Volume 35, Number 5, May 2000


17th Annual Guide to
New Products and Services


Spring is in the air, marking the perfect time for companies to unveil new product lines and services. The 17th Annual Guide to New Products and Services is a comprehensive listing of some of the industry’s latest innovations. Whether it’s new window systems, curtainwall or machinery, you’ll find it all covered here.


Glazing Systems

Gunther Reformulates Asphalt
Based Mirror Mastic

wpe16.jpg (4626 bytes)

Gunther Pro Mirror Mastic, located in South Bend, Ind., has reformulated its Gunther Pro Asphalt Based Mirror Mastic. The new product has a thicker consistency and requires no special application equipment. Gunther Pro features a handled can for convenient use.


Window and Door Hardware

Lock Up With HAWA-Toplock®

Recently introduced by Häfele America Co., of Archdale, N.C., HAWA-Toplock is specially designed for glass doors. According to the company, a high-quality round or profile cylinder ensures the lock is firmly secured to any door. Additional accessories are also available to lock single panel structures to stationary glass, or to secure double panel doors. HAWA-Toplock is available in chromium-plated polished, stainless steel or untreated surfaces.


Open Up To Dor-O-Matic from JLM

JLM Wholesale of Oxford, Mich., now has in stock Dor-O-Matic hardware products by Ingersoll-Rand. According to the company, the Dor-O-Matic surface door closer series is designed for quality door control in construction, renovation and replacement procedures.


Fire-Rated Glazing

TGP Unveils Newest Fire-Rated
Doors and Frames

wpe17.jpg (9383 bytes)

A line of European fire-rated doors and frames is now available in the United States, thanks to Technical Glass Products (TGP) of Kirkland, Wash. According to the company, the doors and frames feature a unique construction and profile, allowing large expanses of glass and are well-suited in applications where aesthetics are important.

“We’re very pleased to make this new system available,” said Jerry Razwick, TGP president. “When we’ve shown architects photos of the European installations and told them such projects are now possible in the United States, the reaction has been favorable; most never thought they would be able to have this kind of design freedom in fire-rated doors and frames.”



Top of its Game:
Machines & Wheels Topdrill

Machines & Wheels of Greensboro, N.C., offers its new Topdrill, a combination glass drill and saw. The product is manufactured by Austria’s Schraml.

While the product processes glass in a vertical plane, following drilling, the glass can also be positioned for saw cutting. Machines & Wheels says this allows cut outs to be made for electrical sockets or hinges, without the necessity of marking the glass. In addition, the process is quick, compared to manual sawing and drilling, and reduces glass handling to a minimum. The vertical mode of operation also serves to reduce the possibility of scratching, according to the company.

Rubber Donuts Available
From J/Morco

wpe18.jpg (9255 bytes)

From Keller, Texas, J/Morco has recently introduced rubber donuts and coated rolls for glass professionals. According to the company, the new products were developed especially for glass contact and have a high degree of wearability, rendering non-marking and zinc free productions.


CentraSep™: A Revolution in Fluid Filtration

wpe19.jpg (12021 bytes)

Midwest Engineered Products Corp. of Indianapolis, has introduced the CentraSep, which the company touts as “revolutionizing fluid filtration.” The process entails separating solids from liquids in industrial applications by centrafuse. According to the company, CentraSep reaches speeds generating as much as 2,000 times the force of gravity, removing even sub-micron particle from fluids, resulting in cleaner fluids, and maintaining essential fats and oils necessary for lubrication. In addition, CentraSep reduces abrasions and automatically discharges solids. It is ideal for enhancing liquid/solid separation of process fluids such as wire drawing and machine coolants.

DeGorter: Cutting the Cord

Monroe, N.C.’s DeGorter has gone cordless with its new Barracuda Miter Saw. The product is designed to make material cutting mobile and efficient. Extension cords, power poles, generators and handsaws are not necessary thanks to an attached one-hour battery charger. The saw is also equipped with a dust bag, 18-volt motor with replaceable brushes, a conversion adapter, table lock and more.


Glass Handling

Hegla: Providing Glass Cutting and Handling Technology

Located in College Park, Ga., Hegla Corp. has products available for most any glass cutting or handling need. The Optimax, for example, is one product available for high performance cutting, while the Unicut is a universal cutting machine for shapes. Hegla also offers a variety of loaders and unloaders for glass handling.


Tools and Supplies

Next Generation in the Supercutter® Series

Glass Accessories International Inc. of Huntington Beach, Calif., has added a new product to its line of Supercutter tools. The latest, the Toyo Custom-grip, features an adjustable grip with a four-position saddle built into the barrel, which allows the fingers to remain straight; improved oil control; and Toyo’s patented TAP wheel™ technology that consists of an axle bore with eight microscopic cams that create eight “taps” per revolution. In addition, the Supercutter is available in six fluorescent colors.


PRC Proves Performance with Series 500 Sealant System

Located in Glendale Calif., PRC-DeSoto International Inc. offers the PRC® Series 500 sealant system for use in the Intercept™ spacer system. According to the company, more fabricators are certified with the Series 500 than any other sealant system, and the dual seal equivalent (DSE) concept was built around PRC® 590.


Tap in to Tec-N-Tec’s Latest Developments

The Duotec Division of Montreal, Quebec’s Tec-N-Tec Inc. features new components for the patented Duotec sealing system. Included in the system are specially designed 13/64-inch drill bits, which fit most bending machine drills; a temporary plug Transitec that properly retains desiccant; short or long Duotec seal for both .250- or .312- inch spacers and a special Transitec removing tool.



Latest in Windows
and Doors From TRACO

wpe1A.jpg (7763 bytes)

For another choice in architectural windows, TRACO, of Cranberry Township, Pa., has introduced the TR-6300 horizontal sliding thermal aluminum window. The new line has a 4-inch deep frame and 1-inch insulating glass, and was designed to meet requirements of high rise applications with large window openings.

According to TRACO, the window features a horizontal sliding sash, factory glazing and 10-psf standard water resistance. Paint or anodized finishes are available, with standard, historic or custom panning and trims. Optional accessories include external or internal muntins, and structural mullions.

The TR-8900 Terrace Door is also available from the company. TRACO’s latest door series combines weather resistance applications with security performance as well. The TR-8900 thermal aluminum, high-performance terrace door series is ideal for retrofit construction, according to the company. The pre-hung door offers easy installation sidelites, transoms or operable windows and either an in-swing or out-swing French door option. The series is available with paint or anodized finishes and a wide variety of tempered insulating glass options.

Custom Package Fenestration for Commercial Construction

Graham Architectural Products of York, Pa., announces its entry into the commercial construction arena with the introduction of Custom Package Fenestration. Working with the company’s national network of commercial dealers and professional installation firms, Graham says it will offer building owners and developers custom packages of fenestration that integrate commercial grade aluminum windows, curtainwall systems with complementary components and high-quality finishes, and aluminum storefront/entrance systems to match.


and Entrances

Vistawall Offers Products for Both Interior and Exterior Use

wpe1B.jpg (3959 bytes)

Vistawall Architectural Products of Terrell, Texas, offers a complete line of tempered glass entrances for interior and exterior use. Interior entrances in standard configurations are available in anodized, painted and cladded finishes. Exterior entrance systems, the company says, are designed to enable easy door-to-frame alignment during and after installation. Vistawall entrances are available with a variety of custom options and specialty designs.



Skywall Brings High Performance Capabilities
to New Wall Panel System

The SW-400 is the latest wall system from Skywall Translucent Systems. The Terrell, Texas-based company created the product for applications up to 8-feet tall. The SW-400 was tested fully for air and water, and offers clean sight lines with exposed fasteners. It features 2½-inch sight lines and minimal mullion depths for aesthetics and structural requirements.


Curtainwall Developments
on the Rise at Kawneer

Based in Norcross, Ga., Kawneer has introduced the 2250 IG (Inside Glazing) Ribbon Window/Curtainwall System. According to Kawneer, Inside Glazing requires no scaffolding saving both time and money.

The 2250 IG meets all GANA glazing standards and is available in stock lengths or fabricated, and features an optional head anchor to drain away secondary water and provide a system superior to clip-on gutters.

In addition, a snap-on cover with a ½-inch projection and high performance rain screen allows more design options at a minimal cost.


Wausau Creates New
SuperWall KD Curtainwall

wpe1C.jpg (6804 bytes)

Wausau Window and Wall Systems located in Wausau, Wis., has added a new product to its curtainwall line. SuperWall KD Curtainwall offers consumers a knocked-down, easy-to-install system at competitive prices. The SuperWall KD is designed for lightweight shipping and limited storage. Other features include a 1/8-inch extrusion wall thickness and 3/8-inch thermal separation. Structural and inside glazing options are also available. The system includes versatile, angled pressure plates, and is available in either screw spline or shear block. An installation manual and training video also are included.



Deerfield Expands Product Lines for Glass Lamination
and Glazing

Due to an increased awareness of the need for protective and security glass products and applications, Deerfield Urethane Inc. of Whatley, Mass., has expanded its line of Dureflex® aliphatic polyurethane film and sheet products. The new line offers optically clear aliphatic Thermoplastic Polyurethane grades, formulated as “self priming” and “non-self priming.” New sheet grades have one side with an embossed finish for easy air escape in the autoclave cycle. Haze factors for all grades are below 1.0 (ASTMD-1003-61).


Storage Systems

Glass Storage Made Easy
with Groves

Three new glass storage systems are available from Groves Inc. of McHenry, Ill. For starters, a multi-purpose rack accommodates wood or glass packs, shower doors, loose lites and other products. The double stack posts and ledges store an extra case on the top level to save space. When the lower case is empty, the top is transported easily to the bottom. Additionally, a freestanding a-rack is easily assembled with four bolts, maintains a 4,000 pound capacity per side and can hold wood or glass pack cases.


New Carrier from F. Barkow Gives Glass a “Scoot”

wpe1D.jpg (17138 bytes)

The “Scooter” is an aluminum 8-foot cap with one 96-by 86-inch aluminum glass carrier curbside from F. Barkow of Milwaukee, Wis. The product is available with a 2000 GMC pick-up truck, or the cap will fit any pick up with an 8-foot box. According to the company, the carrier is equipped with four Stake-Loc™ Stakes, offering security for tools and protection. The 41/2-inch ledgeboard has a full-length rubber covering and baseplate pads every 12 inches. The full interior height measures 79 inches, allowing for a workshop on wheels or extensive tool and supply storage. Additionally, the rear has a 72-inch high and 54-inch wide locking, roll-up door.



YKK AP Markets Two New Anodized Finishes

Atlanta’s YKK AP America Inc. has added two new colors, champagne and white, to its Anodize Plus Series®. According to the company, a one-of-a-kind vertical immersion anodizing process makes YKK AP the only manufacturer of the champagne finish, with the color consistency required by architects.


Be Expressive with Linetec Anodized Finishes

EXPRESSIONS color anodized finishes are the latest development from Wausau, Wis.’s Linetec. The company says the color finishes are computer-generated on Linetec’s automated, two-step finishing line by precision placement of tin within configured pores in the hard aluminum oxide surface. The colors are produced through the controlled refraction of natural light, and are sealed permanently through the same process that protects their bronze and clear anodized finishes.


Insulating Glass
and Related Materials

Warm Up to TruSeal’s New
Dual Sealant Spacer System

wpe1E.jpg (5266 bytes)

Comfort Seal is the newest spacer system from Beachwood, Ohio’s TruSeal Technologies Inc. According to the company, the spacer system provides energy efficient, semi and fully-automated application procedures. The systems barrier film is covered on both sides with hot melt, sealed with PIB and forms a continuous moisture shield for efficient glass retention. Comfort Seal reduces glass condensation, and the pre-extruded sealant increases window life span.



Colorpro: Making a Statement
in Architectural Glass

Colorpro of Los Angeles has marketed an exclusive system for glass coloring and texturing. The procedure can be applied to both bent and laminated glass. Textures and finishes include threaded, transparent, mottled, opaque, frosted, metallic, clear coat, marbled and speckled. The company also provides more than 100 standard colors, and custom color options are unlimited.


Tempering the Glass of Tomorrow

Spec-Temp Inc. of Antwerp, Ohio, offers tempered glass for all types of applications. Glasswork options involve bending, including cylindrical or complex bends; printing, to add colorful paints or decals; edgework for profiled or polished edges; and hole drilling for easy-to-hang hinges or attachments.


Glass Processing Services

Invoice Today, Cash Tomorrow

Private Business Inc. of Brentwood, Tenn., has made available an innovative cash flow management system, Business Manager®. This service provides next day cash for receivables through a national network of more than 1,200 banks, which helps glass companies bridge the gap between expenses and income.



Saint-Gobain Introduces
New Attachment Tape

wpe1F.jpg (4210 bytes)

Norcryl™ solid acrylic attachment tapes are the latest addition at Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics of Granville, N.Y. The Norcryl line offers strong bonding power, and can reduce or replace conventional fasteners, rivets, liquid adhesives and welds, according to the company.

The Norcryl K-2000 series is translucent, allowing the tape to blend in with the background, while the K-1000 series is clear and virtually invisible when applied.


Another “Idea that Sticks” from PRES-ON®

PRES-ON Tape & Gasket Corp. of Addison Ill., can equip you with all of your tape needs. The company’s newest product, Pres-Mount, double-sided polyethylene, foam tape, is coated with either a rubber base or acrylic adhesive, and can be either die-cut or kiss-cut to suit your needs. In addition, the company also offers other pressure sensitive products including, double-sided, high-density polyure-thane or vinyl foam.


Two New Adhesive Tapes from the Adchem Line

Riverhead, N.Y.’s, Adchem Corp. has added two transfer adhesives to its current product line. The new tapes are available in a 2-mil thickness as 7772 and 5 mil as 7775, and offer shear resistance at both room and elevated temperatures according to the company. Additional properties include good peel adhesion to materials with high surface energy and balanced peel adhesion to surfaces with low energy.


Gain Distortion-Free Results with
Glas-Weld’s Scratch Removal System

Glas-Weld Systems Inc., of Bend, Ore., has introduced its latest scratch removal system, suitable for all types of glass. The scratch removal procedure does not use abrasives and does not leave a low spot in the glass to cause distortion. According to the company, pressure sensitive pads and scientifically formulated compounds enable the success of the process. It has also been tested and meets ANSI and BSI standards, free of distortion and deviation.



Matthews Makes Its Mark with New Products

Pittsburgh-based Matthews International Corporation has introduced four laser-marking systems for permanent, consistent marking. The new system offers high speed coding of several lines of text, and produces quality marks for precision bar codes, texts, and identification marks including logos. Matthews offers scanning lasers which use a single beam and dynamic lasers which print in a dot matrix pattern. Both systems allow for static marking as well as “on the fly” use.

Also new from Matthews is the new Airgrit® Model 7650 which makes it easy to indelibly mark delicate, yet hard surfaces such as glass and metal. Matthews recently unveiled this economical bench model system, which it says offers stress free marking without fracture or distortion. The compact unit operates on the forced-blast principle and blows a fine, abrasive grit leaving a frosted impression that contrasts with the product’s surface.

In related company news, Matthews has designed the Print-A-Mark™ offset printing system that is motor driven and integrates directly with the production line. Combining adhesive black rubber dies that contain marking information that will appear on the glass and ceramic frit-type links, this system works not only in the offset printer but also will fuse to the glass during tempering to make a permanent mark.

Lastly, Matthews has developed a pneumatically operated Contact Coder (Model CC100) for use in intermittent coding operations such as logos, product codes, expiration dates, prices, etc. The coder can be integrated with form, fill and seal equipment, as well as bagging and cartoning operations to form a complete packaging system.


Wired Glass Code Changes

IBC code committee approves code change to eliminate outdated wired glass exemption.

by Kate Steel

The International Building Code (IBC) is taking another step to improve safety in schools and other public and private buildings. At the IBC code hearings last month in Alabama, the structural committee approved our proposed code change to remove the long-standing safety glazing exemption for wired glass in fire window and wall assemblies. As a result, wired glass will only be allowed in ‘view panels’ of fire doors. The code change is subject to final action by the three-model code bodies and will become effective in the 2003 IBC.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) originally established the exemption during the late 1970s when it enacted the federal safety-glazing standard, 16 CFR 1201. Because wired glass was the only fire-rated product available at the time, the CPSC temporarily exempted wired glass in fire assemblies from meeting the new minimum impact test standard of 150-ft. lbs. The CPSC intended the exemption to end after 2-1/2 years, figuring that was enough time for the industry to develop a product which could comply with both fire and impact safety requirements. However, the wired glass industry filed a lawsuit challenging the termination date, and the CPSC ended up extending the exemption indefinitely. As a result, wired glass in fire assemblies has been subject to a lower 100-ft. lb. impact standard in ANSI Z97.1, which the CPSC rejected as inadequate to protect anyone other than children under 5-years old.

Since the 1970s, several new clear fire-rated glazing alternatives have been introduced, which meet the highest CPSC impact requirements. All non-wired fire-rated glazing materials must comply with the CPSC standard, and wired glass is the only product subject to a lower standard.

The code committee considered evidence of serious injuries to schoolchildren caused by accidental impact with wired glass, and concluded the exemption is no longer needed since other alternatives are now available which protect children and adults against injury on full body impact. In its deliberations, the committee expressed specific concern about the use of large panels of wired glass in schools, and concluded the exemption is not justified for fire windows and wall assemblies. The committee noted there is no reason to treat wired glass differently than other products, but felt it did not pose as great a risk when used in small vision panels of fire doors limited to 100-square-inches. The committee voted to eliminate the exemption for fire assemblies other than view panels in fire doors.

Wired glass has enjoyed a significant advantage over fire-rated products as a result of an exemption created more than 25 years ago, when it was the only fire-rated glazing available. The code change approved by the IBC code committee reduces the risk of injury for the benefit of public safety, and puts wired glass on a level playing field with other fire-rated products.

A code change ending the exemption is long overdue.

Kate Steel works with SAFTI, a Division of O’Keeffe’s Inc. located in San Francisco.


Machinery Spotlight

Customers Help Improve CRL’s New Belt Sander

C. R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) included customer feedback when upgrading its upright wet abrasive belt sander. New improvements include a fiberglass, non-rusting tank, stronger motor mounts and a CRL belt guard safety shield. The company says the safety shield has an adjustable, clear plastic lower portion that allows fabricators to see their work, while protecting them from the fast-moving belt.

CRL has also introduced its Glass Starter Kit. The kit features Super Spacer Sealant and Super Spacer™, a flexible insulating foam spacer. According to the company, Super Spacers are ideal for fabricating specialized insulating glass designs such as curved and odd shaped units, sound insulating units, and triple glazed units with art glass inserts.

“Super Spacer is made from superior insulating silicone foam, which contains a high quality of 3A molecular sieve desiccant,” said Bill Gyore, CRL product manager. “The permeability of the foam allows for fast moisture pickup ... and substantially reduces overall window heat.”


Window Spotlight

Optimum Window Combines Elegance and Durability

 The C.55 door and storefront system series from Optimum Window Manufacturing Corp. in Ellenville, N.Y., was designed with elegance, durability and simplicity in mind.

The C.55 features a 21/4-inch deep frame in either in-swing or out-swing, designed with ASTM528 low carbon steel. The system is also designed for ¼- to 1 ¼- inch glass, and all frames are finished with zinc coating, primer, sprayed enamel finish or an optional powder-coat finish.


Skylight Spotlight

Multiple Glazing Options Available with Versalite™

 Naturalite of Terrell, Texas, has recently marketed its Versalite skylight system, with extra glazing options such as insulating glass units, multi-wall polycarbonate panels and translucent panels.

In addition to being shipped fully assembled, the system also includes a glazing clip to create a thermal break between the one-piece cap and framing members, and uses EPDM gaskets to provide uniform compression on the glazing material. The system is available in standard ridges and pyramids up to 8-feet in length and 8-feet in width.

Also new from Naturalite, is a continuous vault (CV), thermalized version (CVTL), high performing skylight. After independent laboratory tests, the CV/CVTL system meets or exceeds air and water infiltration, and structural design standards. The continuous vault system features single- or double-glazed acrylic high-impact or polycarbonate in a variety of tints.


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