Volume 35, Number 6, June 2000


Patent Pending for Flour City’s Wireless Energy Transfer System

A system that will eliminate the network of wires currently used by photovoltaic panels (PV) to capture and transfer electricity is being developed by Flour City International Inc. with assistance from Hong Kong University. John W. Tang, Flour City’s chairman and chief executive officer, said the group has been working to develop a curtainwall system that integrates solar PV panels into the various materials used in the design of curtainwall systems. The patented, wireless system will reduce the cost of maintaining and trouble shooting potential PV problems because no wire is directly connected to the PV panel.

According to Tang, “The ability to integrate PV panels into the curtainwall of newly constructed buildings is an innovative solution for reducing the overall consumption of electricity as buildings not only generate their own electrical power, but can feed excess electricity back to the power companies.”


“Smart” Window Technology Licensed to ThermoView Industries

Research Frontiers, based in Woodbury, N.Y., has granted a worldwide (excluding Korea) non-exclusive license to ThermoView Industries Inc. of Louisville, Ky., to manufacture and distribute SPD “smart” windows. “We have been very favorably impressed with the speed and efficiency with which ThermoView has expanded its business,” said Robert L. Saxe, chairman and chief executive officer of Research Frontiers. “We look forward to working with them to facilitate the production and wide distribution of SPD ‘smart’ windows.”

Smart windows use Research Frontiers’ patented SPD light-control technology, a film controlled either automatically by a sensing device, or manually by the user. According to the company, smart windows enable users to control lighting without the use of shades, blinds, or curtains.


Continuous Melt Milestone for NIF
and Two Glass Vendors

Laurence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility (NIF) in cooperation with Schott Glass Technologies of Duryea, Pa., demonstrated successfully a process to ensure continuous production of economical, high-optical quality neodymium-doped phosphate laser glass. Schott has produced more than 250 of the NIF’s meter-sized glass slabs.

“This is truly a significant achievement,” said Ed Moses, project manager of the NIF. “Obtaining quality glass was one of the top technological and manufacturing issues our project faced. This achievement demonstrates that the NIF’s remaining challenges are rapidly being solved.”

The Hoya Corp. of Fremont, Calif., began similar operations in May.


AAPC Plans to Sell VinylSource Facility

American Architectural Products Corporation (AAPC) recently relocated its headquarters from Boardman, Ohio, to new facilities near Miami. The company subsequently announced its intention to sell its VinylSource Extrusion facility in Austintown, Ohio.

“The sale of VinylSource conforms to the company’s plan to divest non-core assets and to focus on core business and distribution strategies,” said Frank Amedia, president and CEO of AAPC. “The sale is further intended to enhance the liquidity of the company.”


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