Volume 35, Number 5, May 2000




A Comment or Two

what’s going on in and around the glass industry

by Lyle R. Hill

It’s pretty busy these days ... for all of us. So I thought I’d kinda hit two birds with one stone ... or is it one bird and two stones ... whatever. My point is that I thought I’d use this month’s article to answer some questions, touch base with a few readers and make a general comment or two about what’s going on. Hope you don’t mind.  

To Al Minasian (Peninsula Glass/San Mateo, California) ... In response to your very strong criticism of my recent article that claimed the Irish first discovered glass, I do not accept your theory that it was the Armenians. I believe you are confused ... it was the Armenians that discovered pickle relish, not glass. I stand by my story regarding the Irish, and if you doubt me, please consult with your partner, Steve “The Irishman” Connoly, who I am sure can enlighten you on all things Irish.

 To Karl Young (Irish stained glass artist living and working in Spain) ... Thank you for your kind e-mail regarding the “Irish Connection” with glass. You are correct; there is no other place in the world that has produced so many talented people. When you get a minute, call Al Minasian and let him know that I am right.

To Denisha Mellert (A & A Glass/Pompano Beach, Florida) ... Thank you so much for the bottle of ‘Smiley Face Happy Pills’ in honor of the March ‘Smiley Face’ article. However, they did not work and I noticed there was a money back guarantee on the bottle so please get the money back and send it to me. And for future reference, you should always send money because that always works.

To John Luckett (Glass Designers/Chicago, Illinois) ... Congrat-ulations on your first vacation in 12 years (a cruise no less). Now you need to make it an annual event, not just once every 12 years. 

To Fell Cadwallader (W.I.N. of Elmira, N.Y.) ... Thanks for your very thoughtful and thought provoking e-mail of 3/27/00. It is a tough business and we probably all make it harder on ourselves than it needs to be. 

To Tara Taffera (Editor of USGlass) ... Congratulations to you on the anticipated birth of your first child. While I’m thinking about it, here are a couple of suggested names ... if it is a girl, how about Tiffany or Tammy ... for a boy, I’d go with Tommy or Tony. And if it’s boy and girl twins, you just gotta go with Tad and Taffy Taffera. It has such a ‘ring’ to it. 

To Marcia Malinowski (Art Editor of USGlass) ... Congratulations to you as well on the anticipated birth of your first child. For your names, I’d like to see you go with something like Mallory, Millie, Mellany, Mickey, or Manny. And by the way, I want you USGlass guys to know that I’m truly impressed that you’re still able to “put out” such a fine publication while you have been so busy ... uh ... well ... ah ... let’s just say while you’ve been so busy “producing” other things as well. 

To Patrick Hill (Glass America/Clarendon Hills, Illinois) ... Congratulations to you and your wife Renee on the announcement of your first. You can use almost any name you want except Jake, Tucker, Sammy, or Maggie ... those are already taken. 

Finally, I want to wish good luck to Cliston, Debbie, and the rest of your group. A lot of us are pulling for you. And, don’t be afraid to call.


wpe6.jpg (4635 bytes)Lyle Hill is president of MTH Industries-Glass America of Chicago, IL.




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