Tempered Glass Furnaces

Uniglass Engineering Oy of Tampere, Finland, will display its line of bent and tempered glass furnaces. The Uniglass UGF horizontal flat tempering line incorporates patented process solutions with enhanced automations providing high-speed production. The line is available as a single-bay furnace or equipped with a pre-heating section of either forced convection or radiant type heating. The UniCharge is a new design, essentially aimed for the low-E tempering market. According to the company, the product combines the benefits of radiant heating and the high speed of forced convection by circulating hot furnace air in closed circuit while focusing the heat flow in the desired region on the furnace.

Also being introduced is the UniBender bending and tempering line. This product is a combination of roller hearth furnace and gravity bending. Bending takes place in the hot section of the furnace, eliminating the need of glass overheating. New mold design enables bending and tempering of complex shapes such as V-groove, J-shape and irregular radius, as well as the conventional cylindrical profile.


Make an Entrance with Doralco’s Entrance Systems

Doralco of Alsip, IL will be displaying a number of its products at the show, including the new Sweet’s brochures for the company’s All-Glass door line, Smooth As Glass Sliding and Stacking Door system and the Intertec architectural grillework. The company will also exhibit its Sure Grip door rail samples in 3-3/8-, four- and 6-inch, as well as its new 10-inch and its sidelite rails. The company’s exhibit will also feature a full-size cladded door, which will demonstrate storefront cladding capabilities. Grille samples and other products will also be on display.


Stretch Product Capabilities with Techniform’s Services

Techniform™ International of Rialto, CA, will showcase its capabilities during the show. The company is involved in forming and fabricating aluminum and other metals, specializing in stretchforming, CNC milling, shear and brake and design engineering.


Four-Inch Window System Adds to Boyd’s High-Performance Window Line

Boyd Aluminum Manufacturing of Springfield, MO, will highlight the addition of a 4-inch window system to its line of high performance window systems. The new system, available with historical grid and custom shapes and configurations, is designed for retrofit applications. According to the company, the window is now available in projected and casement configurations. AAMA test ratings are fixed at HC100 and AW 55 and operable at HC85 and AW95, which the company says make it a good choice for high wind velocity applications.


Interlocking Shims from Glazelock Simplifies Window Installation

Invented by a window installer, the interlocking stackable horseshoe s him from Glazelock Shims of Peotone, IL, is designed to simplify the use of multiple shim applications in window installations. The company says these shims eliminate the need to tape or glue shims together to obtain desired thickness. Collapsible locking mechanism makes placement easier and eliminates separation and twisting of shims. These shims will not rot, shrink or swell and are resistant to moisture and alkalinity, according to Glazelock.


Titon Unveils Window Ventilator System

Titon Inc. of South Bend, IN, has introduced the Trimvent Select Integrated Window Ventilator System. As manually operated air-inlets, these window-applied devices allow a controlled flow of air into the indoor environment. According to the company, this results in improved indoor air quality and reduction of condensation while maintaining security. The system is available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes and can be installed in wood, vinyl or aluminum windows for new construction, replacement or retrofit projects.


Glazing Panels from Guardian Translucent Products Offer An Element of Style

Guardian Translucent Products, a division of Major Industries of Wausau, WI, has introduced a line of Curved Translucent Glazing Panels. Called TransCURVE™, the product offers the energy-saving benefits of translucent glazing with new style elements. Panels feature an aluminum grid core in several popular patterns giving panels a refined look while maintaining exceptional strength, according to the company. Standard panel thicknesses are 1-1/2-inches and 2-3/4-inches with R-values up to six. The product features a premium architectural-grade fiber-reinforced plastic exterior skin that block damaging ultraviolet rays while transmitting natural light.


Wash Up with Products from Power Brushes

Power Brushes Inc. of Toledo, OH, will display its full-size glass washing brushes and cores. According to the company, cores are available for the more popular washer model sizes and materials for various brush types. Brushes for use on soft-coat low-E products will be exhibited, as well as strip brushes used in bevelers, edgers and as door sweeps.


Gunther Features Mirror Mastic Products

wpe6.jpg (7138 bytes)Gunther Mirror Mastics of South Bend, IN, will be exhibiting its line of mirror mastics for mirror installation, along with other products for mirror maintenance. Gunther’s Ultra/bond and Extra/build provide professionals with products designed for electro-copper plated mirror products. The company’s pro-asphalt based mirror mastic has been reformulated to build out 2-1/2 inches and uses no special application equipment.


Kickstart Your Advertising with Help from the Farrell Edge

Want to get the most out of your advertising efforts? Then visit the Farrell Edge to find out about its television spots that are played in over 100 U.S. and Canadian markets. According to the Farrell Edge, the commercials will help glass companies increase leads, cash business and referrals. The company adds that commercials are prices at a fraction of their original film shooting costs.


Certified Enameling Presents Cenamelize Finishes

Certified Enameling Inc. of Los Angeles, CA, says it has 70 percent fluoropolymer base resin materials of KYNARÒ /HYLARÒ readily available for architectural aluminum construction projects. The company also says new texture finishes are available to supplement the mica flake based formulation.


U.S. Aluminum Features New Products

U.S. Aluminum of Waxahachie, TX, will feature two of its recently introduced products at the NGA show. The first, RACO FASTrak II Interior Officefront product line, simplifies the installation of interior frames, according to the company. The system is equipped with a hooker flange that allows door frames and windows to be installed pre-assembled over finished walls and doors.

Another new product, the Series 4500 curtainwall, is an exterior system featuring pressure relieved horizontals equipped with a UNIflash system. According to the company, the UNIflash sweeps infiltrated water to the exterior and eliminates the secondary operation of installing rigid vinyl internal flashing in horizontals.


Capital Tape Features Expanded Product Line

wpe5.jpg (5507 bytes)Capital Tape of Cleveland, OH, says it will feature its expanded product line and capabilities at the show. New to the line is the company’s 5900 Series of cellular glazing tapes for vinyl, aluminum and wood windows. Grid attachment products include clear, white, grey and black tapes. Additionally, new spacer materials have been added for architectural glazing and two new slitting machines bolster capacity, according to the company.


CHMI Introduces Pivot One Hinge System

wpe3.jpg (2255 bytes)A new system which the company says provides the hardware and channeling necessary for shower installations of top and bottom pivot doors, will be featured by CHMI of Keokuk, Iowa. According to the company, the product design includes new and innovative features including adjustability of hinge location in header extrusion, snap-in crown filler with or without seal wipe, adjustable indexing, and a pocketed gasket.


Visit USGlass at Booth # 939

The staff of USGlass magazine looks forward to meeting you in Las Vegas! Stop by our booth to introduce yourself and gain information on our upcoming Glass ExposÔ . And, don’t forget to pick up recent editions of our sister publications: Window FilmÒ , AGRRÔ , BC Glass & Glazing, and our Spanish magazine La Revista del Vidrio, Fachas y VentanasÒ .


Extend Your Stay in Las Vegas—Attend Spring Glass Expo 2000

The inaugural Spring Glass Expo and International Window Film Expo and Conference will arrive in Las Vegas immediately after the National Glass Association’s annual convention. The expos will be held in the Riviera Hotel and Casino on March 19-21 and will include a number of separate seminar tracks, a trade show and numerous networking opportunities. In addition, the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) will hold its annual conference concurrently with the expos.

The three-day event features three separate seminar tracks: the NWRA conference track covering auto glass repair; the AGR track with seminars about auto glass replacement; and the International Window Film Expo and Conference which offers seminars about all aspects of the window film business. Along with the seminars, will be a two-day exposition known as the Spring Glass Expo designed for all three groups. Spring Glass Expo is owned by the NWRA and managed and co-sponsored by Key Communications Inc., publishers of USGlass, AGRR and Window Film magazines.

Rooms are available at the Riviera Hotel for $76 per night. Just mention that you’re with Spring Glass Expo. To register for the conference call Key Communications at 540/720-5584.


Stop By and You May Win a Truck

wpeF.jpg (10513 bytes)

That’s right. Stop by the Expo and you may qualify to win a brand new glass truck, provided by Unruh Fab of Sedgewick, KS.

"The 92-inch long GMC Sonoma 2000 truck, complete with a full width rear door and a 7-foot fiberglass body cap will be configured for either auto glass or architectural glass as the winner wishes," said Debra Levy, publisher of USGlass magazine. "USGlass is co-sponsoring five expositions this year. Each day, all adult attendees in the glass industry will be entered in a drawing and one finalist will be chosen. A winner will then be chosen from among the ten finalists on the last day of Glass Expo Midwest 2000--the final show of the year.


Schedule at a Glance

Wednesday, March 15

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Registration Open

9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Opening Session with Jerry Lewis

11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Trade Show Open

1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Installation Demonstration

3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Seminars

5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Welcome Cocktail Reception


Thursday, March 16

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Registration Open

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Seminars

10;00 a.m. –4:00 p.m. Trade Show Open

11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Auto Glass Installation Demonstration

2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Seminars


Friday, March 17

8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Registration Open

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Seminars

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Trade Show Open


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