Volume 35, Number 3, March 2000



Lightweight Class: Menasha Offers Packaging System for Flat Glass

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Menasha Packaging of Youngwood, Pa., unveiled its new Kor-Kap flat glass packaging system. According to the company, the system uses the compressive strength of glass for support during transit. The product is made up of four corner cap units that are designed to fit on the four corners of flat glass. Glass is packed tightly and cannot bounce in transit, limiting breakage.

The company says the product weighs less and occupies less space than current packaging systems, allowing companies to ship more glass for the same cost. According to the company, Kor-Kap weighs only 100 pounds while the typical steel rack weighs up to 500 pounds.

Can Can: eCAN™ Offers
eFFICIENT Solutions

Chase Products Co. of Maywood, Ill., offers what it says is a new concept in the packaging of glass cleaners. The company’s eCAN features an actuator overcap with in-button system for easy dispensing, a unique ergonomic design, allowing for less stress on hands, and a bottom cup device containing several Dupont-engineered cloth wipes. The bottom cup device, Towel-ABOARD™, allows the user to spray to a controlled level of saturation and wipe the spray away quickly and easily. According to Chase, with the availability of towels close at hand, each can constitutes a complete, labor-saving, cleaning system.



New Softie: CRL Develops
Proprietary Software

Software that acts as an electronic price book for ordering products over the Internet is among the latest offerings from Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL). The company’s customers can visit the website and download the CRL Online Price Book software and access up-to-the minute pricing on all 20,000-catalog items. Customers have the option of placing orders by phone, mail, fax or on-line. CRL says its price book is a six MB application that comes with user-friendly instructions and a Windows® interface, allowing customers to use buttons and text boxes to click or enter text.

recent launches

Preformed Dimensional Silicone Shapes from Dow Corning Corp. are made to custom design specifications and offer repair solutions for failed construction joints and glazing details … Vinyl Window Line from Crystal Window & Door Systems is available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas. The Crystal Series 300 windows feature 7/8-inch insulating glass uses PPG-licensed “Intercept” spacer technology … Product #583 Clear from Tape Specialties Ltd. is a 2-mil poly masking film that is both moisture- and ultraviolet-resistant, offering a low tack and easy to remove acrylic adhesive … System 2 from Ettore Products combines two primary household window cleaning tools into one convenient product—a squeegee and a plush, drip-free reusable scrubber.



Small Businesses to Large Find Cutting Solutions

Five different cutting tables are among those available from Italy’s Macotec. These include the Sharp Cut, Master Shape, Cut Line, Strato-Line and Panther Line. Designed to satisfy the demands of small and medium-sized glass companies, Sharp Cut is a table for straight cutting of monolithic glass. According to the company, distinguishing features are work speed and precision, as well as cost-effectiveness and simplicity of use.

The Master Shape automatic cutting table is manufactured for use by small and medium-size glass companies and is able to handle straight and shaped cutting of monolithic glass.

Cut Line is made to satisfy the needs of large companies with high volume production, while the Strato Line is designed for straight cutting of laminated glass. The line is made up of a Lami Strato cutting table and an automatic sheet positioning table with reference blocks. The Panther Line is able to perform a fully-automatic cycle, starting with the extraction of the sheet from glass storage and ending with the opening of the glass. Throughout cutting operations, the trestle is free to take another block and bring it in front of the cutting table.  


Save Energy with Skywall Translucent Systems

Translucent panels, manufactured by Skywall Translucent Systems, provide energy savings of up to 85 percent compared to other skylight systems. Ac-cording to the Dallas-based company, such insulation not only eliminates hot spots, but also improves acoustics. Reduction in the air conditioning load requirements is another benefit due to the low-shading coefficients offered by translucents. A combination of different color face sheets and the level of insulation determine the amount of natural light transmitted through the translucent panel. The Skywall translucent panel is specially formulated to reduce glare and resist the effects of ultraviolet exposure, oxidation and temperature variations.


window screens

Slide “N” Hide™ Window Screens—There When
You Need Them

From Ontario-based Preferred Engineering Products Ltd. comes Slide ‘N’ Hide™ self-storing retracting insect screens. The rollaway screen system features a fiber screen cloth that rolls up into a pocket located in the window jamb. When the window is closed, the screen can be concealed in the pocket. When the window is open, the insect screen rolls out. Among its benefits, the product provides a view free of screens when retracted, and eliminates the need for screen removal and storage. According to the company, it is the only retractable screen available for standard 3-¼-inch window frames.


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