Volume 35, Number 4, April 2000

in the spotlight

Z. Bavelloni Reports Success with Bilateral Grinders

Italy’s Z.Bavelloni reports much success with its new range of bilateral grinders which were displayed at Vitrum ’99.During the three months following the trade fair, Z.Bavelloni received orders for bilateral grinders worth approximately Italian L4 billion (U.S. $2 million). According to the company, all are designed to satisfy the requirements associated with bilateral grinding systems that range from small size productions to large, completely automatic grinding lines.

In all machines, the mobile crosspiece sideways movement occurs on double beam and double screw bases equipped with sphere recycle guides. The conveyor system is made up of four motor-driven belts and the power drive on the larger machines is achieved using electronically synchronized brushless motors. Additionally, the diamond wheel spindles rotate at speeds not previously adopted on this type of machine.

These are only a few of the innovative features that characterize the new bilateral grinders. Another benefit includes the special shape (patented) of the spindle on machines with peripheral wheels which makes it possible to position the wheels facing upwards. Additionally, the wheels rotate at speeds close to 5,000 RPM. This makes for extremely easy wheel replacement, a perfect water seal and exceptional grinding speeds.

But the real novelty, the company says, is represented by the Automatic Sequential Incremental System (ASIS), an automatic patented system that manages the positioning of the spindles based on the wear condition of the tools. With this system, the company says the operator no longer needs to worry about increasing the position of the diamond wheels, adjusting the polishing pressures, or controlling the size of pieces processed by the machine. All these features are handled by the spindles-positioning management system.

glazing systems

Glazing Systems Introduced as Part of Complete Kawneer Line

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Kawneer Company Inc. of Norcross, Ga., features a full product line of framing systems, wall systems, windows, doors, framing and hardware products. The Trifab® VG (VersaGlaze™) 450, 451 and 451T Framing Systems allow glazing contractors to vary the glass plane from front, center, back and multi-plane applications.

Kawneer also offers the 1600 Wall Systems, 1600 Unit Wall™ and the dual purpose 2250 IG (Inside Glazed) Ribbon Window and Curtainwall system. Kawneer Sealair® Windows include the 8225 thermal, thermal flush and extra deep frame for special requirements. The Entara® Entrance door can withstand high abuse traffic and offers protection from forced entry and vandalism, according to the company.



window screens

Canadian Company Introduces
the Complete Screen Center

Screen Center Sales of London, Canada, offers the Complete Screen Center. According to the company, the product decreases the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, operator fatigue and workers’ compensation claims. It also produces consistent quality and eliminates bowing and hour glassing.



CRL Brightens Up Door Closers

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C. R. Laurence Co. Inc. of Los Angeles introduces bright gold and chrome finish surface mounted door closers to complement upscale commercial interiors. The company says the new finishes offer more choices in interior design with door hardware that is both attractive and functional.


Door Dressings: Fittings and Handles from GCC

Taiwan’s Good Credit Corporation (GCC) offers a full range of products for tempered glass assemblies. The company develops and manufactures such items as tempered glass door fittings, shower hinges, door handles and knobs, door rails, closers and connectors. The company says its GCC door rails offer an elegant design, easy installation and does not require cutting of glass.


window and door hardware

In a Snap: Snap-It-On Moldings

Patwin Plastics Inc. of Linden, N.J., manufactures a variety of moldings, including table bumpers, door track and u-channels, cap and panel moldings. The company’s newest line is snap-on window and door trim. Patwin describes the product as more durable and easier to install than solid wood. Installation eliminates the need for touch-up painting and the task of filling nail or screw holes.



Keep Lookout with
Glas Trösch’s SPYMIRROR

Swedish company, Glas Trösch has introduced a new family of transparent mirrors called SPYMIRROR, manufactured by magnetron sputtering technology.

“Our SPYMIRROR product family is unique and demonstrates our commitment to introduce innovative products to the marketplace,” said Volker Herrmann, general manager of Glas Trösch AG, HY-TECH-GLASS. Two product lines are available, a 12 percent light transmission and a 1 percent light transmission. Both are available in 3-8 mm and are offered in 10 mm, 12 mm and laminated.



Power Brush Provides
Brushes for All Uses

Power Brushes Inc. of Toledo, Ohio, manufactures brushes for every type of glass. Their services include re-brushing existing cores, re-trimming brushes, and repair or replacement of cores. In addition to brushes, the product line includes splash guards, safety guards, roll cleaners and weather stripping.



Windowmaker: Creating Window Fabrication Software

From Ontario, Canada, Computers Mean Business Inc. comes graphical software designed for window fabricators. Windowmaker 4 is a product suite made up of a number of fully-integrated modules. The user can pick and mix the elements most appropriate to their application. The company says the easy-to-use software offers excellent scaled graphics showing intricate profile details such as end cuts (mitred or butt) and joint type (welded or mechanical).

Thrice as Nice:
Three Programs for Fabricators

Caliburn of West Chester, Pa., meets the software needs of door and window companies in today’s industry. Catering to businesses of all sizes, Caliburn offers three product levels, Enterprise, Professional and Solo. Modular and multi-level products are available and can be easily upgraded to meet future needs. A few features offered by Caliburn include: sales and dealer systems with a dial-up, disk or Internet link, production planning and material requirements and a Microsoft Windows ® interface.



TopDRILL: Topping Off the Schraml Line

The European company, Schraml Glastechnik has introduced its new machine, TopDRILL, to the United States market. According to the company, TopDRILL is the first drilling machine to operate from both sides, keeping the glass in an upright position, and with an open top, the machine can process any sized glass. TopDRILL also features electronic speed regulation, a large frame with a stainless steel collecting tank, automatic drilling from the backside and semi-automatic drilling from the front. Two sizes are available, TopDRILL 130 and TopDRILL 240.


Syn-Tec Machines Provide
Bending and Cutting Solutions

wpe24.jpg (7615 bytes)

The FUX electronic dry vinyl-bending machine from Syn-Tec of Buffalo, N.Y., bends more than 40 different profile shapes. According to the company, it is easy to use, fast and environmentally friendly.

The company also offers the PBZ-NT sawing and fabricating center for aluminum profiles. Syn-Tec says the machine makes difficult compound angle cuts and can handle all fabrication requirements.



3M Expands Adhesive Product Line

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3M Company of St. Paul, Minn., has increased its epoxy application possibilities with several new adhesives. Scotch-Weld DP420 Black provides color matching, a controlled flow and a 20-minute work-life. The Scotch-Weld DP-460 Non-Sag can be applied to vertical surfaces without running. The company says the product has a 60-minute work-life, and can handle strength after four to six hours at room temperature. For a longer work-life, the Scotch-Weld DP-4XL allows five to six hours for repositioning and fixturing of large parts. This adhesive can gain handling strength after 24 hours at room temperature.



Curtainwall from EFCO
Offers Design Flexibility

wpe26.jpg (5989 bytes)

EFCO Corporation of Monett, Mo., presents its Series 5800 Silicone Gasket Curtainwall System and Silicone Gasket Corners. According to the company, the curtainwall system allows flexibility of design and is the only system using a tough non-organic gasket that will not deteriorate over time. The gasket comes in 21 standard colors or custom shades on request. According to the company, the factory-fabricated continuous gasket provides easy site installation with 20 to 40 percent less field labor—no joint seals, plugs, pressure plates or snap covers are needed. The product can be utilized with insulating glass units, panels and framing ranging from ¼- to 2-inches.




Morton Introduces Latest
Glass Sealant Gunning Concept

Morton has recently unveiled the Thiokol™ gunning system designed for two-component insulating glass sealants. According to the Chicago-based company, the system is designed to eliminate purging, by using disposable mixers, minimizing uncured waste and allowing 60-second mixer changes. The product also reduces disposal and maintenance costs and increase productivity through faster cure sealant, maximizing production space and providing the ability to produce or ship units faster.



Look Through Visteon’s Bright Blue

A new hue has joined Visteon’s blue-glass family. Versalux™ Blue 2000T is the brightest addition to the selection of architectural glass offered by the Dearborn, Mich., manufacturer. According to the company, the product is rich in color, easy to work with, and is equipped with new features. The glass features a titanium-based coating, excellent solar control properties and aesthetically brighter interiors.


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