Volume 35, Number 3, March 2000


                            the industry in the media spotlight

People in Glass Houses:
Chilean Stunt Attracts Hundreds

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A publicity stunt for a government-funded art project in Santiago, Chile, brought out scores of people. It wasn’t the product they were interested in, but the young actress “displaying” the product that garnered their attention. The woman spent a day in a glass house built in downtown Santiago doing all the normal things one does in a day—including undressing and showering. As reported by Reuters news service, hundreds of spectators came to watch the woman in the one-room, completely transparent house. According to one of its architects, the house was built to accustom Chileans to seeing the actions of daily routines.

A judge may decide if the stunt went too far. A possible lawsuit against the builders is being investigated for violating a vaguely worded part of Chile’s Constitution that prohibits immoral and bad conduct.


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